Decreasing number of MOCs: affected by criticism?

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Not a big fan of a like system, it adds nothing in my opinion. In fact when I do comment on liking a particular moc, I like to add exactly what I like about it. Anything else just seems superfluous and a lazy way to comment. 

And of course there is nothing to stop somebody from simply responding with this.


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12 hours ago, Tenderlok said:

Hello all!

I think this is a major issue. I read on EB every day, yet very rarely comment on something. Not because I’m not interested, but because it is extremely time-consuming for me to find adequate words in English. In fact, when I sometimes sit down for half an hour to try and write a comment, I often quit as I don’t succeed in expressing my thoughts. I’m much more active in German language forums, where I can write and post a comment in a few seconds…
As a consequence, I strongly support the idea of establishing a „like“ system.



Kind regards,

I know the feeling, and I consider myself pretty skilled in english language. But I also think that one should not place too much emphasis on perfect language, as long as the message is conveyed. It's an international forum so it is to be expected that most people are not that well versed in english.

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18 hours ago, Erik Leppen said:

Is this theoretical, or is this something that actually happens? I'm asking, because I don't remember seeing here that people reply to a moc with only negatives. Maybe it happens, I don't know, but I don't see it, and I visit the Technic forum a LOT. If anything, there's too much praise and too little criticism.

Since we are talking about bluntness and being able to take criticism - yes, it happens, @M_longer does this a lot from what I see. All it takes is to acknowledge the work that goes into an MOC and some good points, as well as pointing out things that could have been done differently or better. Part of making 'constructive' criticism actually constructive is expressing it so that the person being criticised will respond positively. That is what is missing imho.

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Yes exactly how I go about it, well said and in my opinion this is how more people should try and point out poor design choices.

It is like being the boss at work, if all you do is reprimand people, soon all your employees will hate you. Sometimes you must go out of your way to express what they are doing right, so your criticisms actually carry weight. And somebody doesn't rage kill you, lol.

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