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[MOC] Nexo Knights -- Macy's Fortified Chapel

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Knighton faces disarray and disaster as the kingdom struggles with the fallout from the theme's cancellation.  Some, like Ava, have made peace with former enemies; others, like Lance, are pursuing reckless strategies to buy political support.  In this time of social upheaval, Queen Halbert decides that what the kingdom really needs is a little ideological reinforcement.



King Halbert has entrusted more and more power to Jestro, recently promoting him to be his Prime Minister and openly speculating that he may let the people decide who should be the next ruler.



(There are poisonous rumors that PM Jestro has conspired with the Vampirates to destabilize the kingdom and take the throne himself, but this is mere gossip, I'm sure!)



Queen Halbert is deeply unhappy with Jestro's ascendance and all this idle talk about "voting" and "democracy".  King Halbert already has an heir -- Princess Macy.  Unfortunately, the princess is, to be blunt, a little rough around the edges -- more interested in combat than politics.



So Queen Halbert commissions the construction of an enormous chapel, dedicated to the royal family, to remind the people (and more importantly, the troops) that their loyalty is to the royal line in general, and to Princess Macy specifically.



The chapel's blue steel structure and shatterproof stained glass are further protected by a powercharged roof and electrical shielding.



The interior, at taxpayer expense, has been lined with fine tile work and gold leaf, decorated with the dragon symbol of Queen Halbert and Princess Macy.  (The king's lion symbol is mysteriously absent.)



Macy is enraptured by the new structure, but she is shocked by her mother's suggestion that Macy ought to use the site for a political marriage to a powerbroker who can rescue Knighton from its turmoil.



To the great disappointment of Queen Halbert (and fanfic writers everywhere), Macy has no interest in a crossover marriage with a more popular theme.



Macy knows her mother means well, and the princess wants to do right by her mother's expectations.



But what Queen Halbert doesn't realize is that her daughter Macy isn't interested in using religion for political purposes...



...because she is a true believer.  She fervently holds to her ancestral faith, and to her mother's dismay, Princess Macy begins spending all of her time in the chapel, deep in prayer and meditation.



Macy spends hours, or even days at a time, at the great stone table (modelled in the Narnian style)...



...and after many nights of prayer and fasting, her devotion is rewarded with a series of apocalyptic visions of the coming Dissolution, when all Nexo sets will be reduced to their original bricks.



But this disaster can be forestalled with the calling of a glorious crusade to push back the enemies of Knighton.  Consumed with zeal, she takes the two sacred maces in hand...



...and at last finds her calling: to wield her royal authority to launch one final crusade to stave off the end of all things.





#1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy

#2 -- Lance's Lava Mine

#3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel

#4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate

#5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry

#6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand

#7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe

#8 -- [upcoming]

#9 -- [upcoming]


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Wow. Definitely your best MOC yet. I can't wait to see where this is going. 

Also, what's that wig piece you're using for Macy's hair? I think that's the best I've ever seen someone do for Macy hair. Is it Mia hair from the Friends theme?

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I actually like the story just as much as I like the MOC. It's really interesting and I like how you've connected everything you've built into the storyline. Can we get a hint at what the next one will be? Vampire themed perhaps?

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Hey, thanks!  Yup, that's Mia's hair, although I didn't realize that 'til your question prompted me to check -- I'd just searched on Bricklink for hair in dark red and piece 4621315 looked the closest.  Works better than I'd expected!

Glad you like the story, BrickJagger.  I love the Nexo theme but can't be bothered with the TV show or game, so I'm happy to fill in a new storyline now that the official story is over and done.

The next building in the queue (no idea how many months 'til it'll be done) is for Axl, and yeah, the vampirates will be the antagonists for his structure.  The vampires deserved more time in the spotlight than the half-year that they got.

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So cool when intresting building comes with intresting story! :) Moment with cancelled marriage made me laugh :)))

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This is hilarious. I love it. I went down the rabbit hole of your posts after seeing your latest Axl instalment. The chapel is a great MOC, too!

I hope that you'll keep doing more of these, even after Nexo Knights ends! Ninjago, perhaps? You have a real knack for MOCs and storytelling :tongue:

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Hey, thanks, Aethersprite!  I think this MOC series will be a one-and-done (or eight-and-done) -- I feel morally obliged to give the Nexo theme the farewell it deserves, on account of its too-soon cancellation, but who knows what'll come after that.

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I usually find the blue and orange of Nexo too garish for my tastes (a contradiction, I know--Ice Planet fan here), but you've made it work. The shots of Macy inside the chapel tell the story very well. I'll have to check out your other MOCs in this series. :thumbup:

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