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Tree of Worlds - Brickworld Chicago 2018 Eurobricks Collab

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Seems to be the Year of the Tree (and the Dog) with the Tree of Life in the new Lego House followed by this and the new Cherry Tree at Legoland Japan. It is so entertaining to watch how trees grow and amazing builds just land on those branches. Congrats on such an amazing creation and wonderful commentary as to what the heck all those bricks represented. It is a major miracle that the whole tree did not collapse! You all did it again, and I'm not surprised in the least by all the stunning creativity. Cheers to all!

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Cannot get more epic than this...blown away.  The Ice Realm alone is so cool...

OK bad puns aside, sure wish I could have seen this in person.  What a great idea too, a collab not just stuck together on a table but spread out in the branches of a massive tree.  My congratulations to everyone involved!! 


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