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Lego sets for sale *UPDATED*

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Hello all,

I have a few Lego star wars sets for sale (australia only)

For sale:

-Lego 8097 slave 1 - SOLD

ship is complete, comes with boba fett, han solo and han in carbonite. Unfortunately bossk is missing

-Lego 75055 star destroyer SOLD

i'm not 100 percent sure if this is complete but i remember when I got it secondhand there was a missing plate that I substituted with something else

no minifigs or mouse droid

-Lego 75004 z 95 headhunter SOLD

complete and in good condition, no minifigs, no stickers

-Lego 75150 A WING ONLY SOLD

complete and in good condition, missing one small sticker at the tip, no minifigs

-Lego 79111 lone ranger constitution train chase - SOLD

Great condition, note the four 1x1 light blue clear cones are missing, one of the clips on the saddle of the horse are broken but can still function normally

Lego 9515 the Malevolence SOLD

No minifiigs, missing 1 1x4 plate earth blue inside the structure bet substituted with 2 1x2 blue plates, Also missing one hovertrain with tools

Also looking to trade a Phase 1 Commander Cody for a Phase 1 Captain Rex

-Lego 7676 republic gunship SOLD

no minifiigs or bike or command center, missing a few internal pieces and some others are substituted


if you are interested just pm me and send an offer

Will consider trading for star wars sets

Thanks for looking!

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