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my wip town-caseville

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indexed.gif Layout

the town was first founded in 1919 when British soldiers where returning from fighting across seas. One day the men came across a small valley with beautiful trees and good clean water from the stream at the bottom. Due to the fact that the men couldnt be arsed contining back to Britain, they decided to make their own town right there. It was named Caseville by the men after their captain, Frack casey, who had first stumbled across the valley. They send messages back to England requesting their families come and join them, and they did, along with a few others. The first thing the men did was erect a memorial for their fellow soldiers who had died in the past 5 years.

90 years on and Caseville is a busy and busseling place, yet because it is in a valley stone and brick are hard to bring in to create new buildings. However the citizens of the town are happy here and with more and more help from the community the town will likely florish.

an overview of work so far:


the market is a great place for the members of the town to buy, trade and just talk with each other *sweet*


the center peice of the town:


the three buildings at the top of market street (may be repositioned)


(cafe coner, the pet shop and the barbers)

work in progress include a police station and medical center:



so thats the town so far, comments appreciated ;-)

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vehicles that I have made for the town:

basic first, just to small taxis based on the old classic lego town cars.


also based on these cars, an election wagon for casewindu to be mayor:


the third are two moded creations. I hate having so many different styles of police car and hated them not having roofs, so I mixed the latest police car and the world city police car together to make that classic black and white american cop car!

the second is a mod to the police car in the doc ock bank set which I though also needed a roof! if you want to see the entire force together i will be happy to take a pic ;-)


the final is a lorry, based on the old black one that carried the helicoptor, forget it's name. Anywho I got the sign from the internet and it's perfect for the town! I also based the trucks colours on the sign


if any more pics would be wanted I am happy to take them, comments are appreciated! *y*

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ThatĀ“s already an impressive layout with neat buildings in a fine size and color scheme.

Your vehicles fit perfectly and that distinct marketplaceĀ“s a clear winner. A great start indeed! *y*

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Thats really nice I love the streets,Keep going!

Thanks Wulf I will keep going with it, ive put all other projects to the side because I love making towns and I feel this could be the best one I have made in a while.

I'm making a coach at the moment for my bus station in production and i'm finding a place to put my fire station in.

Thanks to to Asuka for your kind words, im glad you liked it! ;-)

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indexed.gif Layout

ok, with the little space I have, I have managed to re-arange the town, which I feel has made it look a little better.

First i'll start with an overview showing the police station and medical centre, still works in progress:


(you may see afew new added features in this picture such as the Indy chase and new road works (wip)

The next picture shows the newest building in the town, a small hotel or B&B inbetween the pet shop and barbers:


(this has given me a chance to try out that amazing technique of using lego legs for architecture, great idea someone came up with there!)

the first floor is almost complete I just need to complete the interior! ;-)

The rest of the pictures are things I have added such as:

football supporters-red


football supporters-green (I thing these guys are a little more lively!)


school children (my personal favorite)


two smaller children petting a dog in the market:


A helpful market worker pushing new flowers to the flower stall:


a man buying a book at the book stall:


and ofcourse a food wagon:


a final shot of the town:


(you can see pretty much everything so far from here)

comments appreciated! ;-) *y*

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It seems I missed this thread when you first started it, and that's a shame because your city is really nice.

What a good idea to use tiles instead of roadplates, you sure have a LOT of tiles to achieve that. *y*

I like the memorial in the center of the marketsquare, it is always nice to have some things like statues or ancient walls in a city, I did something like that as well and it really gives the scene a certain atmosphere.

Maybe (if I were you) I would make some more lightposts to put in the middle of the square.

All in all you created a lively market, keep on going like this!


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Wow Case, you've excelled yourself there! *y*

I love loads of it the pet shop, the custom roads, cars and buildings, the back story, but mainly the van with 'VOTE CASEY'! It's so unique.

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