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[COR- King's Harbour Naval Base & Shipyard] Quay no. 3, King's Harbour

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Captain's log, 12th of June, 618 AE, Cocovia

Today, I have been inspecting another part of the growing naval base. While the actual installations of today's tour, Quay no. 3, was relatively unimpressive, the vessels docked there were highly interesting. The quay is nothing but a place for vessels under refit to dock, awaiting masts, rigging, supplies, armament, or similar, but one cannot underestimate the importance of space. Ships that would otherwise occupy a critical element like a dry dock can now be placed out of the way, while minor tasks are being carried out.


It was a busy day at the quay, where the Montoya Estate had just finished outfitting a new schooner, the Amethyst, to compensate for capacity lost by two of the Estate's vessels being held ransom by Oleon.


I had the pleasure of inspecting the ETTC Minotaur, which had just gotten her masts in at the masting sheer, and was now undergoing preparations for her final outfit, dockyard workers over her. She is the largest vessel yet to be constructed at the King's Harbour shipyards, and will bring a whole new level of capacity to the ETTC.


I had the pleasure of inspecting her together with industrial magnate Sir Dee ( @Captain Dee), who has a particular interest in ship building.


This Terraman has a deep hold, five gunports a side for 18 pounders, and spacious cabins for guests and officers alike, and will certainly be a great asset to the ETTC.


Fletcher later told me al'Sayeed was voicing some very troubling complaints about Corlander ships being detained under a threat of violence. This could risk leading to diplomatic incident, but at least the Montoya crews has been instructed to remain passive and make no attempts at escaping.

Hopefully, this issue can be recolved peacefully - I have had high hopes for relations to Oleon. In many ways, they are more similar to us than the greenies and all their trade and profits...



Another part of the KH port. C&C welcome. Both ships will be shown separately later. :)

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Nice ship, it seems a bit blocky though. Couldn't You also add some more detail to the deck? It flat and undetailed. The smaller ship looks much better in my opinion. I really like the bollard on the quay, they add some detail to it.

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Awesome looking addition to King's Harbour! I really like those ships! The sail plan on the smaller one is really cool and while I agree with @jakbar about the terraman deck, I think it works because ships get finished and refit here. Keep it up!

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Interesting build, I like the dock, and the ships, they are very well built, but my favourite is the Terraman, its shape looks really good. What's the cylindric thing at the end of the quay? 

To: Rear Admiral Fletcher and Captain Cooke

Dear Sirs:

Concerning your ships held at Oleander port, they were being held only because of tax payment issues, and our tax apply to every nation, we haven't specifically targeted Corindon ships. If you wish to find an alternative to the tax, we are also open to parley.


Duc d'Ablette

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