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Avalonia Book II Builds

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Avalonia Book II Builds

As we are about to begin Book III, I took the time to compile a fairly exhaustive list of the builds, from challenges and freebuilds, of every member who called the Guild of Avalonia home during Book II. If I missed something, let me know and I will add it. 



Chapter I

Cat. A

Heroes are Made - MikeyB

The Fire Inside - Penkid11

Grimm on Hemresa - narbilu

Ambush in the Cerean Pass - HammerBro33

A Good Day to Die! - Carson Haupt

A bad Nocty! - Simon_S

Tharadum the Sword Rainer - Robinson

Bringing Justice - Kerntechniker

Tactical Error - Captain Settle

Cat. B

Reclaiming the Fort - Penkid11

Mountain Pass - narbilu

The Cerean Outpost - HammerBro33

Armathian Stronghold - mpoh98

The tower at Blood Lake - de Gothia

Into the Flames - C.J.Cutrone9

Walls and Bones - Kerntechniker

Minotaur Castle - Jason Cicchini

Cat. C

Village of Sorrow - Penkid11

Stand against the waves - Niku

Mount Crow of the Snow elves - narbilu

The Genius Malignus - Simon_S

If you don't want to align... - Wedge09

Words and Wisdom - Kerntechniker

On the border with Nocturnus - Balthazar


Chapter II

Cat. A

Betrayal - mpoh98

Losing the Dwarven Tunnels - narbilu

Quarantine - Niku

Every Man Has a Price - Wedge09

Thirty Seven Days - -Carson Haupt-

The Drow Attack - krono111

Chasing the Drow - odidoma

Old Friends - Hammerhand

Cat. B

The Cunning of the Drow - Simon_S

The Reunion - de Gothia

Dark Wings - -Carson Haupt-

New Fortifications - Hammerhand

Archers Arriving - krono111

A Black Day - Bregir

Capturing the Drow - odidoma

Roadblock - narbilu

Cat. C

The Battle for the Enchanted Forest - narbilu

               The Journey to Hembrygga - narbilu

The Betrayal - odidoma


Chapter III

Cat. A

Paying Respect - mpoh98

Into the Rock - -Carson Haupt-

The walls have ears,bu - Brick Man Studios

Dal Xoth - vitreolum

Dwarven Statues - MiloNelsiano

A Boast of Victories to Come - Bregir

A Chimney Sweeper - de Gothia

Loose Tongues - Hammerhand

Talking at the Inn - Wedge09

Spies in Low Places - Jakorin Swiftsword

Cat. B

Sneaky Little Dwarfses - vitreolum

Unobserved Infiltration - mpoh98

Plot for Peace - Jakorin Swiftsword

Ancient Halls - Hammerhand

Drow Diplomacy - Disco86

In the halls of the Elves - Bregir

Misleading Directions - LordDan

Cat. B - Petric_G

Cat. C

Surprise, Surprise - Petric_G

Journey to the Mystic Isles - Jakorin Swiftsword

Simple Satisfaction - Jakorin Swiftsword

Council with the Wise - Jakorin Swiftsword

Dwarven Workshop - vitreolum

Siege of Ceòbanach Dùn - vitreolum

On Avalonian Shores - Hammerhand


Chapter IV

Cat. A

A Dwarf's Life - LordDan

Hiding in the Fields - Brick Man Studios

Zelpunra's Tower - Hahli 141

Cat. B

A World Torn Apart - Hahli 141

de Gothia in the Kaliphlin Civil War - de Gothia

How Nar Bilu became lord of the Wingless Serpents - narbilu

Trouble in Kaliphlin - Jakorin Swiftsword

Cat. C

[CG: O16 U vs DK] Ancient Power Called Forth - Rogue Angel

[WZ7: E8, High Council] - Shrine of Al-Shirii - MiloNelsiano

[G:J13, DK vs U] Assassination - LordDan

Fortifying the Pasture[ CG: F13, DK vs U - LordDan

Taking out the Patrol Boat[WZ2:G12,Desert King] - LordDan

Vicious Brawl [WZ4:H9, Desert King] - LordDan

Surprise! [WZ1:E7, Desert King - LordDan

Recruiting Allies[G:C7 DK vs U - LordDan

[WZ3:G15, Desert King] Fighting in the Mountains - LordDan

[G:G5 DK v HC] My Heroes - LordDan

[CG, D10, DK vs U]Successful Resurrection - LordDan

Now Who's Hanging Around?[CG:C3, Dk v HC] - LordDan

Council of the Fire Mages[G:A4, DK v HC] - LordDan

Oasis Occupation[ WZ5:I10,Desert king] - LordDan

[WZ6: B7, Desert King] Through the Walls - LordDan

[GA:L2, Dk vs. HK] Freedom for Esterbroke - LordDan

[CG: F14, DK v U] Dwarven Alchemy - LordDan

[WZ11:C4, DK] Duel beneath the Blood Oak - LordDan

[CG: F10, DK v U] - LordDan

[WZ13:F12, Desert King] Cleaning Up the Mess - LordDan

[WZ9:G7, Desert King]Painting the Road - LordDan

[CG:I14, DK vs U] Tricking the Ulandians - LordDan

[WZ12:H12, Desert King] Taking the Boardwalk - LordDan

[WZ15:E12,Desert King] Inside Agent - LordDan

[WZ7:E8, Desert King] Return of the Crocs! - LordDan

[G: K3, DK v HC] Supplying Esterbroke - LordDan

[G:L1,DK vs HC] Supplies for Esterbroke - LordDan

[WZ14,Desert King] Hail the Desert King! - LordDan

[WZ16:C17,DK] Pointy Furniture is a Bad Idea - LordDan

[WZ17, Desert King] Xersia in flames - LordDan

[WZ19, DK] Don't Step in the Circle - LordDan

[G, A4, DK vs HC] A Fiery Beacon - LordDan

[WZ18,E2,DK] - LordDan

[G,O18,DK v U] No One Escapes the Desert King - LordDan

[CG:G15, DK vs U] A Deadly Predicament - LordDan

Ambush in the Arkbri Valley [WZ1: E7, High Council] - Bregir

"Procuring" support [G:J15, HC vs U] - Bregir

CHARGE! [WZ2:G12, High Council] - Bregir

[CG:A14 HC vs DK] A Price Too High - Bregir

[G:C9 HC vs DK] The Price of Worship - Bregir

[WZ4; H9; High Council] The show must go on! - Bregir

[WZ3; High Council] Welcome to the Jungle - Bregir

[CG:E2, HC vs DK] Eastgate defenses - Bregir

[WZ8: L11, High Council] A leading light - Bregir

[WZ11:C4, High Council] Before the Old Gods... - Bregir

[WZ7:E8, High Council] Battle at the Merchant's Arcade - Bregir

[WZ13:F12, High Council] Not just another "Ship of the Desert" - Bregir

[WZ9, G7 - High Council] A shield against the tide - Bregir

[CG: K12, HC v. U] Bless you! - Bregir

[WZ12, H12: High Council] Protecting the food supplies. - Bregir

[CG:K3,HC vs DK] Loyalty or treason? - Bregir

[WZ15:E12; High Council] Another day, another battle - Bregir

[G:A15, HC vs DK] You will not stand alone... - Bregir

[WZ19:C4, HC] Springing the trap - Bregir

[G:A12, HC vs DK] Rising against opression - Bregir

[WZ18, E2, HC] You shall not pass! - Bregir

Taking prisoners in Arkbri WZ1:E7, High Council - de Gothia

[WZ10:HC] The battle of Petraea - de Gothia

[WZ6:B7, Ulandus] Defending Northwall - Robin Creations

[WZ4: H9 Ulandus] A Cruel Game - Robin Creations

[CG: K19 U v. DK] Waking the Town - Robin Creations

[CG:H9, U vs. DK] Securing the Herd - Bacon Potatoes

A Failed Insurgency [WZ3:G15, Ulandus] - Bacon Potatoes

[WZ4:H9, Ulandus] Battle on the Mountain - Bacon Potatoes

[G:E2, DK vs HC] Chariot to Eastgate - Disco86

[G:A14, DK vs HC] Escape to Everlast - Disco86

Razcal bin Azad [WZ4:H9, Desert King] - Disco86

Aqueduct Occupation [WZ2:G12, Desert King] - Disco86

Arkbri Ambush [WZ1:E7, Desert King] - Disco86

[WZ3:G15, High Council] Dueling - Graham Gidman

[WZ4:H9, High Council] "Die Orc Scum" - Graham Gidman

[WZ1:E7, High Council] Attacking from Behind - Graham Gidman

[WZ8: L11, Ulandus] - Floating Defence - narbilu

[WZ6, Urlandus] - Pre-Occupied - narbilu

[WZ5, Urlandus] The Burrow - narbilu

[WZ3:G15, Ulandus] Scout Surprise - narbilu

[WZ4:H9 - Ulandus] Magic Tornado - narbilu

[WZ4; H9; Desert King]-Kill him ! - Brick Man Studios

[G: L15 ; DK v. U ] - Preparing for fight - Brick Man Studios

[G: B4, DK vs. HC] The attack of the Fort - Brick Man Studios

[G:D5, DK vs. HC] Elimination of the border's guards. - Brick Man Studios

[G:C5, DK vs. U] Trapped ... - Brick Man Studios

[CG:A15, DK vs HC]Finally you will stand alone... - Brick Man Studios

[CG: C13, DK vs. HC] Dug up - Brick Man Studios

[WZ14: F14, DK] A Disordered Street - Brick Man Studios

[WZ12: H12, DK] The Surprise Attack - Brick Man Studios

[WZ1: E7 High Council] Arkbri Assault - Jakorin Swiftsword

[WZ2: G12, High Council] Aqueduct Aquired - Jakorin Swiftsword

[WZ4: H9, High Council] Shizim D'Ali - Jakorin Swiftsword

[CG: E2, HC vs DK] Eastgate Blockade - Jakorin Swiftsword

[WZ19:C4] Arcannon's Betrayal - Jakorin Swiftsword

[WZ15: E12, HC] Amrakect Bloodbath - Jakorin Swiftsword

[CG: HC vs. DK] Silence is Golden - Jakorin Swiftsword

[WZ7:E8 Desert King] The Baths of Queenscross - Hammerhand

[WZ9:G7 Desert King] Bloody Lane Stand-off - Hammerhand

[WZ5:I10, Desert King] Sand Worm Encounter - Hammerhand

Killing Two Birds With One Stone [WZ3:G15, Desert King] - Hammerhand

[G:H13, DK vs. U] It's A Mirage… I hope - Hammerhand

Up From The Ashes [WZ4:H9, Desert King] - Hammerhand

Cat. D

Parade of Barqa - de Gothia


Chapter V

Cat. A

The Eagle at the Great Wall of Hesperia - Henjin_Quilones

Evening Falls Like a Vulture's Wing - Henjin_Quilones

Catching an Alliance Courier - MiloNelsiano

A Shadow in the Night - LordDan

Riders of Historica - Spire - Caught - de Gothia

On the Lamb - Grover

Through the Avalonian Countryside - Brandon Stark

The Decoy - kahir88

A Poor Choice of Mount - Isundir

A Courier in the Air - Faladrin

War Already Started - narbilu

Riders of Historica - Spire - kahir88

Alliance Courier - MiloNelsiano

Riders of Historica - Entry - Alliance Side - Windusky

Cat. B

The Armored Bears of Hesperia - Henjin_Quilones

The Hand of Corruption Catapult Wheel - Henjin_Quilones

Siege Machine for the Spire - MiloNelsiano

Preparing to Besiege - The Maestro

The Siege Golem - kahir88

Statue of Doom - narbilu

Cat. C

Historica United (special extended edition) - Henjin_Quilones and Titus V

Historica United - Henjin_Quilones

The Beggar-King  - TitusV

The Fate of Historica (Resistance) - kahir88

The Fate of Historica (Spire) - kahir88

The Battle for Historica - MiloNelsiano

Raavage's Secret Weakness - Faladrin


Safe Haven

Cat. A

The City of Bandari - Henjin_Quilones

The Ruins of Lythell - The Maestro

Orien - The Lost Island of Yureishima - narbilu

Castle Rose - Faladrin

Coghallow - kahir88

Airalonde - Niku

Ardholen Athrad - Niku

Mesozoic - de Gothia

Cat. B

The People of the Isle of Roses - Faladrin

Residents of the Isle of Steam - kahir88

Citizens of the City of Bandari in the Land of Mwamba - Henjin_Quilones

Cat. C

The Spirit of Eryos - KevinyWu

The Bouncing Frog - Faladrin

The Nagra Luca - Henjin_Quilones

Sea Wolf - kahir88





(in alphabetical order by builder)



Avalonian Farmstead 


Farrveil Fortress


Bacon Potatoes

In the Royal Study

The Geography of Ambalar

A Meeting at the Mines

The Port of Mirameth


Brandon Stark

Task 1, 2, 3: Dragonstone

[Brandon Stark: Part 1, Chapter 1] 

[Brandon Stark: Part 1, Chapter 2]

[Brandon Stark: Part 1, Chapter 3] 

[Brandon Stark: Part 1, Chapter 4]

[Brandon Stark: Part 1, Chapter 5]

[Brandon Stark: Part 2, Chapter 1]

Ambushing the Spire

[Brandon Stark: Part 2, Chapter 2] War and Peace



[GNAR] The Swiftsure (Ship of the Isles)

HSS Craftsmen: The Kaliphlinite Market

Drakeshome Manor 

Assuming Power 

Tavern and Ale Trader 

Lakeside lumberjacks

The Trifork, task 3

Diaries of Beorthan 1: Assuming power

Diaries of Beorthan II: Departure

Bregir's CMF GoH series

The Trifork River Port 

Ramparts of New Town

The Crown Inn

The Mill of the Trifork

Great South Gate

Defending the Councilors [Minichallenge, High Council]

The Twins

Messages from home 

A Heroes Return 

Husbandry: The Orangerie

Husbandry: Shepherd's Hut

Aestwäld Saga part 5 

Aestwäld Saga part 7

Aestwäld Saga part 8 

Aestwäld Saga part 10 

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. B: The Great Northern Ankylos

Piazza Municipiale - The Trifork, Avalonia


Brick Man Studios

Defending the Storytellers

A New Friend 

A Strange Inn 

The ravaged camp

Into the sewers

A Farmer Family

La Valetta's West Gate



First Landing: The Journey of the Grey Round Road 

The Twisted Tree

The Quarry



Camp Lefox Ballista Tower



Asulf Presentation




Captain Settle

Collecting the Pieces- The Enchanted Pumpkin.

The Story of Ravious Bose: Part 1

Mountain Watchtower


Avalonian Watchtower

Avalonian War Room


-Carson Haupt- 

Mount Up! The Lesser Rustwing

[GNAR] Gylden Abiron


Ogre Mount

Albion: Stables

Journey through the Plains


Task II and III

Dusty Border Wall

Avalonian Postcards (some of them at least!)

Elven Valley

Ch II - Prolouge - Black Crusade

Drowned Town

A visit to Carn 

A Marriage for the History Books

Countryside Shrine 



Watchtower of Gragoloon

Task 4 - Grey Beard Wizard's Cottage

The Etheldreed Windmill

The Healer's House

The wedgwood house 

The Old Watermill

Green Lake Tower Ruins

BlueWater Castle


de Gothia

de Gothias CMF GoH series

The Road to Albion

Benoic House and Countryside

Avalonian Task I, II, III. The county of Benoic

The Quay of Sionnach

de Gothia in Barqa

Attack on the Hand 

Avalonian Harbour

Trade between Barqa and Benoic

Ch II - Prolouge - Rumours in Sionnach

The planning of a city

The Blacksmith in Sionnach 

Albion and Elijah leave Avalonia

The Forester in Sionnach HSS 

Gates of Sionnach HSS 

The Town Hall of Sionnach HSS 

Street of Sionnach HSS 

Mining in Benoic HSS

The Butcher of Sionnach

The jeweler in Sionnach

Sionnach Castle 

The Woodcutter in Sionnach

The harbour in Sionnach

de Gothia and Elijah

HSS Military Barracks of Sionnach

Leaving for Mitgardia

A journey to Mitgardia

Market Day in Sionnach

Lena is Taken


Derfel Cadarn 

The Very Short Tale Of The Nocturnian Spy

Morholt Keep - Dark Isle Saga Chapter 2, Part 1

Dark Isle Saga: Rising Of The Damned Part 1

Dark Isle Saga Path Of Darkness Part 1: Caer Caradoc

Dark Isle Saga Path Of Darkness Part 2: Hexvale Cottage

Dark Isle Saga Rise Of The Damned Part 3: Loholt Manor

All Hallows Keep



Western Tower


Gargoyle Inn



Laesonar 1

Laesonar 2

Laesonar 3 

Laelarielian Hunting Lodge  

Laesonar 4  

Carpenter's house   

Laesonar 5 - Healing Wounds

Laesonar 6 - Laelariel (Part 1)



The Frozen Beyond, Cat. A: The Last Outpost

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. B: Mom is Really Angry!

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. C: Snow in the Enchanted Forest?!

The Restauration of Falahuas (Ch1)

The Restauration of Falahuas (Ch2)

The Restauration of Falahuas ch3 

The Restauration of Falahuas Ch4

The Restauration of Falahuas ch5



Humble Beginnings

Relaxing on the Farm

Leaving Home 

Oakheart Village and Castle


Full Plate

The Tranquil Meadow 

Old Bagshaw's Residence 

The Poacher

Making Camp 

Solitary Council 

Escaping Home 


Archery Practice

Honour the Fallen

Avalonian Countryside


Gilbert Despathens 

Raising the Defences 

The Mirror 

Avalonian Second Task: Departing for Albion 


Graham Gidman

Walking through Reyelan 

Avalonian Tower

Silver Chicken Inn

Checking In

Trying to Catch the Big One

Traveling Down the Mountain

Avalonian Cottage

An Unfortunate Ambush

Out for a Stroll



The Cedar Serpent

Early Spring in Prenmôr


Halhi 141

Mystic Isle 

Strange Nightmares 

Gremlon's Treehouse

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. A: A Last Blossom of Hope

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. C: A Village Transformed



Vanhorn, Avalonia (Third Task)

The Woodland Guard

The Council of Vanhorn 

Collecting the Pieces - Finding the Tiger Fang 

Swift Justice 

Avalonia Postcard

The People of Vanguard 

Crossing Lake Talon

Arrival at Vanguard 

Celebrating New Leadership 

Ch II - Prologue - Dark Times - The Council Chambers

Character Bios

[GNAR] The Nendril



[GNAR] - The Sea Bull (WIP)

Cottage in the Woods

Ferinwald's Army (Avalonia)

Ch II - Prologue - Rumor's Beginnings 

Ch II - Prologue - Drow Tunnels

Mount Up! Mountain Wyvern

Hammerhand's CMF Series

Defend the Walls 

Gates of Dinas Brynmor 

Patrolling the Border Pass



Huntersman Inn


Henjin Quilones 

Nocturnus Minichallenge I: Crossing the Sayn Gwinos River 

Nocturnus Minichallenge II: At the Shrine of Kanohau 

Nocturnus Minichallenge IIIA: The Spiderwitch 

Nocturnus Minichallenge IIIB: The Pies of the Spiderwitch

Nocturnus Minichallenge IIIC: The Proposal of the Spiderwitch

The Chronicles of Hesperia, Vol. 1, Ch. 1: The Fireball 

The Chronicles of Hesperia, Vol. 1, Ch. 2: The Crash Site 

The Chronicles of Hesperia, Vol. 1, Ch. 3: The Return of the Druids  

The South Gate of Lleidr Castle

The Chronicles of Hesperia Vol,1, Ch. 4: The Banishment of Galaria

The Chronicles of Hesperia Vol. 1, Ch. 5: Stopping at Tire Keep

Kijani the Earth Dragon



Edelwald Troops

Finally Arrived

The Mad Dog 


Jakorin Swiftsword

Mount Up! The Targubol

Task One: Celebration of Trade

Task Two: Mission in Kaliphlin

Stagdren Castle

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. C: Dangerous Ground

Guardside Castle

A Walk Down the Street


Jason Cicchini -

Darwynia, A History



Task I and Task III

Trade - Amber Cider

Nocturnus Minichallenge I - Howling in the Mountains

Nocturnus Minichallenge II - The Den Mother

Nocturnus Minichallenge IIIa - Igronow the Black...Baker

Nocturnus Minichallenge IIIb - Igronow's Kitchen

Nocturnus Minichallenge IIIc - Igronow's Offer

Prologue for Category C

Not the Healthiest Profession


Lesson One: Distraction


Dangers of Smuggling

Scarlet's Scarlet Brothel



Farming close to the black smith shop

HSS Aq Burrium Aqua

HSS Religious Burrium Aqua

HSS Craftsmen Burrium Aqua

HSS REQ-Military Burrium Aqua

HSS REQ - Laborer

HSS REQ-Hospitality - Lodging Burrium Aqua



Alaverians (GOH Avalonia)

Southern Spire

Leaving Home

Dark Rider, Dungeon of Alaveria



Eryos Castle

Prince Kevin the Navigator and the "Compass"

Journey to Eryos

Eryosmith Band

Old Statue

Fortress of St. Jocosa




Avalonia Task III



The Frozen Beyond, Cat. A: Greenwood Castle

Medieval Highway

Avon Saga 1: Planning a City

Avon Saga 2: Building a City

Avon Saga 3: Restoring Order

Streets of Rivendell

Avon Saga 4: Forging Alliances

Avon Saga 5: Founding of the Oakwood Order

Avon Saga 6: Inspecting the Farms

Gate of Rivendell

Marching to War

Avon Saga 7: The End


Going Home

To Nocturnus, to War

Home in a Foreign Land

Planning for War



Legoloco Collectible Series



[Avalonia Task 1&3] Welcome to Meldrim



Plain Raid

Loading the Wagon

Mage's Adventure

Mount Up! Frost Wolf

Ancient Tower

A Sinister Meeting

Araluen Quarry

Lord Dan's Collectible Series

Araluen Guard

Chilly Weather

Into Nocturnus 

ATTACK![Minichallenge,Desert King]

Training Hall 

Practice Range

Entrance of Bonesville

Frozen Solid 

Eyes in the Forest 

Preparing for Trouble 

Visiting Allies 

Boneville town square 

Life in Araluen

Algus Hunting

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. B: Frost Wolf Hunt

Stopping the Cold

Traveling to Sultan's Gate

The Demon Lord 

A Strange Creature

Nocturnus Minichallenge II - The Shaman's Hut



Furthest West in Avalonia

The Library of Occidens

Planning Room



Woodward River Harbour

The Huntsman Inn, Woodward and more

Avalonian Hamlet: Sylvania

Sylvania: Wood Carver's House

Smith for Sylvania


MikeyB -

County of Circardia, Avalonia Task I, II, and III



Oros Soldiers 


Valley View Hall 

Blacksmith in Oros

MiloNelsiano's CMF Series

Osric Farwind Chapter 1 

Osric Farwind Chapter 2 

Osric Farwind Chapter 3 

Osric Farwind Chapter 4

Osric Farwind Chapter 5 

Osric Farwind Chapter 6

Osric Farwind Chapter 7

Osric Farwind Chapter 8 

Osric Farwind Chapter 9 

Osric Farwind Chapter 10 

Osric Farwind Chapter 11 

Osric Farwind Chapter 12

Bread Production in Oros 

Osric Farwind Chapter 13 

Osric Farwind Chapter 14 

Osric Farwind Chapter 15 

Osric Farwind Chapter 16

Osric Farwind Chapter 17 

Great Oak Goods 

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. A: Hadrian's Pass

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. B: Ice Spiders

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. C: Fire Shrub

Brandon the Buildmaster 

Avalonian Farm

Avalonian Marketplace



Avalonia Tasks 1, 2, 3

Infantry Barracks - Avalonia Task 4 Helenia

Stone Quarry - Avalonia Task 4 Helenia

Cavalry Stable - Avalonia Task 4 Helenia

Helenia Seamstress Task 4

Dwalin's Blacksmith - Helenia Task 4

Pig Farm - Helenia Task 4


Mr Greeble

Path to Redemption 



Avalonian Troops: Men of Marrock

Letholdus Cottage 

Midnight Glow 

Ch II - Prologue - Listening In... 

Ch II - Prologue - New Leadership

The Lone Shepherd 

The Great Tower of Albion



Hemresa Eastern Tower

Which elves should feature my next story

Avalonia - 2nd Task - the Nobles of Hemresa

Avalonia - 3rd Task - Hemresa

GoH Book II – Nar'Bilu 2.2 – Passage into Hemresa

Albion – Hemresa Legion Recruitment Office

Avalonia –Hemresa agriculture

Ch II - Prologue - Dark times - Uprising

Challenge II - Prologue - The Band of Robin' Rascal

Ch II - The road to civil war - new leadership - arrivals

HSS: Bow’s Arch Fishery

HSS: the town of Bow's Arch

HSS: Bow's Arch Storage

HSS: Bow's Arch Foresters

HSS: Bow's Arch Quarry

WoTB - Hemresa Tower [ siege weapon]

WoTB - Hemresa Ballista [field piece]


The End of an Era

The End of an Era (Part II)

Norra Island - Avalonia Task 1,2,3 post Civil War

Bran’s Tale [you decide his fate]

Bran’s Tale - chapter 1 [you decide his fate]

The army of the Wingless Serpents

Narbilu is Back/Andromeda Crossover

The Return of an Avalonian Lord

Lord Nar Bilu's Army

Partial Control of Hemresa

Nocturnus Minichallenge I - Nar Bilu and the Giants of Rock

Leaving the Wall

Is This the End of This Era?



Agleon Erigeon

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. A: A Spark of Winter

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. B: The Xocomil



One of Many Outposts of Huata

Walk of Shame



Choosing a Guild: It's your decision 

Stalkhead Beach 

Dawn of Ages: Chapter 2, Part 2 The Legend of the Reaper

Dawn of Ages: Chapter 2, Part 3 The Ridge


Petric G

Hun Warriors 

Wild Horse Herd

Feast with Friends 

The Kobot Abbey 

Huns at "work"

Pellania's Healing Mixture

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. A: Lupo Tower



The Gloomy Isles- Avalonia Task 1, 2 and 3

Avalonia Task 4: Watchtower in Gloomville


Ridge Montante 

Journey from Home


Robin Creations

"Robin Creations'" GoH Collectible Minifigure Series

The Stress of Leadership


Rogue Angel

Elves of Historica

Port Adelphus

Rogue Angel's Collectible Series



The Undead Ice Dragon


Siercon & Coral

Faerie Dragon

Brookside Abbey




The Legend Begins

The Little Vagabond Tavern 

The Discovery of Nalderic

A Warm Welcome 

Belynia Castle

HSS: Belynia

GoH Collectible Minifigs 

Forechester Castle 

The Taste of Freedom

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. C: How to solve the Algus Problem

HSS Belynia: Blacksmith

HSS Belynia: The Eye Collector

Mount Up! Big Battle Bambi

HSS: World Cup Historica


Sir Gillian

Wilton Castle 

A little walk 

Chapter 1 - The blood red Dragon 

Chapter 2 - Dragon´s Shadow 

Somewhere in the great forests of Avalonia..



The Harpy


The Maestro

Avalonian watchtower 

The retaking of Eolas: Preparations 

The retaking of Eolas: The last straw

Brofendurs Kitchen 

Nocty minichallange II: Druids sacrifice 

Nocty minichallange I: Kelras treachery 

The Retaking of Eolas: Construction of an army 

The retaking of Eolas: A Heroes farewell

Ol' Colby's Cottage

Fimbulvatr keep 

Aimsithe the arms master 

Avalonian siege tower 

When times where simple

The Retaking of Eolas: A hollow Victory 

The Retaking of Eolas: A chilly welcome

Hobb the Herbalist

A morning stroll 

A statue forgotten 

The Headsman's Hovel 

Witches Shack 

Oswald the Ordinary 

Druids Perch

Watchtower of Eolas

Tire Gatehouse

Lleidr Citadel

Waldred the War Master

Watchtower at Fahrin Falls

Braving Nocturnus

The Battle of Maerwyn Creek

Fin the Farmer

Oasis Retreat



"Keep it Secret"

Orc Ambush

Avalonia Task 4: Fishery

Avalonia Task 4 Winery

The Hedge Knight

A Long Journey

Avalonian Blacksmith

The War Council

The Lord's Chambers

Taming of the Beast Part 1

Taming of the Beast Part 2



Alric of the House Drondil

The Postal Service of the House Drondil 

The Treaty of Relan's Creek

The Great Hall of Dronskeep 

A betrothal...

...And a marriage 

Watch over the Avalonian Hills

Drondil's Horses

Husbandry: The Vineyard

Aestwald Saga Part 1

The Aestwäld Saga (2)

The Aestwäld Saga (3a)

The Aestwäld Saga (3b)

The Aestwäld Saga (4)

The Aestwäld Saga (6)

Aestwäld Saga Part 9

Drondil - Docks

Drondil - The Rivergate

Aestwäld Saga Part 11

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. A: If You Can't Go Trough

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. B: Since When Are Spiders Human?

The Frozen Beyond, Cat. C: The Iceglider

The Aestwäld Saga 12

The Aestwäld Saga (13) 

Shadowmere Siege 

You don't ambush an ally! 

Mitgardian Love

The treaty of Sudheim Keep 

Good Old Days 

A Difficult Choice 


Falahuas Manor

Thorshaven - Avalonian Quarter

[Conversations I] News from the East 

[Conversations II] News from the West 

[Conversations III] Nothing new(s)

The Saint Isolde

Drondil's Southern Gate 

Ambushing the Spire 

Tire Courtyard

Tire Village

Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home



Big City's Sewers



The Spanking Troll Tavern

Fight in the Arena 

Making Camp 

Mount Up! Giant Wolf

At the Blacksmith's Shop


Golem Hunt


A Shady Deal 



Drow Wizard 

Guarded Inn 

To Kill A King




Avalonian Task I, II, III - Erilea

[L&DiK] C2: XIX The Tower

A ruined aqueduct 

Collecting the pieces - Alexander Vandagant's search

Eddy the farmer's field

Steve the Dwarf's forge

A foreshortening of Avalonia

A ruined bridge in the swamp

A rock quarry in Erilea 

Tracking the Drow's forces

Albion's Hash House 

The Graybridge bottleneck 

Eddy the farmer's barn

Hidden Graden's Church

Herbalist's Shop 

Husbandry: Hidden Garden's Bakery


Galenas Fortress 

Mining in the Mountains




Advar's Office

The Libraries of Albion

The Road to Mitgardia

The Forests Beyond Vanhorn

The Tomb of Dar Askelohn

Advar's Office (Remake)

Beyond Vanhorn

The Chambers of the Nightlord

Rest in the Tavern

The Aegis Council

Voraal Leaves Avalonia

The Burnt Roads

The Kelra

Vampire Slayer

Dubbed Captain


Zach Mills

Assassin Guild Safehouse



The Western Wall of Lleidr

Unintentional Exploring

Old Mage's Tower






Others affiliated with Avalonia, but who had no known freebuilds (bold and underlined indicates participation in challenges):




Columbus 019


Darlph Monsoon

Disco 86





Jaset J






William Harkenshire 

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Wow! Super cool to see the book two builds! Great to catch up, kinda get a better glimpse of what's been happening here in the guilds. Thanks for doing this! :)

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