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Pirates Minifigure Head Index

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Don't know if it is ok to post this topic and/or if it is already existing. (I searched but found nothing)

I am looking for minifigures for the pirate theme which I can buy. I do not have many Lego at home and not very many minifigs. Torsos are pretty simple to choose (Soldiers have one soldier uniform). But buying the correct faces for my minifigs is very hard for me.

I do not actually know if there are better flesh tone heads for soldiers and pirates or if yellow fits better. (Also keeping in mind the yellow torso parts of pirates.)

The minifigs I want to buy are
- Imperial soldiers (Redcoats, Bluecoats)
- Pirates
- Gunners

I searched different sources and looked on BrickLink for different head expressions. I saw many good MOCs out there on EB which have flesh tone but also yellow heads. Due to the fact most of the pirate expressions (with tooth, eyepatch) are printed in yellow it seems to me fitting better for minifigs. I thought a overview for good heads is very helpful to choose your favorites. (Link to BL entry and name is pasted in images)













MiniFigure Head decals (130 facial expressions) - By Capt. Kirk

I will update the list from time to time.

If you have more minifig heads you can post them. (Pixel height: 120, Link-URL: BL-catalog entry, Image-Title: Part number-> e.g.:3626bpx302 )

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