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[MOC] Mega-class Star Dreadnought Supremacy

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We learned about this ship just before The Last Jedi came out and I feel it must be included in any comprehensive First Order display. It's Snoke's boudoir!!  Next sunny day I've got to take this outside for better snaps. It seems highly likely that we'll get an official one someday but I'm not one for waiting...



The front and bottom are not quite finished. Will update once the parts are in. It's 168 studs long! I wanted it to be slightly longer than the SSD Executor. The 'sandwich' format has most of the ship at a height of 1 brick + 2 plates while the middle part is exactly 3 bricks + 1 plate high at the highest point.

I was motivated and inspired by LegoProvoBro's build that he's had on YouTube since the film came out. It's a monster size-wise but also had a really nice little interior so I was trying to pull something like that off. This summer's official Lego throne room set 75216 turned out to be a must buy and therefore I could proceed building a Supremacy MOC without the restrictions of an interior. Since I've been building this in my head for several months it didn't take too long to put it together. It was much easier for suss out the build with a pile of parts than plan out in LDD (which I have been floundering with for months). So I scuttled my Royal Nubian starship moc (which needs to be rebuilt with slopes anyway) and I was able to complete the top layer of plates with that alone. That was night #1. 

Night #2 I put the wedges in (borrowed from the System Falcon) and flushed out the interior "meat" of the ship with mostly regular 2x2 and 2x4 bricks. Despite being incomplete it is remarkably sturdy. 

Night #3 Tore apart the 75046-1: Coruscant Police Gunship for parts, as well as a couple of other half finished MOCs. I added the bottom plates and put most of the details in. I'd say it's 98% complete. I need a few more studs for the bridge area and some color-corrected wedges but otherwise she's ready to come out of the Unknown Regions at last and punish the New Republic!! 







Sorry - these pics are so ugly. My office is messy. Better pics to come and please let me know what you think. I'd be especially glad to hear from others on this forum also working on a MOC of the Supremacy... what kind of scale are you using and what are the challenges and so forth. It was very liberating to approach this project without the need to include an interior (same goes for the J-type 327 Nubian royal starship). 

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20 hours ago, wookieejedi said:

Looks great, and no worries about the pics, they capture it very well! You really got the shaping and angles spot on! 

Thank you! There are other builds which really beef up the midsection and front end more but... I'm thinking this is close enough for now. :D 


16 hours ago, stormtroopercaptain said:

It’s massive and I love it. How are you going to display such a monster?

Thank you, and yes that's what I've been wondering. All my display shelves are full and it wouldn't fit on them anyway. I think for now I'll just have to clear the rest of the Lego, toys and junk from my desk in the pics and just keep it right there. I can still work at the computer - and as this build is the current apple of my eye, can admire it up close.

Eventually I will have to have a First Order shelf and the Supremacy can dangle precariously on the top. 


1 hour ago, G59 said:

does it fly? ?

Hahaha, it just might! It's very easy to pick up and probably weighs a little over 2kg? It might not go very far mind you ... 

Thank you for the comments, guys! :pir-grin:

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