[MOC][Instructions] UCS Colonial Raptor from Battlestar Galactica

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After the Colonial Viper MkII and the Cylon Raider, let me present you my latest MOC: the Colonial Raptor.

Still the same UCS scale, More than 3700 parts, full interior and side hatch that can be opened. The armament kit is on its way...



42934314911_545346aa24_b.jpgUCS Colonial Raptor - top by David Duperron, on Flickr

42032401995_b5ca4248ac_b.jpgUCS Colonial Raptor - back by David Duperron, on Flickr

42934313811_fa40019a4e_b.jpgUCS Colonial Raptor - front by David Duperron, on Flickr

42439398925_b264ba12aa_b.jpgRaptor_Final_2Armed by David Duperron, on Flickr

42626293554_07840c9d17_b.jpgRaptor_Final_Armed by David Duperron, on Flickr


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