[COR-FB] Visitors for Lavalette

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In the dark of night, several boats are landing on a secluded beach near Lavalette on the Olean colony of Stéphanique. Some are carrying men, others are carrying barrels and guns.


The men carry themselves like soldiers, but are not wearing any national uniforms, and an OIean officer has been sent to receive them.

"Bonsoir, Monsieur. All boats have landed successfully, and we are ready to get started. Have you designated the building sites?" one of the men starts with a sharp military salute to the officer and a bluntness (and accent...) typical of Corlanders.


"Bonsoir, sir" the Olean officer replies with an Olean salute. "Oui, we have prepared the sites. And we are most 'appy with your swift arrival. We are in quite a pickle 'ere, I think you call it?.."

"Indeed. Show the way" the foreigner said with a bow. "I am pleased we can work towards a common goal..."

Part Two here.

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Interesting development, looking forward to where this goes.

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