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[MOC] Brick Bridge

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In 2017, when LEGO presented the world with set 70922 Joker Manor, almost the entire AFOL community was crazy about the new coastertracks in this set. Finally, people could build the craziest rides for their theme parks. As I didn't see any other applications for these parts, I didn't dwell on them for long. Until images of 75889 Ferrari Ultimate Garage leaked and I got to thinking: if these rails can be used to make a finishline, can you also build other bow-like things with them? Could be a fantastic MOC if done right. So I ordered a tan baseplate, 4 railcurves, 3 roadtiles and a lot of dark tan slopes in different sizes and I got to building. What ultimately led to this MOC. I hope you like it as much as I do.


Brick Bridge by TAFOL, on Flickr

You can view more pictures on my Brickshelf and/or on my Flickr.

And please like and share this MOC on Facebook.


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Exquisite and very clean build. Perfect use of the roller coaster tracks and a beautiful build worthy of prominent display.

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