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On 9/6/2018 at 8:37 PM, samurai-turtle said:

Not to mention Lazer Tag, talk about a show existing to sell a product. Well that is all I can think for now, I wonder if I will think of more...

Well I did think of another one, that could be made to just sell stuff "Captain N and the Game Masters". For those that don't remember, it is basically a regular guy and his dog getting sucked into the Nintendo relem and trying to stop the bad guys (from the video games) from taking over. Their was some odd choices made like Mother Brain was the head villian but no Samus Aran to be found. Not to mention Mega Man being green for some reason. Plus, Simon Belmont's personality being not very great (he was kinda vain in this). And you kinda wonder how he could of stop Dracula. 


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