[MOC] Lego Mortar Carrier "MINOSSE"

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This is an all terrain vehicle, a mortar carrier armed with a 120 mm mortar on his rear side, maneuvered by a specialized crew, with a rate of fire of 16 RPM max, and a lethal range of 7 km, with blast radius of 60 m. It's still much lighter than field artillery pieces. His mortar is a modified version of the RMS6L 120MM mortar USA made. It has two door, two upper hatches, and a rear hatch for the mortar, also has a remote controlled heavy machine gun on top. His name come from the infernal judge, Minosse.

42757350715_8f5401390e_c.jpgLego Mortar Carrier "MINOSSE" (1) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

43613642242_588bca7819_c.jpgLego Mortar Carrier "MINOSSE" (2) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

42757358685_0c3c576c75_c.jpgLego Mortar Carrier "MINOSSE" (3) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

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