[GBW-CP7] New Brickika - Intercepting the Missile

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F9 Studica Map. Weapons Test site "Lima"


A small group of Swintoc soldiers, during their search deep inside the Weapons Test Site "lima", they found an couple of Xenor soldiers trying to hide a Nuclear Head Land Attack Missile Class "Homados" and after they killed them, started to move by pulling and pushing the wagon to a more safe area so to be picked up by helicopter.




Suddelny, near an abadoned checkpoint some Skallax soldiers apeared led by Major Junihiro Mak...



Swintoc soldeirs left the wagon and seek for cover



But coloner Hansolo Mak flanked them




So they surrentered



"This is Gold Cornix [his code name]. We found a Cookie

. Come and pick us. Over and out" 


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Action and details in a good build. The missile and the railway gives a realistic touch. Nice tower, too!

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Judges’ comments…

This was a decent build and had a good story to it. The missile cart and the landscaping were a little bit plain and lacking detail. Some subtle variations in the landscaping would have gone a long way. The railway was nicely done but seemed very very similar to something someone else did recently. Nice work.    

I'm going to be blunt, so please don't take this the wrong way; not trying to be mean, just stating some facts...This is a modern combat building game.  So ideally, we really don't want to see members/players using historical armor, namely Shogun warriors.  That being said, other use Star Wars Rebel armor so the armor concern can be overlooked.  However, the weapons are a detail conceen.  M41 pulse rifles are scifi, I also see HALO rifles in there as well.  We want you to get away from those as they are not something that is used in this game.  If you don't have them or cannot afford them, that's ok, feel free tio use standard LEGO weapons as those are ok as an acceptable substitution.  No points will be docked for this, but it's something we as the staff will be watching for in the future.  As for your build, the idea is good but feels a bit too simple for you.  The tower is bland.  The terrain is flat with a few plants.  The tracks are just placed on a cement riser, which would be ok, but everything else is pretty much in the same category.  You are a good builder and you have shown us before, I just feel that this was pumped out as fast as possible.  I may be wrong, but that's the sense I get when I see this.  Presentation wise, keep away from corners as that totally stands out in your build, along with the detail on the ledge in your first pic.  Do not have anything in your pic that will draw away from your build, unless it in some way adds to the build.


Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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