The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery

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The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery (RSND)

Current leadership


§1 Purpose

The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery (henceforth "RSND") operates under the direct control of the Secretary of Discovery and is tasked with driving exploration and expansion of her Majesty's territories throughout the known and unknown world, including ensuring safe navigation and charting of all sea and land territories. To support this, the Society will operate its own mercantile and military capabilities, including, but not limited to, merchant and armed vessels, troops, forts, and properties.

The RSND is a non-profit organisation and owes no dividend to its owner, the Crown of Corrington. In return, RSND is obliged to come to the aid of Corrington when requested, and to act in full loyalty to, and in complete compliance with, Corrington, its policies, and its laws. Failure to adhere to these obligations will lead to immediate replacement of leadership as necessary.

§2 Organisation

Acting under the Parliament of Science, reporting to the Secretary of Discovery, the RSND will be led by a loyal Corlander appointed chairman by the ministry. To assist him in his duties, up to two vice presidents can be appointed, who, in the chairmans absence, have full discretion over the Society's assets. One will be the VP of Security, in charge of all military capabilities and dispositions, the other the VP of Operations, in charge of all civilian assets.

§3 Funding

§3.1 Royal Guarantee

The Crown guarantees the finances of RSNP and presents an initial investment of 1.000 dbs. Further investments may be made in the future.

§3.2 Bonds

For additional funding, the Society can issue bonds as necessary. Bonds are issued with a face value of 100 dbs and accrues value monthly at a rate set by the chairman (currently 1 db, minimum 1db). The number of bonds and the date and frequency of issue is decided by the RSND.

All loyal Corlanders are eligible to invest in RSND bonds on a first come/first serve basis. However, RSND bonds must be distributed fairly amongst all interested Corlanders, meaning that when two or more Corlanders are interested in a bond, the owner of the fewest bonds will be awarded ownership.

When the funds are available, RSND may decide to cash in bonds, starting with the bond holders with the most bonds, unless some bond holders are willing to cash out voluntarily. Bonds are cashed in at face value plus accrued value. Bond holders may request cash out, but cannot demand it.

§4 Territorial claims and settlements

§4.1 Territorial claims

The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery may, as representative of Her Royal Majesty's government, and in coordination with the same, make territorial claims in unoccupied territories on Corrington's behalf. All territories are added to the Crown as if claimed directly by the same, and the Society holds no jurisdiction over said territory. Strict adherence to Corlander laws and politics are required.

§4.2 Settlements

TSND maintains control over new settlements established by its representatives until such a time that other ministries, be it military or civilian, take over. While under control of the Society, RSND is required to offer adequate protection and security, as well as proper civilian administration, for all inhabitants and assets. All loyal Corlanders may invest in RSND settlements, while foreigners must apply for specific permission on a case to case basis.

By the authority of the Parliament of Science

The Secretary of Discovery

Spencer Robinson


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17th day of the 6th month, 618

King's Harbour, Cocovia


To the Secretary of the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery, as well as its vice presidents,

as chairman I consider it one of my duties to ask inconvenient questions. One of those is: how do we handle the WTC?

I am well aware of the reputation of the WTC. But I am equally aware of their efforts to grow Corringtons might in Terra Nova, and they have without question achieved a lot in the past months. I believe them to be a valuable asset for the challenges ahead of us. We would be ill-advised to push them away.


As a result, I would like to see young Mr. Zumbro among our ranks. It is without doubt that he lacks any meaningful qualification, and I can already see the trouble he will cause in the future. Having said that, I believe by giving him some position where he can cause no big harm we can kill two birds with one proverbial stone: binding the WTC to our common cause, as well as keep this reckless rascal from causing much more chaos by being left unchecked. I consider this a small price to pay for the ressources of the WTC to have at our command.


With kind regards, and long live the Queen,

Wilbur Epper II.

Chairman of the RSND




@Bregir @LM71Blackbird @Ayrlego

For any OOC questions and/or discussions: please take this to the PM. I consider this the place for IC replies only.

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The Honourable William Epper II, Chairman of the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery.

I am humbled to have been granted the position of Vice President of Security and will travel to any location you deem suitable at the earliest convenience to commence my duties. 

From the documents you enclosed I can see why the officials in the Colonial administration would not have considered Mr. Zumbro a suitable candidate for a role in the Society's organisation. Since arriving in Nova Terra I have also heard many tales of the WTC. Whilst some of these stories are no doubt exaggerated and although Mr. Zumbro holds no apparent qualifications, I believe he could fill an important role for the Society.

It is my experience in detached operations far from civilisation, that obtaining and sustaining sufficient supplies is vital to the success of the mission. The procurement of supplies so far from established settlements is sometimes not always as straight forward as a desk-bound bureaucrat in Belson may imagine. If Mr. Zumbro is the rouge I suspect from reading his application, and if even half the tales of the WTC are true, then I suspect that Mr. Zumbro would make a fine pusser (supply officer). He will no doubt need to be backed by an experienced assistant who is skilled in figures, and have to be kept under very strict supervision and should by no means ever be given unsupervised access to Society funding, but for those tricky acquisitions which can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure, I believe Mr. Zumbro may be our man.

I look forward to meeting with you, and remain Sir, your most obedient servant,

Sterling Blackwood

Long live the Queen!

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