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Synchro units are a type of high-end service robot produced exclusively for anyone who isn't intimidated by the seemingly outrageous price tag. A Synchro unit's internal structure is enhanced with artificially grown muscle tissue, which allows its movements to be extremely fluid. Because of this cutting-edge biomechanical technology, in conjunction with one of the galaxy's most powerful AI programs, these robots are able to react with lightning fast reflexes. This makes them ideal for dangerous and complex tasks that require great concentration. Often times Synchro units are stolen by groups of bounty hunters or outlaws and are modified with illegal weapons to make them more suitable for their missions or malicious causes.


More pictures here:

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I love how bendy and flexible his limbs look, they seem so unlike most LEGO models. I don't know how you made that gorgeous spherical head, I love that! The red & black combo is always an awesome combo, I love the symmetry, and the shapes you use throughout; mainly the rounder, more mechanical red parts and the more uneven, organic black parts. I really like the triangular shape in the torso, and those black tubes in the waist look excellent ; ). Great model, I'd hate to fight one of these fellas! 

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