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Hey guys! CodyCorvetteZR1 here! I joined the Eurobricks because I want to make LEGO buildings and cars.

I make MOC's because I want to experience building my own designs.

I also make story models here to make short stories in here. :classic:

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Hi CodyCorvetteZR1 - welcome to EB!

That looks like a nice executive car, and I look forward to seeing more of your builds.

FYI, Eurobricks is not for hosting images and that small 100k of local storage is for your profile picture and potentially small images/icons used in your board signature (which is why you had to upload such a tiny picture, as I'm sure you noticed).  To post images in topics/comments, you want to use a 3rd party host like Flickr and deep-link the images.  Here's a tutorial on that:

Happy building!  :classic:

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Hey CodyCorvetteZR1, thanks for sharing!

You've captured the look of those executive 4-doors very well, the color also adds some more executive-ness. Looking forward to seeing more MOCs from you!

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Hello guys! :classic: I'm back here. I had been working with so many models to build. I had built a car pack for City sets.

The first one to be seen is the GelandeWagen. It had taken influence of the design from the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen:

G-WagenG-Wagen 2

Another one is the Landlubber. It is a good vehicle that can go offroad perfectly. Its name was taken from a word which says a person unfamiliar with the sea:

LandlubberLandlubber 2

Another one is the Roamer, which has taken influence of design from the Jeep Wrangler. It has 2 variants:

Roamer 2

No picture of the rear for the first variant due to a mistake of uploading...

Roamer 4Roamer 3

And here's the truck, which is the Titanium:

TitaniumTitanium 2

You can download the LXF files inside this zip folder here:

Try finding 2 secret vehicles! :wink:

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I like the first one, nice sedan!


Visit my thread, I have a thread on 6-wide minifig-scale cars similar to yours, but wider and with doors, hoods and trunks opening



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