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[MOC] Nidhiki the Fallen Toa

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"Toa... so dramatic. This time, your farewell will be forever, brother."
 — Nidhiki to Lhikan

Hello, guys! Here is my new bonkle MOC. And yeah, it's Metru Nui revamp again, like my last year's Rorzahk. The nostalgia for the Dark Hunters recently returned to the Russian Bio-community and I couldn't resist) It may be interesting to continue to develop this concept of dark anti-utopian version of Metru Nui. What do you think?




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I... I don't know what to say. That's insane. The level of detail crammed into every centimeter is astonishing. The colors are great, and concentrating each color in different parts of his body was really smart. I love the tubes sticking out of him going into his waist and arms, they make him feel much more haphazard. That head construction is beautiful, I adore the parts usage (Axxon's blades, the Ninjago blades, the wolf head...). This is awesome.

I hate to ask though... what's meant to be his eyes? The white blades, the green spots, or something else, I'm not sure.

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