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Steampunk - the flying city of Laputa.

This is a small part of the mock-up that we have jointly built.
In 1881, after years of research, Professor Geist discovered metal lighter than air. This transcendent substance made possible the eternal dream of a man about flight. And here, after the earth and the sea, the next element was conquered, and mankind rose above the fumes of the factories. And it became possible to live among the skies.
Soon after, natural deposits of metal were discovered in the remote islands of the Pacific Ocean. Operation was started, but the intensive use of dynamite destabilized the fragile balance in which deposits had been found for centuries. Together with the rocks surrounding them, they rose into the higher parts of the atmosphere, where a slightly lower pressure stopped the further flight.
This is how the archipelago of flying islands was settled by settlers of various nations. The development of the industry, which was allowed by the wealth in metals and the power of the sky-high fleet, helped to avoid the fate of the colony. Laputa has become the capital of a new nation that is bravely striving to take its rightful place among the nations of the world.














And the most important picture. My daughter helped me a lot :)


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Okay nice creation and it sounds like you and your daughter had a lot of fun putting it together, so I will not blow holes in your narrative. Brick on and good job. 

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This looks Aamzing ( a little bit disney "UP" )

the base is very clever put together

- the pictures are beautiful made

Great Great Work


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It looks like you and your daughter had a wonderful time building this and there are many details to appreciate here. 

Steampunk traditionally goes in Sci-Fi rather than Town, so I shall move it over there. 

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Nice work. The floating rock are always interesting to see. I'm missing more foliage on the rocks, to make it look more realistic. 

Using your daughter for scale comparison works well. I admire your ability to build with your daughter. In my experience, it's more unbuilding then building.

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