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Contest: build your best hotrod ever - ENTRIES

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You've just came to the right garage to place your entries for the ultimate Hot Rod contest!

Please post only cars entries in this thread, motorbikes all other posts will be deleted.

Discussion and more information, can be found in this thread.

Have fun and be creative! :-)

Edit by Hinckley: Check it out Tiber. Green Hair needs you to post an entries thread for him and me to pin it. I shouldn't be so hard on him, he probably had to change his pants again. It's probably not easy for him, being a chronic trouser peewee.

Edit by Captain Green hair: aaawww Hinckley, you silly puppy. Do you need attention again? You're so cute...yessss coochie coochie!!

Edit by Hinckley: Your face is a coochie.

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indexed.gif V-LV-13E

Here's my entry; I guess I'm first! >:-)

"The Studmuffin"

Pablo Panda's Fabuland Roadster

Pablo customized this bad boy to inpress the lady Fabuland animals. This puppy is equipped with a chrome motor, and utilizes the notorious blue bucket as an exhaust pipe. Comes with a luxurious blue leather interior. Also comes with muffins as headlight. Why? No clue. Seriously; they don't even make sense ~ but I guess it's cute and Fabulandish. *skull*





Good luck folks! *sweet*

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indexed.gif V-LV-13F

Here's my entry.

"The Classic"

Based off of old adventurer sets this thing is quite the speed machine.




Remember, may the best interviewer win! :-P

Stauder. >:-)

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indexed.gif V-LV-15C

Here´s my entry:

"Death on wheels"

The grim reapers new ride. *skull*


The proud owner standing next to it.


View from the front.


View from behind. Nice chromy engine. >:-)

Good luck everyone! :-)

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indexed.gif V-LV-15D

Hello friends,

Introducing my entry for this wonderful contest. It's also my first entry posted in any contest on EB.

It is a small 4 stud wide Deuce roadster hot rod.

Shall we begin...

The backstory:

The Devil thought it was high time he have his own cute menacing hot rod to win all the races in Hell. *skull*

So he made a small but very fast hot rod in his favorite colors, Red and Black, and put his most able bodied Demon racer in the cockpit.

This is the very adorable menacing >:-) result:

Demon racer Ted with the Devil's Hot Rod, what, Ted not a menacing enough Demon name for you? X-D


Without any bodydriving.


Birds eye view, notice the studless interior, and that the rear wheels are wider apart then the front wheels.


Rearend shot, notice the oversized and exposed engine, exhaust pipe, rear bumper, and the smooth Deuce rearend.


"Hungary, need more pavement"


Thats about it, oh and good luck to everyone that enters! ;-)


Edited by Phred

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indexed.gif V-LV-15E

I had to get my entry in before SlyOwl! :-P


Thanks to this contest, my sig-fig has a styling new ride!


Head on view (apply directly to the forehead... :-| )


Back view

My story:


Hinckley had a Napoleon Complex, so he thought he needed a tough car to feel like a big man. :-$


Despite the complex and the subsequent abuse he suffered from Hinckley because of it, Sinner was still Hinckley's friend.


They packed up the hot rod and went off to go clamming—Sinner's favorite pastime.


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This is my entry. It's a creation by the inventor named Silly-Willy. He has been working a few years on it now, he thinks it is ready. The name of the car is the H2O-er. It's a hotrod that drives on water (look at the blue flame from the exhaust-pipe) and it's friendly for the environnement. It has suicide-doors. I will stop talking and I'll let Willy himself do the talking:







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indexed.gif V-LV-15F

Here' mine, the Road Scorcher:

After dieing in a hotrod race by sabotage of his racer, this driver has made a contract withe devil. For the insignificant price of his soul, he can return to

world of the living to haunt the racetracks of the world at night till he got his revenge on the one who got him into this mess.


The exhaust port, to really scorch the roads:


The driver with his machine:


Scorched tar on!! >:-)

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indexed.gif V-LV-16F

My entry:

Kahuka's Hot-Rod!


Just imagine that the bow and arrow have been replaced with the horns for voting; I can't be bothered to edit it again, but use this one anyway...


I had to get my entry in before SlyOwl! :-P

I'm assuming that you're assuming that I'll be using Sinner; well, I won't disappoint - here he is making a fool of himself by dressing up as an Islander:



Edited by Phred

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indexed.gif V-LV-17F

Alright, here she is, the Dirty Ol' Rat. She don't look like much but she moves like a hurricane. Probably just as dangerous to drive too.


Earl the horse enjoys long walks on the beach, picnic lunches and racing suckers for pinks! See ya on the street!

pic=link to more pics

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indexed.gif V-LV-20E

Heres my entry.

UPDATED since yesterday.

"Diesil Destroyer"

The biggest Hot-Rod in the West. (of England!)

V8 420bhp beast, with neon underlights, air cooled engine, and tyres the size of a house. It also comes with a super power chip in the bonnet/hood that is easily remove to stop the "Destroyer" from being stolen! (this is handy if you visit any city with HIGH car crime.!)

To view the whole set of images please visit: Flickr page for my Hot-rod "Diesil Destroyer". Also much much larger images.


Main Image


Front view Rear View


Please comment and give me your views. Good luck to everybody who enters. :'-)

Edited by Phred

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indexed.gif V-LV-20F

So here is my entry. The RatAttack! It's a heavily modified 1931 Chrysler station wagon. *wub*


It has had the front and rear guards removed, the bonnet done away with, the roof hight chopped, the car lowered so low that the rear seat had to be removed to make way for the fuel tank. custom grill, set back head lights, rear doors welded, stripped interior, high set rear view mirrors, super skinny front wheels (it's a drag racer after all). A big mopar V8, with the exhaust straight out of the manifold! (not enough room underneath ;-) ). On to the features...

Suicide doors,the BIG engine! Over sized rear tires help put the power down when racing. X-D


The roof tilts open to reveal the stripped interior and the petrol tank. *y*


The modified tail lights, the only angle fellow racers get to see. ;-)


This is the Ratwagon, hope you like it, all comments welcome.


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indexed.gif V-LV-24F

Block Block: Total Garbage - "Trashanator" Hotrod!


*sweet* Hi everybody! This is my entry for this sweet contest! It's from the Block-Block universe - or the "Total Garbage" theme as we now call it, I believe. ;-) Its story is this:

In order to be able to keep up with the good guys and to collect garbage faster, Lord Trash's evil garbage collecting skellie minions have put together the Trashanator! They used trash cans, shovels, the best parts they could find in the junkyard, and even a trash dumpster to build this awesome hotrod. And the best part is that its turbo-charged motor runs on garbage! X-D To make it look faster, too, they covered it with stickers. Will their efford pay off? Will they be able to defeat the competition? The poll will decide! ;-)

Here are some more views:





The trunk of the Trashanator is a trash dumpster that contains all of the garbage needed to fuel the motor and can be opened! You will find a lot of junk in that trunk! :-D

Well I hope you like it and may the hottest rod win! ;-)

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indexed.gif V-LV-25A

One day, Richard decided to go to Fabuland on an exploration. He was a famous artist, and was looking for inspiration and new (well, old) materials for his creations. He found a lot of inspiration (and survided a brief trip to a mysterious and dangerous part of Fabuland called Histeria Lane X-O ), and he created new staues, poems and movies. These works gained him some billion dollard. Nontheless, he felt insatisfied. He sensed he missed something.

One night, while he was wandering, sleepless, in his 100+ rooms house, he knew it. He was missing that humble little rusty truck he had seen in a back alley in Fabuland! [Psycological note: it all went beck to his childhood, when he used to play on his Uncle truck at the old family farm :'-) ].

As soon as the sun rised, he went for a new journey to Fabuland. He didn't remember the exact location of that back alley, and he was advised not to enter the Histeria Lane any more (voices of terrible murders and crimes spread from that part of Fabuland *skull* ). In the end, summoning his courage, and accompained by his faithful dog, Ralph, and his best friend Shootie (a shotgun he carried with him since his military days >:-) ), he entered the most feared part of that country, of that very town. There, in a dark passage behind and abbandone, crumbled shelter for the homeless (they said the spirits of the homeless still wandered the shelter, screaming in the moonlit nights and cursing the dead elephant who built it with megablocks), he found it. To tell the truth, he was about to leave that place, convinced to be on a false track, when Ralph barked, pointing to the abandoned chassis of a broken and torn old mechanical thing. It was all that remainded of the once beautiful (with a bit of imagination ;-) ) truck. Faithful to his decision, Richard took the poor thing and traveled it to his house.

For almost 3 full months, Richard worked night and day in his large laboratory, using all the art he had learned in his youth (he started off as 'prentice in a garage). After that, he came out of the laboratory, slept for 2 days, and ate all he could put his hands on. Ralph never left his side.

And then, one bright morning, the two of them were seen by the astonished folk around the streets, passing by aboard the new, shiny, fantastic HotRed (what a glorious and imaginative name, uh? :-/ ). Richard and Ralph's dreame had come true, the old Fabuland track (well, its chassis) had been resurrected into a new powerful vehicle!





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indexed.gif V-LV-25B

Biff's 32 coupe


This is Biff. Biff is overweight and has no dress sense whatsoever. He should also get himself some smaller glasses. Biff does know a thing or two about cars though. His ride: a '32 five-window coupe hot rod.


Sometimes his wheels get Biff in trouble.

"Honestly officer, I didn't realize I was going this fast. The speedo isn't connected, you see?"


Biff's trouble is not just with the law. His wife complains that he spends more time with the car than he does with here. She's right!

You can see more pictures on Flickr .

(edit: Biff does fit inside, but since his legs aren't articulated, it does involve removing those.)

(edit: I decided to change one of the pictures, actually adding Biff's wife)



Edited by Phred

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indexed.gif V-LI-06B

Sometimes even Lego minifigs need to dig holes.

Sometimes thy need to dig holes REAL fast.

That's when you call on............



Like all good hotrods the DIGROD is low, wide and fat. It's got a supercharged engine for fast digging and is painted flat black with a couple of minor chrome highlights. It's got big fat deep dish wheels and a chopped roof. When there's fast digging to be done, the DIGROD will be there.





Edited by Phred

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indexed.gif V-LV-25D

Here we go people, I give you:

The Classic Hotrod!

Thats right folks, since I've never made a Hotrod before I decided to not even try to make mine wacky but instead test my skills at building them, tell me what you think!




Tell me what you think in the forums! *sweet*

Batbrick Away! >:-)

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indexed.gif V-LV-17D

Hi there all, I originally generated this as a new post, because I don't know what I am doing. Eurobricks is new to me and I haven't got the hang of the layout yet. Anyway, here's my entry for the Hot Rod contest (hopefully in the right place now), the 'Plymouth Rock', shortened to 'The Rock' by it's Goth Chick owner Abbey:


'The Rock' is actually a colaborative build between me and my good friend Ralph Savelsberg (a.k.a RalphS / Mad Physicist). We had a nice Sunday afternoon/evening knock up this little beauty - I built the fron end as far back as the wind-shield and I also built Abbey. I wanted to go for the chop-top streamliner sedan look and thought the red and yellow flame effect on a black car would look cool. I named the car 'The Rock' because it seemed obvious to call a car built by Plymouth to be called the Rock. (Check out US founding father history if you don't get the reference).

Ralph's help was invaluable, as though I felt comfortable building the car, I have to confess to knowing next to nothing about hot-rods. anyway, here's a couple more pictures and a link to Flickr:



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indexed.gif V-LV-26F

There are a lot of contests I missed out on lately due to my busy schedule, but this one I had to enter.

Although most hotrods are made out of an old chassis of a 30's or 50's car, this particular one was based on something from the 70's.

(click to enlarge)


I had this old car lying around somewhere and decided to give it a thorough makeover, resulting in this seven wide, fully suspensioned three toned monstrosity:



"... Cruising along in my automobile..." :sing:

As you can see it fits four persons, although there are just two seats.


"No, it's not on fire, you barbarians, move your engine out of my path! :hmpf::angry:"

(click to enlarge)

p4110105.jpg_thumb.jpg p4110099.jpg_thumb.jpg

Brickshelf Folder, with short FILM of working suspension.

May the best hotrodder win!


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indexed.gif V-LV-39E

My fellow EBers, here is my entry: the V-Rod

After his shamefull retreat on Dagobah, Yoda was bored, really bored !! Using the force is fun but after a while it gets old, really really old...

So he had a fantastic idea: racing !! That forsaken planet would be the perfect dangerous racing arena. It would make the daredevil “The Crucible” look like a sissy ride. But racing alone is not exciting so he had the idea of creating an underground elite driving squad championship: The Dagobah Bash.

Now the only thing that he needed was the ultimate racing vehicle. He asked Incom Corporation to build him the ultimate speed machine: the V-Rod. That beast is jet propulsed, with a huge air intake for the engine fusion, two rear chrome exhaust pipes and an astromech droid to regulate the turbine’s air intake and power. Yoda’s touch was the front Dagobah symbol, the green frog.

So now you know what Yoda has been doing for the last 20 years on Dagobah :tongue:

Here are general pics of the beast:



Here are cool details:



And here is the racer: Yoda X


Enjoy and you can see more pics here (when moderated). Do not hesitate to leave comments, kudos, criticisms and what have you in the discussion thread.

Enjoy and good luck to us all :wink:


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indexed.gif V-LV-39F

I couldn't resist building one myself, so here it is:





Except copmike, trying to run faster than the car and make an arrest. What a hero! :pir-wub:

Just the car:




So remember, you buy a car to get the girls. You build a hotrod to get away from em! (Boyd Coddington r.i.p.)

More pictures in the BS folder (when moderated)

I hope you like it!

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indexed.gif V-LV-40A

Yet another fabuland citizen got fed up with his standart fabuland car.

But this one is different than the others. (I don't know why but this should make the story more interessting :tongue: )

year in, year out he build. (Nearly) no experience. (Nearly) no fabuland parts. (Nearly) no money.

And he even dare entering the contest!

Beware! It's NIMROD31!!! (I hope this name is still available. didn't investigate...)




About my fabuland-figure.

Good Luck!

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indexed.gif V-LV-40B

Hello! Well now that's my beast and my first hot rod creation!

The Blizzard!

My sig-Fig has a new ride for the summer, since he can't go skiing in July or August. He built something up, which is an extremely low road rocket. The car is just 4-wide, has side-pipes,a giant V8 and of course a removable hardtop. My sig can sit inside, if the hardtop is taken off, otherwise he has to lie down below the steering wheel (involves taking hips and legs off, because the car is extremly low and only classic pieces used, except a few slopes and the trunk)


Here's my sig, cruising somewhere. with removed hardtop


This is the front view of the car, with assembled hardtop


Well that's my pimped ride! :devil: Gotta do some cruising now!

mFg Widdi

Edited by Phred

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