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Decoration Tool not working out of a sudden? (Figured out the problem)

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Hello everyone, I have encountered a bug? today. I love using LIF-Extractor for making custom decorations. As i reached my 150th and 151st custom decoration which i added into the DecorationsMapping with the other 149 decorations, I opened up LDD normally but the decoration tool was not working after trying to apply the custom decorations on the legs. I though that maybe i used the Double Molded legs by accident, but no.

Has anyone encountered this bug, would you even call it a bug? And if so, is there a way to fix it? Could the problem be in the amount of added decorations?

EDIT: The problem was too many decorations. Go figure.

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Hi Ordinareo,

Please read the Section Rules: hacking the LDD software infringes the LDD EULA and it is not allowed to speak about that in this forum.

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