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[Freebuild 2.1] Leaving Endor behind

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After one of our squads found the SG Switch and shout it down, the way to the Generator has come free.


Finally we have reached the border of the base, where the force field has already been turned off.



Shock Trooper - It looks like there is no friendly or enemy activity. We should find out what's going on.

BN-0303 -Sir, maybe I can get some information from that console.


BN-0303 -Sir, I found a bunch of classified infos, which we do not have access to. But there are some accessible ones: The the base was evacuated and all remaining units were ordered to leave the moon. 

Shock Trooper - In that case we need to found the way out here.


BG-0329 - I think, That might help us:





Switches clicking, generators starting, computers beeping. Pre-departure checks



Please judge.


This is my ending of my journey on Endor. The starting point of this build was the idea of the console on the edge of the imperial base. The fence design was planed to build to this moc, but I thought, foreshadowing it in the previous episode would be cool. 

I hope you like it and the our journey will continue in SoNE 2.0.


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Sorry for the late reply - the helicopter blades add a nice texture to those pylons, and I really like the midi-scale shuttle and forced perspective shot!

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