[MOC] Up House

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Hello everyone,

I have to admit I'm a huge fan of all the Pixar animation movies.
They just put so much passion, character and detail into their productions.

My all time favorite is the Up movie and so I built the iconic flying house with many colourful balloons to show my love.



It's a micro scale version, which I think works best when you want to include the balloons.
While not being minifigure scale, it still has all the details such as the wooden front porch, red rainwater pipes and pink windows.


29473731548_d512e26690_n.jpg   42439861795_5f79097fa3_n.jpg

29473733168_644923aa7f_n.jpg   43343853951_7db1784416_n.jpg

You can find all pictures on LEGO Ideas and if you would like to build your own Up House, please vote for it!

Thank you very much sharing and your support

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I think I already saw your moc on flickr some times ago. Brilliant MOC Jonas! This house is so iconic and you managed to recreate it really well.

One question: what is this green wheel meant to represent?

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