Ovenntrie Castle A freebuild for Avalonia.   Just off of the coast to the west of Avalonia, in the waters near the mouth of the River Lotharia, lies an island inhabited by Men. These Men are unique in that they are the only outsiders permitted near the famously exclusionary enclave of Hesperia, where High Elves, ruled by Fingolë the Golden, reside. Their castle is joined to the mainland by a bridge high enough for even the high masted ships of the elves to sail beneath, with room and more to spare.    The humans have become wealthy due to their exclusive access to high-quality Elvish goods, and the elves have enjoyed the influx of money as well from the trade. It is not uncommon to see the ships of the Elves sailing into the Ovenntrie harbor to dock alongside the fishing vessels of the men, unloading their goods. The Hesperian Elves utilize enormous eagles as mounts for their messengers, so the men of Ovenntrie designed their keep to accommodate the preferences of the birds for a lofty landing and take-off position. Due to the amount of money involved, and the considerable amount of respect shown by the humans towards the elves, the settlement is a haven of peace and prosperity for both sides. Here an Elvish vessel approaches under the bridge, coming to unload its goods and take on others.  The castle features a blacksmith shop and stables near the gate, as well as a decorative fountain that also serves as the water source for the castle, keeping them well-supplied in the event of a siege.  A similar fountain in the town square below gives life and vitality to the celebrations of the humans. Long stairs lead from the town to the side gate of the castle   More pictures: _____________________________ ........................................................... This was a build I did for the Summer Joust 2018, entered into the 48x48 castle category. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, despite it being my first serious venture into the world of microscale building. I might just have gotten hooked though, so expect to see more microscale builds (and minifig scale, too) in the days and weeks to come. C&C welcome!