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[BH - Rodian] Around the planet on his speeder

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After I spent some time relaxing here, on Tatooine, it's time to work.

I've found a decent job last week and I collected some information about it:

The target  is a Rodian named Eaklo Khzecez. He was a racing pilot, he did mostly podracing, but also did speeder bikes races too. He was sponsored by the Hutts, it meant that he had to do what he was told. Towards the end of his career he had to lose more and more times and he was satisfied with this. On his last race, instead of losing he won it. As later it turned out, he betted himself. He grabbed the money and disappeared with it. Since then he's probably traveling around the planet on his speeder, but no one has able to find him already.

Until now...



P1019899.JPG   P1019904.JPG


P1019911.JPG   P1019914.JPG

P1019917.JPG   P1019919.JPG

Eaklo Khzecez - Haku? (What?)


P1019935.JPG   P1019936.JPG

P1019939.JPG   P1019944.JPG


Eaklo Khzecez - Ting cooing koo soo ah. (I've got the credits.)

Bohr Gotta - Mala tram pee chock makacheesa. (You should have paid him when you had the chance.)

Eaklo Khzecez- Ah'chu apenkee? (Who are you?)


Bohr Gotta - Mee jewz ku! (Goodbye!)


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Another amazing build - a lot of lovely details here!  Really like the stylized dust behind the speeders, and the smoke in the last scene.  

Your images do a great job telling the story and have a very cinematic quality.  Awesome work!

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A great build! I like those speeders really much and the scenery is also nicely done but what really caught my eye are those drops of green blood, a fantastic little detail!

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