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Project GC in 1:40 and 1:100

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After LW was well into the rag basket and after a forehead cavity inflammation with a huge cold which lasted a week directly had the flu over it which also lasted 5 days. Two days what can strengthen, when I got a throat inflammation, with the tickle cough and that also lasted four days and two nights I could not sleep at all, I was already broken, I also lost a spine with the first day of work and there were a nerves and could only come out of my bed in the poop position.
Enough about my shit had and fortunately the last 2 weeks the set of the Game Changer complete all modifications that can be implemented by the customer in the construction steps, had to make a complete redesign for the two snot hull halves and also a few small ones remove mistakes and cut down on unnecessary parts. So I could take out more than 200 parts per set extra and can not be seen on the outside. With its 70 cm length and built in the scale 1/100 with 3272 parts it remains my biggest set ever. Am now busy with all hundreds of thousands of parts to share and is my buddy
Hans Tolhuisen busy with the building instructions of me to turn into his piece of art.


44262256260_6cba659fd0_z.jpgIMG_9225 by VFracingteam, on Flickr


46078305101_f233f2005d_z.jpgIMG_9227 by VFracingteam, on Flickr


44262254420_ae287f1138_z.jpgIMG_9224 by VFracingteam, on Flickr


46078301101_4e1c941fff_z.jpgIMG_9228 by VFracingteam, on Flickr


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Finally working with the end parting in the right construction bags for the set of the Game Changer, here almost half of the total bags and that is only the wheelhouse and is one of the smallest, more did not fit on my big table at the same time. I now have 1700 liters of boxes in stock and thousands of parts are still coming in every day.
At first it seemed like a great project for me as well as for @JunkstyleGio, but in practice there seems to be no end to the counting and the making of the instructions.*huh*

46078333001_e1f78540f8_z.jpgIMG_9223 by VFracingteam, on Flickr

44539902620_4e6d6b5f26_z.jpgIMG_9233 by VFracingteam, on Flickr

44539903590_1fb62a4cac_z.jpgIMG_9234 by VFracingteam, on Flickr

44539904350_d24e101171_z.jpgIMG_9235 by VFracingteam, on Flickr

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It is really a pleasure to work with my good friend Hans Tolhuisen. Every time I am amazed at how he manages to turn my creations into true digital artworks. Together we have already released more than 25 sets, but such a whopper as this is for us both the maximum of stones and both have a little bit out of the big one. For me, there seems to be no end, with the partitioning of the stones and for Hans Tolhuisen in making the instructions and all sub folders. Here is an example render in only medium quality, but I think he already has very COOL and the big compliments to my buddy.:wub:


31518501417_e031dfe6e1_z.jpgIMG-20181224-WA0000 by VFracingteam, on Flickr

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