42080 Forest Harvester - MODs and Improvements

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I am starting this topic now because this set is going to need a lot of help to get it to look anything close to perfect, that goes for the A-model and the B-model.  

I would be using the Ponesse Scorpion King as a reference for the A-model and the Ponesse Buffalo for the B-model. 

Image result for ponsse scorpion king


Image result for ponsse buffalo

Putting the set's color vomit discussion to the side, this set is still ugly and needs some help, Any ideas, post away!

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did you do that in photoshop?  It isnt half bad, but I still think that parts of the set need a total redesign.

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To get it close you’ll need to remove the battery box, which means going manual pneumatics. I’d suggest a pump that can be pulled out of the model’s back, or one that’s disguised as an exhaust stack.

By removing PF and the battery box you’ll be able to lower the height of the rear section and move it backwards, allowing you to also move the cabin turntable backwards so it’s over the steering pivot.

Finally you’d want to remove the steering and suspension of the front axle so that you can add new pendular suspension for the left and right wheel groups. In doing so you’ll also be able to lower the body height of the front and back.

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