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Lot's of firsts here. This is the module that I assembled for the Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club's most recent show. The part that I built is 4x4 baseplates in area, encompasing the yellow house over to the red house, and from the back of the table by the tracks to the front "water" section of the table. The area with viking ships is not mine. Appologies in advance, I did not take the pictures so some of them aren't perfect, but I'm glad that a friend captured the layout anyway. For BrickWorld I will be doubling the length of the module, and continuing the seaside town theme. Mostly a small marina and and a seaward facing line of "downtown" type storefronts.

A slighty hazy overview of the module from the South end


Lets zoom in and see the small patch of woods in front of the brown hillside house


Move to view the two most northern houses form the west side


An ok view of the red house, this one is built to Market Street Modular specs. It had a third floor, but it looked out of place in the layout.


More pics of when moderated http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=309896

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A very interesting work and a formidable idea too.... I really love houses on the ocean (or river) front.... *wub*

You also did a good job on all these different designs, they all look very nice.... I guess my favoriteĀ“s the brown one

with the yellow windows, a very smart use of that raised baseplate, with neat details like the balustrade with the motorbike. *y*

Your vehicles look pretty cool too, especially that old truck. If your continuing on that project it would be nice to post your results

somewhen in a new topic here around again, Eilif. *sweet*

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Thanks Asuka,

I was trying to make versions of the different types of houses one finds in US vacation homes in places like the pacific northwest and the Great Lakes areas. I have a 1950's prefab, 1960-70's cottage, hunting cabin, and of course, the ostentatious rich-folks home. Now I just need a trailer home and an A-frame...

I can't take full credit for the vehicles though. I built this module in a hurry over less than two weeks, so all 5 of the road vehicles are modified versions of existing LEGO designs. They are mail car, Arkham asylum ambulance, Indy's motorcyle w/sidecar and the two trucks from the Indiana Jones Chase set. The float-plane is even a modified design that I found on brickshelf.

I'll definately be posting pics of the expanded module. In the mean time, any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Edited by Eilif

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I really like the feeling of your module. It's not so common to see houses near the sea. The seaside town aspect is really interesting and well done.

My favourite house is your brown cottage. I like the fact that there is a small "forest", it gives your module a nice adventurers of nature look.

Now we want to see the next pictures with your bigger module!

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