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8630-1.jpg8630-1 Gold Hunt 

8631-1.jpg8631-1 Jetpack Pursuit 

8632-1.jpg8632-1 Swamp RaidReview by SirNadroj 

8633-1.jpg8633-1 Speedboat Rescue - Review by I Scream Clone - Review by starstreak

8634-1.jpg8634-1 Turbocar Chase 

8635-1.jpg8635-1 Mobile Command Center - Review by Svelte

8636-1.jpg8636-1 Deep Sea Quest - Review by ReZourceman 

8637-1.jpg8637-1 Volcano Base - Review by Svelte

8967-1.jpg8967-1 Gold Tooth's Getaway - Eurobricks by Dark Wanderer, Eurobricks by Oky

8968-1.jpg8968-1 River Heist - Review by TheBrickDaddy, Review by Natman8000, Review by Luke McAwesome,  Review by Grimmy

8969-1.jpg8969-1 4-Wheeling Pursuit  

8970-1.jpg8970-1 Robo Attack - Review by Dark Wanderer 

8971-1.jpg8971-1 Aerial Defence Unit - Review by starstreak 

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