My entry into Category A of Challenge 2. Able to be licenced as a medium factory in Fatu Hiva (1024 stud footprint) A water mill powers a grindstone inside, which grinds olives. The mill is worked by natives and so the team head there to gather information.   T'was a lovely walk for Lieutenant Joshua and his mercenaries to a water mill worked by natives of the island. Let me introduce you to this band of mercenaries; Here we have the leader of this group, Lieutenant Joshua. Since HMS Paladin is currently inactive, Joshua has had some time to spend in more questionable pursuits compared to Spud. Lieutenant Joshua's age proved his naivity, and so the others elected him to bear the burden of all the supplies and equipment. Next, we have the Reverend Wesley McJohn, a clergyman from Corrington but not from the popular religion there. Lieutenant Joshua figured it would be a good idea to bring a man of faith along considering what may lie ahead. Here we have Lady Enia, a noblewoman from Eslandola. Her father cast her out for pursuing hunting rather than gold so now she is an 'arms for hire'. Moving on we have Jacques le Méchant. A Oleonese Commander who was dishonourably discharged from the army of Oleon. Apparently he had looted a church. While in battle he was sent to the front lines to die. Managing to fight off his foes against all odds, he now seeks revenge on the officer who sent his company to their doom. Last but not least, we have Angus Spud. As the surname gives away, he is a member of Clan Spud. Instead of hunting haggis or other wildlife, Angus hunts wanted men. Donning traditional hunting gear, Angus Spud is ready to encounter anything the Île d'Or throws at him - or so he believes. Now you know the team, we'll arrive at the water mill where Jacques le Méchant knows a fellow former officer of Oleon. The guards let the mercenaries walk right up to the mill without intrigue, peculiar but perhaps they were keeping their eyes on the bushes to spot whatever had attacked the Oleon patrol some time ago. Jacques climbed the stairs and knocked on the door of the mill. "Oui?" asked an old man inside the mill "Ah, it is yourself Jacques! What can I do for you?" "I need to speak with your workers, Captain Glouton" "Very well, I'll fetch one right away"   "Hello sir, I need some information regarding this 'terror' in the jungle" "You no go! You go - you not come back! Only thing holding back beast is god of water - you bring offering unto sea god and leave island" the native said in a frantic tone. Nothing would hold the mercenaries back, they would have to go blindly into the jungle to find this 'terror' by themselves.   More pictures: