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[GBW] - CP7 - Deland Republic - Secure the Lab

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F9 Studica Map - Lima test site

After the disagreement between RoN and Coac for the security of sites that may contain WMDs, the Deland Republic high command has decided to send a DR Marines unit to secure a lab at Lima test site.

In front of a lab, the rest of the Xenorian soldiers are decided to defend this building with ferity, they were even installing a machine gun to block access to the gates.

http://43254973582_633491bbba_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #1 by French-Man, sur Flickr

They had not finished their implementation, that they were atacked by a DR Marines unit.

http://42586949594_9b6b45534d_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #2 by French-Man, sur Flickr

http://41495381200_76f97d19e3_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #3 by French-Man, sur Flickr

The commitment is short but violent, the Marines are aimed first at the gunner then the other 2 soldiers. But during the shootings the leader of the Marines was shot in his plate carrier, he is treated by the team medic, while the other soldiers are getting ready to enter in the lab.

Radio guy " HQ, Delta01 here we need a medevac, we have a wounded "

HQ " well received Delta01, the helicopter will be on zone in 40 minutes "

Radio guy " well received, thanks HQ, over "

http://43255139942_b7ae70e572_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #4 by French-Man, sur Flickr

They put C4 explosive on the doors to open it.

http://29435133168_9ea713869e_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #5 by French-Man, sur Flickr

And KABOOM !!!

http://43305003551_67df6b9236_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #6 by French-Man, sur Flickr

By security, the soldiers who are going to enter, put their gaz mask to prevent some radiations or chemical steam. The sergeant who lead the team, take out his Geiger counter.

http://28435757507_7777b41547_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #7 by French-Man, sur Flickr

They progress in the lab partly destroyed.

http://42400900445_6886c1ee42_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #8 by French-Man, sur Flickr

They turn right and enter by forcing the door in the first room.

http://28435802077_93043b0229_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #9 by French-Man, sur Flickr

They discover a weapon modification room.

Sgt Miller " It's a GBU-13 bomb, they were modifying it with something that I don't know what, but not nuclear, there is no radiation around us according to my counter. But keep our gaz mask it's safer "

http://43255282232_696b2dfa4f_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #10 by French-Man, sur Flickr

They pass into the second room.

http://41495567630_c20d5c5f98_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #11 by French-Man, sur Flickr

Cpl Ajani " It's a weapons storage hangar "

Sgt Miller " Yes, let's look at what's in those crates "

http://29435310628_7f7a673aff_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #12 by French-Man, sur Flickr

Sgt Miller " It's a Hellfire missile maybe modified, don't touch it, we will call a deminer team "

http://41495604750_cc0b3c788d_c.jpgEurobricks - GBW - CP7 #13 by French-Man, sur Flickr

They finally come out while the sound of a helicopter is heard.

Sgt Miller " Radio call the HQ and request a deminer team to securise the lab, there are conventional weapons inside maybe modified "

Radio guy " HQ, Delta01 here, we need a deminer team to secure the lab, weapons are inside "

HQ " well received Delta01, we send it right away, stay on the spot while waiting the team "

Radio guy " well received HQ, over "


Some other picts in spoiler

This is my entry for CP7.

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I like it, with lots of nice details: the smashed floor, the T walls, the all looks excellent!

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Thanks to you two :wink:

On 7/9/2018 at 11:17 PM, Spud The Viking said:

Why did they need C4 for the door when the window was already smashed? :tongue:

I do it like Michael Bay would have done :tongue:

More seriously, the window isn't very large and the soldiers could have been injured by the pieces of glass, they could not have completed the mission correctly after that.

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You’ve been awarded ( 10 ) points and you have won the competition! Due to achieving a 10 point score, you will also receive a bonus of 4 points!  Be sure to contact me with your address so we can send you your prize!

Judges’ comments…

This build takes the win for me. Everything looks so perfect and planned here. The barricades outside and the detailing to show the shattered glass was brilliant. Even inside, the door ways and the little containers. Lighting and picture perspective is phenomenal and really help the build shine. Very Very Nicely Done!    


I'm going to keep this simple because there isn't much for me to say.  Solid build, great details, plenty of debris, plenty of build, great lighting, dark back drop REALLY made the build pop out to me.  This is your best entry yet, way to go!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks a lot judge, I really wanted to surpass myself in this campaign, I spend 130 euros for my MOC (almost all bricks are new on this construction) it isn't big (32*32) but I focused on details. It's a huge reward for me to get this score and this award.


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I am completely new here, and not a masterbuilder like so many others here, but I really like this creation, it is quite simple and very effective, I immediately get the sense of a sort of futuristic laboratory or hidden complex. The broken windows are great, and I would like it a bit more if there was a couple of pieces of glass on the ground. Overall a great build, thanks for sharing.

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