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Good morning to you all. 

If several of you read this text diagonally, I'll be direct. YES, there is an test of MOC

With the agreement of the Eurobricks staff, We are here to announce a new competition in the AFOL universe. It is soberly entitled Summercontest2018

Every Monday morning, we will come to announce you a new event and you will generally have one week to participate. For each event, the 3 winners arriving at the top of the ranking will leave with magnificent prizes provided by our partners such as BrickWarriors, Brickstuff and of course LEGO. At each event, participants will obtain ranking points. These points will be added to each new round and then added to the general classification of the competition. It is not necessary to participate in all events, but the members of the podium who have accumulated the most points during the different events will receive an exclusive badge on their BàB profile as well as other surprises. 

As we are super nice, we give you the list of the tests in advance, just to put you in condition and to allow you to set your evenings between friends 

Week #1 : Script Contest (July 2 to July 8)
Week #2 : Adaptation Contest (July 9 to July 14)
Week #3 : Set design contest (July 16 to July 22)
Week #4 : Animation Contest (July 23 to July 29)
Week #5 : Soundtrack Contest (July 30 to August 5)
Week #6 : Animation Contest (August 5 to August 12)
Week #7 : Storyboard Contest (August 13 to August 19)
Week #8 : Brickfilm contest (August 20 to September 2)

We have arranged to insert a non brickfilmic proof and a brickfilmic proof each time, in order to avoid you the overdose! We hope you like this concept and that many of you will participate!

We know that the brickfilm certainly rejects it, that's why, some tests are created to allow to participate without having any knowledge in the animation of a brickfilm. Writing a script, building a set... are easily achievable for an amateur MOCer. It is not necessary to have been a member of Brick-à-Brack to participate. The contest is open to all for all events you choose to participate. 

As you can imagine, a contest per week for two months is going to be complicated to manage for its staff, even if a lot of things have been prepared in advance we will have to judge the entries and it might take time, so if you don't want to participate in an event, that you are curious to discover the brickfilm, you want to offer us a helping hand to become a member of the jury. Of course, if you get on the jury, you become ineligible for the test you are marking. You can't be everywhere at once!  Sorry: Send us a small MP if you feel like it. 

See you on July 2, 2018 for the announcement of the first event!
May fate be favourable to you!

We are at your disposal to answer your questions on this topic.

find our old contests here

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Week 1:

Sorry I'm late, I'm on a business trip.  Unfortunately, I cannot take the time to say more. See on this link which will no doubt answer your questions. We'll stick around and answer your questions. Good luck to all participants

Week 2:

Welcome to the adaptation contest! This week, you have until Sunday 15 July 2018, 23h59 (end of all time zones) to create a brickfilm adaptation

This week, you must take a scene from one of your favorite brickfilms and remake it. You can't reuse the soundtrack/content of the original project, however - you must remake everything yourself! The original brickfilm can't be an adaption of a movie and you can't be the creator of the original film. Your adaptation must last at least 30 seconds, outside the credits.

Once the brickfilm is finished, post it on Brick à Brack. Put the link of the brickfilm which inspired you in the brickfilm page description; then you will be able to present the brickfilm on the page of the dedicated contest :

For a list of all the prizes, please check out the Brick à Brack article:

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