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Norville's New Firestation

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indexed.gif FD B-PV-1A; Helicopter V-A-1E; Fire Apparatus V-LF-3B

I’ve been working on my town layout for some time now, trying to get the best look possible. Usually, that just means swapping the baseplates and building locations, possibly adding a new vehicle or small building over time. Lately, however, the biggest change to my layout has been the opening of the brand new Norville fire station, almost completely build from scratch. I did this mainly because I was sick of having the awful Blaze Brigade town Jr kit as my town’s fire HQ. Most of the parts and all the vehicles from the kit went into making this new MOC, as well as a lot of other pieces from my collection. ;-)

Overall View:

Here’s the front of the station, showing off the garages, helipad, and the automatic sliding door. I made my firestation with an automatic door like the one in the recent City set mainly because I didn’t really have a choice. I didn’t have any suitable doors in my collection that I could spare, so I decided to use a window from the town Jr set instead.


Back view of the firestation:



Level one of the interior is pretty simple – just a computer desk with a chair and a couple racks for equipment. I may improve on this later. The doorway on the right leads to the garages, obviously.


Here’s level 2, which is mainly the firemen’s resting area. A couple bunks and a simple desk with personal belongings take up most of the space, although there is a doorway on the right that leads to the helipad.


Level three is the most detailed – it is the control center, after all. Two computers, alarm lights, and a phone for emergency calls help my firefighters keep Norville safe. Oh, and there’s also a coffee cup on a little table. It’s mainly just there to fill up that empty space in the control center.


Here’s the roomy garages, which have more tools in the back and plenty of space for two vehicles. Unfortunately, the fire truck’s trailer doesn’t fit, so it’s kept outside. Ah well, can’t have everything I guess. X-D


Oh, and here’s a quick shot of the roof. Nothing special, especially since the big H-pad is stolen right from the Town Jr firestation.



In addition to making a brand new firestation, I also redesigned the helicopter and “fire truck” that came with Blaze Brigade (the fire car also included was actually decent, so I left it alone).


The helicopter’s basic shape remained the same – the main things I did were add water hoses, improve the tail boom, and change the controls.


Now the helicopter actually looks like a fire helicopter – which is fortunate for my town.


The fire truck is a whole different story. Being the piece of cramped, unrealistic, <insert that tiresome argument> crud that it was, I had not choice but to start from the ground up, lengthing it with a brand new trailer and adding needed features like a roof. :-|


The trailer has plenty of storage spaces, as you can see in this photo and the one above. The main vehicle part is now solely a pumper engine.


Well, that sums it up. My new fire Station may not be a work of art like the recent City fire Station or others that came BEFORE Blaze Brigade, but at least it’s a decent improvement over my old one. Stay tuned (possibly for a long while) for my improved fire boat, which completes my new Norville fire force! ;-)

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A classic firestation in a fine size, with good proportions and a fitting interior. The small helicopter looks very charming,

only the black roof on your neat fire truck distracts a little.... The trees and flowers´re a sweet addition, well done. *sweet*

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Yeah, I know the firetruck roof isn't that great, but I had to make do since it was the best that I could find in my collection. Thanks! ;-)

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