Hello from New Zealand

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Hi all,


My name's Glen, and I'm from Wellington, New Zealand. I've been following a few threads on here over the past few months as a guest, and thought it was about time I joined up properly.

Probably won't be posting much, but I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone is up to, and getting a few ideas for the little project I'm working on at the moment, which is to use the Ideas Caterham set as a basis to build a replica of a the Lotus Seven replica I helped my uncle build, pic below...

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Once it's done I'll post it up on here somewhere for everyone to see too.


Also, here's a picture of some of my collection. Mostly Technic, Star Wars and Creator cars, but I have a lot of 90's era Town sets packed up in boxes, and a couple of other sets around the house


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Welcome to Eurobricks, Glen!

It's nice to see another Kiwi around!

I can only encourage you to post here. We are a community after all - which lives from the activity of members. :wink:
So every input is welcome. But you are also welcome to just look around.


Nice collection, btw.

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Greetings from the USA! I was just in Christchurch and Auckland a month ago on an academic trip and man oh man do I want to go back!

Nice collection with some classic Technic!

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Thanks all!

I've been steadily making progress on the Seven, just placed another 3 Bricklink orders, and hopefully that will be everything. Then it should be a pretty quick job putting it together and I'll get some pictures up.

Even managed to add a windscreen, which I'm rather proud of... can't wait to see what people think of it.

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