[GBW-CP7] Tyera-Clearing the Way

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Military Base Oscar: Quarter Mile Away


The Tyerian troops ran towards the bunker to seize control. They where lucky enough to be far away from Haams, so they did't need too much gear to protect against radiation. Most of the troops knew that this would be easy becuase the bunker had be bombed before. So most of the troops, and equipment, where destroyed.


They knew that they had to clear this so other troops can move in to take Oscar.

After they took out the few troops left in the trench, and blew up the top men, they went in. 


Easily taking out the few scattered troops, with only a few causalities.



The Tyerian troops took the bottom they went up.


They secured the bunker and informed the rest of RON.



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You’ve been awarded (  6 ) points.

Judges’ comments…

You're definitely getting better. This build is a good sign of progress. Your landscaping and detailing are coming along and it looks like you've really taken some cues from others. Keep up the progress!    

Well, your pics look good.  Just don't overwhelm us with the "spoiler' section.  Feel free to add a few more and an overall, but there is no need to put EVERY pic you took out there.  We can always check your flickr to see more.  Don't worry though, you did not lose points for slapping me with 4 million pics!  I think if anything, you could have gone a little bit bigger, maybe 48x48?  It feels a bit cramped on the ends, but a little light in the middle.  And it's not, but with so much on both ends, if the middle isn;t the same, it will look balance is something to work on now.  Your bunker looks a bit ragged, but I think that was what you were going for; attacked before and these troops are just hiding out there for as long as they can?  What I think may have gained you more build points would have been chunks of the wall still in tact, and chunks of fallen wall, with some bits, on the ground.  The extreme spacing in the walls felt that it was a bit weak.  The terrain though is outstanding, with slight adjustments in the terrian, two trenches, and some plant life growth.  You have taken what the judges have suggested to you and I can see that you are starting to use this advice in your builds.  IT SHOWS!  Great Job LegoRacer1!!!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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