Re-Creation Contest Voting Thread

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May the 4th Eurobricks Contest

Voting is now open! Each picture has a link to the right to the original thread. Please go to each thread before voting as there are more pictures from the members that may help you make a better choice.

  • Please vote for your favorite entry by listing the number of that entry. Each person is allowed to vote twice. You can vote for 2 different entries or the same one twice. For example:

I vote for #4 and #6

  • Or:

I vote for #4 twice

  • Only those who were members before May 4th 2018 can vote. If you were not a member before May 4th then you can't vote. This is to prevent accounts being created for voting.
  • First place will win 751212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon
  • Second place will win 75211 TIE Fighter
  • Third place will win 75204 Sandspeeder
  • You cannot vote for your own entry!
  • Voting will close at the end of the day on the 17th of June. As long as it is still the 17th somewhere in the world, you can still vote. Votes cast after that hour will not be accepted.


small.pic_us10.jpg.61bb1366f90c8f0a82f59small.zrefer10.jpg.dfe34cc1d75b5e3e49c58 - 1. Legomanarthur - Encounter with Mark I

27359260807_b074554a4b_m.jpgsmall.50iah5.png.8740ba297ac1fad266d6273 - 2. Artizan - Never Trust a Bartender With A Bad Grammer

40607314910_ca180c7223_m.jpgsmall.hqdefault.jpg.ed5a02b03b0ecd4d4b31 - 3. kahir88 - "Did you missed me?"

small.1P1018389.JPG.a9521b985369dab11f97small.5b19808062d43_starwarsbattlefront2 - 4. Gubi0222 - "The Jedi Skywalker has been spottedd near your location"

27661180527_a902d6ffae_m.jpg27661179317_71df7ea533_m.jpg - 5. Legofin2012 - Final Duel for Nintendo DS

42520500912_ea15788d6a_m.jpg | 28672763408_a6aa3bc0e6_m.jpg - 6. Rustinidiel - Dismemberment

42565637781_1359178fa5_m.jpg42565637191_d049b784bb_m.jpg - 7. StanleyRos - Hammer Station is Mine!

small.34137871_680610232270282_128514015small.33711900_968023890023992_641084234 - 8. dvogon - Imperial Fleet Hangers

40761901900_e7d51e061a_m.jpg41846515714_d08035f473_m.jpg - 9. naugem - Fighting A Probe Droid

41695479055_09caffe160_m.jpg42544469412_3c5f2342cb_m.jpg - 10. LegoRacer1 - Sneaking Up on Campers

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I vote for #5 and #7

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