What’s your Railway called?

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Just wondering what the people on here called their Lego City/Railway Setup, and how it got that name.

I’ll start ya off with mine, the Mid-Western Metropolitan Railway (MWMR). I live in the Mid West of the United States (the area in between the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers, for the most part). There isn’t really a “Mid-West-Centric” Railroad in the US, so the MWMR is my recollection for that fact. MWMR’s lines are, mostly, West of Pittsburgh, North of St. Louis, and East of Oklahoma City, but we do have trackage rights to Denver and Cheyenne via the Union Pacific, New Orleans, Dallas, and Houston via Kansas City Southern, and to New York and Philadelphia via Norfolk Southern. MWMR is the only Class 1 Railroad in the US to still use electric engines, and one of the few in the world, besides commuter line, to electrify via a third rail between the track (AKA, I run Lionel, too. 🙃). The MWMR’s official colors are Olive Green, Gold, and Black, and has the nickname “The Easy Route” fo two reasons: 1) The Railroad is able to bypass Chicago, meaning most routes avoid the traffic there unless they terminate there, and 2) There’s pretty much no mountains or obstacles to go around aside from Rivers.

My City itself is called Submuloc, which is the semordnilap for Columbus, where I live.

So what’s your Lego Railway called? And what City (fictional or not) are you modeling?

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Well, one of my railroads (my main one actually) is called Brick Railway Systems. I made the railroad up way back in the early 2000's as part of my LEGO layout that I tied into a creative writing project in elementary school. It was originally called Brick Railway, (minus the "systems" part), and ran in a circular fashion around the town of Legoblock (that layout was named that at the time), to and from the Brick Gas facility. (which stored and refined raw fuel for the Octan Corp, from what I remember) Anyway, as the years went by, I refined the story and moved the setting from some unnamed fictional land to the USA, more specifically around my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri while the layout moved to the fictional suburb of Ironwood in 2009 or so. I try to keep all my trains color-coded to their engines, with some exceptions, and have multiple competing companies thrown into the mix of trains just to keep thing visually interesting, such as the Lego-Land Railway, the Frisco, and the Southern Pacific.

I have three stations really, and I rotate them on a regular basis for shows: Fort Legoredo (for the Wild Western stuff), Barretts Station (a real world location that's been heavily fictionalized for my purposes as a rural backwoods station) and Ironwood's Grand Central Depot (my 1920's art-deco style masterpiece of a terminal with a four sided clock-tower)

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My layout is called the "Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club's Rail Yard".  I don't have the room at home to set up the rail yard so it pretty much goes to our shows.  Of course, I'm not the only one who is part of the layout, as it is the club layout (NILTC).

I choose to use current railroads and fallen flags, with no rhyme or reason...makes it more fun to do what I want to.  The layout isn't based on any actual city.  As I live outside Chicago, there are plenty of rail yards for me to glance into and get some ideas.  Unfortunately, not as easy to access as they used to be...  Made a trip out to Bailey Yard in North Platte, Nebraska a few years ago, got a lot of good photos and ideas from that trip.




Currently working on more buildings for background, a container yard, and a new and updated engine house.  Eagerly anticipating the 104 switches because the little LEGO ones are the worst. Still a bit to do, but I've got time.

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My railroad doesn’t have a name - yet.

My town is Hadabrook. The name come from adage I once heard, that places are named after what was once there, but has since been replaced by a town, such as:

 - Forrest (used to have Forrest)

 - Sunny meadows (used to have...)

 - Deer Park (used to have....)

 - Palm Springs (used to have....)


 - Hadabrook- Had-a-brook

I am taking note of the other Lego towns that exist, for use on some of the Train and Town signage around Hadabrook. Even my fictional town can’t stand in isolation ;-)

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