Dwellings of Mitgardia - MCB Book III

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Mitgardia is home to a diverse range of inhabitants, and each and every one of them has a place they call home. Whether that be dwarven halls, norse cottages, elaborate castles, orc strongholds, or any other personal dwelling.

Dwellings of Mitgardia Community Build

Open to all Mitgardians, here is a new community build to encourage the development of Mitgardian dwellings across our mighty guild.


- Build a home for your character, or another Mitgardian citizen

- No minimum or maximum size

- Any scale allowed (micro, minifigure, etc.)

- Interiors are encouraged, but not required

- There is no limit on the number of dwellings you can create

- Post a link to your completed builds here


Each dwelling will be added to a illustrated index in this post to serve as inspiration for future Mitgardian builds, and also to give a good idea of the sorts of dwellings found in Mitgardia. Also, completing a dwelling will earn you the title of Citizen of Mitgardia.

Example builds (from Book II):













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I present Grevling Manor:

Grevling Manor


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4 hours ago, The Stad said:

Can builds for this be counted towards AoM scores as well?

Yes, if fitting. For example, the House phases would almost certainly work well as Dwellings of Mitgardia.

In fact, that was where I found the example builds :laugh:

@MKJoshA That was quick! I'll get Grevling Manor added to the first post soon, and you've earned the title: Citizen of Mitgardia.

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