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[Comic] Lego Star Wars Serial "The betrayal of Admiral Skar"

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In my first topic I spoke about a SW serial.

Here you are. Translated for you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Episode I. An interrupted training.

The ISD Inflexible, with the Emperor and Darth Vader, is in a quiet area of the Hoth System. In that area, the Imperial Navy has a training field.


Two lonely Tie Droid fly across the training field. Suddenly, their sensors detect a new starship coming from the ISD Inflexible. One of them is being targeted from 2000 meters...


Hitted by of them blows up


The other tries to attack the starship that destroyed its "wingman", but it is also hitted by a 4-laser blast.


Lieutenant Sigfried´s Advanced Tie Bomber dealed with easy targets. Following the training plan, he must head for a lonely and near asteroid to test a new warhead designed for strike at capital ships. Suddenly, his co-pilot receives a transmission...



-Lieutenant, I have a code 5 incoming message, stand by.

A strange feeling crossed him...such message comes from Darth Vader and only he can send them.

-Ok, got.

-Lieutenant, here comes.


He was a disciplined pilot. With no doubt he headed for the Inflexible, he reported to the Flight Officer and he began to thought what could happen to Lord Vader to call for him, a simple lieutenant that tested the Tie Bomber and had been previously congratulated by Lord Vader himself...



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That looks like the start of an interesting story and your Tie Droids look really cool and smooth. Your Advanced Tie Bomber´s a pretty

distinct MOC with these two bomb bays, very nicely done, and the top wing looks very good too. A clever work indeed! *y*

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The story is very cool ;-) and your MOC of the advanced TIE bomber is really sweet. Congratulations and good job ;-).

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wow, great star to your story, i hope youll post it soon! ;-)

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Episode II. An unexpected race.

Meanwhile, in a shooting gallery arranged in the Inflexible, the Special Operations Team was testing the Blastec MSG 90 sniper rifle.

His leader, Lieutenant Detlfef, was showing them the weapon.


Such weapon was to equip scout units and many stormtroopers in assault platoons. The SOU was to test them.gal2jv4.jpg

He decided to test it by himself.


He thought it was a very handy weapon, very easy to grip and very light, slightly more than the standard rifle, but it was unable to shoot full auto.

But using thar rifle in such small shooting gallery was vain, so he decided that his men trained with their own weapons.


Suddenly, an advise sounded

"Lieutenant Detlef, go immediately to meeting hall 1"

He thought "what do the want?" Inside his head he remembered his young years as a Cadet in the Naval Imperial Academy in Corellia and he ran quickly.



EDIT by Hinckley: This isn't html. Unfortunately, you can't use the width and height attributes. But the forum automatically resizes large pics. To resize your pics before you upload them to imageshack check out this tutorial. Thanks.

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EPISODE III. Beat to quarters!!

Meanwhile, in one of the barracks, some members of the "Wolf" unit were taking a rest in their spare time.

Those barracks are very spartan-like, with small beds. The helmet was magnetically fixed on the floor and there was room enough for the personal items. As they are not in their sleeping time, the stormtroopers must wear the armour, so they can deal with any emergency in a very short time.

Suddenly, the siren sounded.

"All stormtroopers from Wolf unit, gather in the meeting room close to the hangar, with all your gear"

Quickly, with no answers and after collecting their weapons, they go without knowing what will happen later.

Thanks and greetings.

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Nice story, but a Stormtrooper´s life looks really pretty bleak, poor guys.... :-D

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EPISODE IV. Arrival at the meeting.

Lord Vader goes to the meeting room, escorted by two Imperial Guards. The tension is evident and, althoug invisible, the fear in the faces of the Stormtrooper es evident too.

He finally enters. The meeting room is big enough for briefings in an ISD. There is a holographic screen for each guest, and a big screen is available to watch any information.

Several officers attend the meeting.

But not everything is evilness in the Imperial Navy.

Lieutenants Detlef and Siegfried, former fellows at the Naval Academy in Corellia, meet again. The first one is in the Special Operations Unit and the other one is in the Oberon Squadron, piloting the Advanced Tie Bomber. Together, they go to the meeting room.

Lieutenants Van Schnee and Leugim meet again. One as transport pilot and the other one in the Wolf Unit. They also were fellows in the Academy. They got their comission one year later.

To be continued...


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Meanwhile, a Tie Explorer (an upgraded recon version of Darth Vader´s Tie Advanced) is in one of the hangars of ISD INFLEXIBLE, while Pilot Stak and a technician outfit the starship.



Once outfitted, the Tie Explorer leaves the Inflexible, next to the Hoth System...and gets ready to jump into hyperspace.



Pw, be ""RUTHLESS"" in case I committed any grammar mistake, please!

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Pilot Stak had left the INFLEXIBLE towards the unknown...

Meanwhile, in the meeting room of the Inflexible all the officers are with Darth Vader...

Lord Vader toma la palabra...

"I am sure that Admiral Skar is a traitor and he is to meet the Rebels, but we don´t know when and where. Lieutenant Stak has just jumped to hyperspace. Our Intelligence Service provided us the right place to jump, in order to identify an unidentified trading ship. Soon we will know something."

Suddenly...a voice sounded:

"Tie Explorer Alfa 1 has just jumped from hyperspace. The pilot has informed that he has deployed a sound to provide us images of the situation."

There is a corellian corvette in the same place the Tie Alfa 1 is going.

Lieutenant Stak had deployed an observation sound. Such sound is stealth and can´t be detected by enemy sensors. Mission control is easy with this device.

Then, the holographic screen in the meeting room show an image...

The voice of Lieutenant Stak was heard:

"Unknown ship, this is Imperial Navy Alfa 1. Get ready to be searched by my sensors."

A few seconds later...

"Right. Trading ship XHI 25-235, carrying food supplies for planet Kessel´s minesl. Thanks for your cooperation".

Suddenly the conversation changed...

"Sensor shows fake data!!! REDEMPTION, I say again, REDEPMTION, I am being targeted, attempting to take an evasive action"

But it is too late and the sound shows the wreck of the Tie Explorer...fortunately, the cockpit ball is intact.

Lord Vader speaks...

"We think the REDEMPTION will meet Admiral Skar´s starship, the ISD HARASSER. We don´t know when and where, but we will attack the REDEMPTION so we can track the HARASSER in its computers and capture Admiral Skar. All units are to be ready in 15 minutes. Grand Moff, brief us with the capture of the REDEMPTION."


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I like the story, and the briefing room is well-made too. Especcialy the pic with the Correlian Corvette and the Tie is amazing.

I'm awaiting the next episode.

PS: You asked to be ruthless in regard to your spelling? made some (minor) mistakes:


"Hitted by lasers" should be "hit by lasers".

"what do the want?" should be "what do they want"

"es evident too": should be "is evident too"

Most are just typos I think, so shame on you for being too lazy to do a re-read! :laugh::wink:

No, you're really making a good serial and your spelling is better then the average member so a:thumbup: for your work!

Edited by zorro3999

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The Grand Moff began explaining the operation.

Once we know the location of the Redemption, Lt Sigfried will jump into hyperspace, escorting the SOU and the Wolf Unit. Before, he is to destroy the communications antenna and disable the Redemption.

As soon the Redemption is disabled, the SOU and the Wolf Unit will capture the corvette, entering by the emergency hatchs.

Once the Redemption is finally captured the commandos are to search the computers to get the position of the HARASSER by using a R5D4 unit.

While they retrieve the info, Lt Sigfried will jump back to the INFLEXIBLE to have the Tie Bomber repaired and as soon we know the location of the HARASSER he will be informed precisely about the mission. Ah, don´t forget Lt Stak, he is to be saved!

Get ready for action and in 15 minutes time you are to depart. Dismissed!

Many things passed through Lt Sigfried´s head. While he went to his deskroom to meet his co-pilot Lt Albers, he was thinking in how to accomplish the mission.

He picked up Lt Albers and they went to the hangar.


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I like your story plot and how you put it together. Nice Job!

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What happened to my starship?

Sigfried and Albers got to the hangar. They found a great surprise...

They were loading the warheads in the Advanced Tie Bomber. Shocked with the structural changes, Sigfried asked the Officer.

What happened to my starship?

A few upgrades. The higher panel has been enlarged and a new one has been attached under the hull. You have more energy, speed, acceleration, manouevrability, laser power and shields. Your ordnance load is higher. Look...

You can carry 16 missiles in each weapon hull.

4 more missiles in the inner area of the solar panels. These missiles are for a quick response, like shooting down an incoming missile.

You have 4 laser cannons relocated and 2 ion cannons.

Incredible, Sigfried said.

You can carry 18 proton torpedoes. 12 in one hull and 6 where the missiles are.

On the hull junctions you can carry 4 heavy proton torpedoes. They are not very fast but they are very powerful...

Under the hull junctions you can carry 2 heavy rockets. Extremely powerful.

Are you happy? Go and finish your mission!

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What happened to my starship?

Woah, talk about a structural overhaul! :thumbup:

Nice MOC, you should post it just by itself.


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The mission was about to begin.

Lt Detlef, the SOU Commander, explains the mission. With him we can find a small detachment of the Wolf Unit, which will also take part in the assault on the REDEMPTION.

Once the Stormtroopers were briefed...they took their weapons.

What weapons are carried?

Blaster, with stun mode

Grenade launchers, with stun ammo.

Blaster rifle, also with stun mode

Once the weapons were picked up, to the shuttle!!

At the same time...the Wolf Unit -the major part- are boarding

Both commanders meet.

"I will enter through the command bridge and you enter in the stern"

"Ok. Luck!"

Then Detlef boards the shuttle.

Two droids also board so they can operate the computers aboard the REDEMPTION to get the location of the HARASSER.

Bye and enjoy!

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They still had a few minutes to see their starship. It impressed.

While they beheld their starship, the SFS Chief Engineer came to meet them.

Ok guys, your ship has been tested in Corellia and the results were excellent. You know what you pilot and what you can do. Just one detail. An emergency evasive system has been installed. You will see a yellow and black lever over your head. In case you have to evade a missile or something similar, pull it and the speed will be over-increased. But don´t use more than 3 times, as it will overheat the engines, and your starship could explode.

Now, go and do your duty.


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Excelente, sigpro!

Me encanta su tira cómica. Es muy interesante y emocionante.

No puedo esperar para la próxima parte. :classic:

"Excellent, sigpro!

I love your comic. It's very interesting and exciting.

I can't wait for the next part." :grin:

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The TIE BOMBER belonging to the Oberon squadron left the Inflexible.

They inserted the hyperdrive jump coordinates in the computer.

Lt. Albers was confirming the flight parameters.

"Shields 200%, cannons...charged, warheads...armed, countermeasures...ready,, flight coordinates loaded, we can jump"

"Right, jump. Oberon 1 to Mission Control Inflexible, we proceed to jump. Transmissions off for 30 seconds".

"Roger Oberon, proceed, godspeed"

Meanwhile, the Redemption hadn´t moved since the small Tie Explorer had been shooted down.

The Tie Bomber come out from hyperspace. They had to attack the Redemption and destroy the communications antenna. Later, they had to disable her, so the Wolf Unit and the Special Operations Unit could take control of the ship. Later, the coordinates of the HARASSER would be transmitted to the Inflexible, so the capture of the betrayer Admiral Skar would be possible.

Sigfried spoke to Albers

"Ok, the training is over. We have fresh rebel scum for us. Any suggestion?"

"I think the stern would be less dangerous, but the firing angle is bad"

"Let´s try".

"5 kilometres. Accelerating to top speed....133 MGLT. Setting cannons to auto-fire. Shields full forward. Countermeasures set to auto".

"3 kilometres. OTIA gun on (OTIA stands for Outside Threat Indicator Array, from the videogame Tie Fighter), we are being targeted"

"2 kilometres, heavy fire on target. Taking fire. Shield 375,350, 325. Antenna shield to 75%. 300"

"1 kilometre, shield 275".


Suddenly, Albers interrupted the conversation

"Sig, OTIA missile yellow, yellow"


"I know! but the OTIA indicates they are targeting us. We should evade!!!"

"Evading, full shields aft"

"Sig, OTIA missile red, red, missile launched"

The computer took the threat as real

"The missile is coming, our shield is weak, Sig, use the emergency power"

"Yes, emergency power on, EVADING".

The Tie Bomber accelerated up to 170 MGLT...the missile was approaching...


"Sig, missile 500 metres, 400 metres, 300 metres, 200 metres, 100 metres"

The impact warning sounded very loud, stronger...but a noise was heard. The countermeasures had been launched by the computer, deceiving the missile and making it blow far from the starship.


"Albers, damage report, please"

"Nothing. The shield is recharging. Their antenna´s shield is 50%. Why don´t we set 4 missiles and fire them at point-blank? Any larger warhead could be shot down."

"By Lord VAder´s stumps!!!" Sigfried thought "That rebel scum, where the hell did they found the missiles? How did they installed them in such a large ship?

Sigfried spoke again

"Ok, rock´n roll"

They attacked as kamikazes. They transfered all the cannons energy to the engines, so their speed would be very high. With 4 missiles the antenna could be destroyed.

"Albers, you are the best gunner in the Navy, I trust you"

"No problem, I´ll send them a present, well, 4"

They smiled with the joke.

At full speed, they headed the REDEMPTION.


"Heavy fire on target!!!"

"Fire the missiles!!!!!!!!"


4 missiles fired at point-blank finished the mission...

"Albers, damage report, please"

"We are ok, they have lost the antenna, we can disable it"

"Oberon 1 to Mission Control Inflexible, the REDEMPTION is disabled. Call the "wolvies" and the "sioux". We return to reload"

"Roger Oberon 1, good job".

Enjoy and greetings!

And a few seconds later the REDEMPTION had been disabled.

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Shortly after the Tie Bomber disabled the Redemption, two modified ILC went to the area to finish the mission.



They approached the Redemption.


When they were close enough, they deployed a special "finger" to board the Redemption through a hatch in her hull.


The leader of the assault team reported:

-Finger deployed and ready. The pressure is equalled. We proceed to pierce the hatch to pump the gas. The bio-scanner shows no human presence. Pumping "halothane"...30 minute.

The survival time for the halothane was 30 seconds, but to prevent any incident they decided to pump more time, so no one would be awake when they entered. As the stormtroopers had NBC helmets and suits, the gas would not attack them.

The leader reported again:

-Wolf team to Mission Control Inflexible, we enter.

-Roger Wolf, luck.

Enjoy and greetings!

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