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Alf's Stars 'N' Stripes Grill - redesign

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An update of my first ever MOC from couple of years ago. I decided it didn't quite fit into my layout, and as I've learned lots of new techniques since then, I decided to rebuild it. 

It's an American themed takeaway / grill. 

FIRST FLOOR: Alf's Stars N Stripes Grill

- grill, rotisserie, fridge, Fanta drinks machine, seating, recycling bin. Also a door out to the back alley where there's a freezer, and also stairs up to the second floor W/C.

SECOND FLOOR: Design Studio reception / W/C

- A second business takes up the second and third floors: a funky and modern design studio. This is just a reception / waiting area.

THIRD FLOOR: Design Studio main office

- Two designers' desks, shelves with supplies, etc.

Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions or comments!

Craig, August 2018



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I like this. The roof details at the top look very good. Also like how you've used the backs of the round bricks to create texture between the 2 windows on the upper floor. :thumbup:

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