Re-Creation Contest Voting Thread

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Alright, voting is closed! I'll tally the votes up soon!

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The votes are in and we have our winners!

1st place goes to @Legofin2012:

27661180527_a902d6ffae_m.jpg27661179317_71df7ea533_m.jpg - 5. Legofin2012 - Final Duel for Nintendo DS

You win the 751212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon.


2nd place goes to @Artizan:

27359260807_b074554a4b_m.jpgsmall.50iah5.png.8740ba297ac1fad266d6273 - 2. Artizan - Never Trust a Bartender With A Bad Grammer

You win the 75211 TIE Fighter.


3rd place goes to @StanleyRos

42565637781_1359178fa5_m.jpg42565637191_d049b784bb_m.jpg - 7. StanleyRos - Hammer Station is Mine!

You win the 75204 Sandspeeder.


Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you for everyone who entered! Winners, please PM me you name, address, phone number, and country so we can ship you your prizes.

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