Review 60198 Cargo Train (picture heavy!)

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Thanks to @Jim the brand new Cargo Train has arrived early in LEGO City. Here a review of the set. I was very excited to get my hands on the set, not only because it offers a large potential but also because of the Powered Up system.

Set Information:

Number - 60198
Name – Cargo Train
Theme – City (Trains)
Year – 2018
Minifigs – 6
Pieces – 1226
Target age – 6+ (6 – 12) 
Price – €189.99, CA$ 269.99, $ 229.99, £ 179.99
Available from: July 1rst 2018


Brickset -
Poll on the review: (suggestion: fill it in after you finished the review).

LEGO Product Information

Load up the powerful LEGO® City 60198 Cargo Train and deliver the goods on time! This cool LEGO City set features a motorized engine with 10-speed Bluetooth remote control, accessible driver’s cabin, a crane wagon with rotating and extendable boom arm, container wagon with 2 containers, and a log wagon, plus an armored truck with opening doors, and a forklift with opening roll cage and lifting forks. This cool LEGO train set also includes a full circular track with 16 curved rails, 16 straight rails and a railroad switch with lever, plus a control center with ladder and 2 buildable pallets with money bills, gold bar elements, a snow scooter and 6 LEGO minifigures. 

  • Includes 6 LEGO® minifigures: 4 train workers, a security officer and a crook.
  • Features a motorized engine with 10-speed Bluetooth remote control, pantograph on the opening roof, and driver’s cabin with control panel.
  • Also features a log wagon, crane wagon with rotating and extendable boom arm, and a container wagon with 2 containers with hooks on the roof for loading and space for pallets.
  • Includes a control center with ladder and signal lights, a full circular toy train track with 16 curved rails, 16 straight rails and a railroad switch with lever, a money transport truck with opening doors, and a working forklift with opening roll cage.
  • Accessory elements include a wrench, 12 gold bar elements and 4 money bills, plus 2 buildable pallets, 3 logs and snow scooter.
  • Open the roof to access the engine car filled with cool details.
  • Operate the cargo train with the 10-speed Bluetooth remote control.
  • Lift and load logs onto the log wagon with the crane's rotating arm and hook.
  • Push the lever on the railroad switch to drive the train to a different track for loading or unloading.
  • Load pallets into the containers with the forklift before lifting them onto the container wagon with the crane.
  • Set up the tracks in different configurations to load or offload cargo around your city.
  • This product requires batteries (not included). Please refer to the product packaging for type and quantities.
  • The included Bluetooth remote is not compatible with older infrared remote-controlled LEGO® train sets.
  • Cargo Train in total measures over 4” (11cm) high, 32” (82cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.
  • Engine measures over 4” (11cm) high, 10” (27cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.
  • Log wagon measures over 1” (5cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.
  • Crane wagon measures over 4” (10cm) high, 8” (22cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.
  • Container wagon measures over 3” (9cm) high, 7” (18cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.
  • Armored truck measure over 2” (6cm) high, 6” (15cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.
  • Control center measures over 8” (21cm) high, 3” (8cm) wide and 4” (12cm) deep.
  • Forklift measures over 2” (7cm) high, 2” (5cm) wide and 4” (12cm) deep.

The Box:

The box is huge, feels filled and heavy.

This is the front of the box:


and this is the back:


They clearly mention that set is not compatible with older systems (read: Power Functions). They also promote the upcoming app(s) and the passenger train (+ the track sets). I found it a bit odd that they did not include the Bluetooth Low Energy logo and standard they use on the box. They mention Bluetooth but that could have meant Bluetooth Classic. Not too easy to see in the smaller resolution of the image, but they mention near the lightning bolt: "The Bluetooth technology is not compatible with older train products".

For kids I think the box would be very appealing since they give a lot of hints on how to play with the set.

Inside The Box:

The box contains 12 numbered and additionally four unnumbered bags (three with tracks, train bases and a few other parts including the ladder, and then the PU train motor). Two stacks of four curved track sections and the PU controller and receiver came loose (interesting since the PF parts always came inside cardboard I think). 41898464374_37ba4a28e9_b.jpg

The Instructions:

The six booklets and the stickers came in a separate plastic sealed package, good thing since that keeps both stickers and booklets in much better condition of course:



The Build:

It is a massive set so I decided to take it on in a very structured way.

Booklet 1/6: The Forklift

The first pages of the forklift booklet contain some instruction on how to move forward bag by bag. It also explains the brick separator and scanning the QR code will even lead you to a tutorial video about the separator.


Ok, well these are the parts of bag one:


For the price of the set they really focused on money, so while you spend quite some money on the set, you also are rewarded with a lot of money related items. Some nice modern parts, a lot of familiar parts. They could have used the goldish version of the 'bars' (Piece 99563) but apparently they didn't (the piece was included in other 2018 sets though) and just used jumper and normal tiles. They have a lot of color variations, especially the jumpers, I thought that was a minor draw-back. At first I also found the "Bright Light Orange" parts looking somewhat poorly (reminded me of some clone bricks) but it worked out very well in the end.

First one needs to build the minifig and the pallet. Here is what the figure and pallet look like. To the left the base of the forklift:


Here is the final forklift together with the minifig and pallet full of cold uh, gold and banknotes.


Here you can see for yourself that it wasn't a bad decision to make the forklift Bright Light Orange after all:


Booklet 2/6: The Bank Truck

Bags 2 and 3 are needed to build the bank truck. I guess they did this to make the set suitable for the 6 year olds.


This is the heap of bag 2 after I structured it:


Not that many special parts, really straight-forward.

There was one interesting step:


You build the driver seat / engine compartment as 'one piece'. The engine is place in the middle of the truck as it appears. I guess they looked at real car factories and their "Hochzeit"-moment (German for marriage) moment when the bottom of the car and the body are coming together.

That is it for the first part of the truck.


This pile represents the contents of bag 3. The left-hand corner is the finished first half from bag 2.

I always build using 'heaps' but I must say restructuring the parts means one can build very fast so I would recommend it to kids from now on:


I like these parts better then the base parts. They did a very neat job with the smooth nose of the vehicle: it is basically a four-wide car piece and integrates very well. No bulky 'Jack Stone'-era like parts, but still a smooth and very buildable truck. I thinks kids and T/AFOL's alike will enjoy building it!

Here is what the truck looks like when completed. A really nice and easily accessible cargo bay, nice for the 'players', but they did in fact also include those nice doors at the back. So fortunately they did not save on details making the set also interesting for a more mature audience.


As you can see the pallet with money and gold bars will fit right in!

The only draw-back I could think of is when the bay is closed you can see the gaps on the top. Hope it doesn't rain in your LEGO city and the bank notes are water proof (well, they are made from ABS so I guess they are ;)).


A view from the front: you see how smooth and detailed it is while still using relatively small pieces.


I did not apply the stickers yet, later you'll see why (and a neat trick). I would advice that also for kids, wait till your have built everything and ask a 'pro' to apply your stickers.

Booklet 3/6: A stopper, crossing and... Part one of the Locomotive!

Finally, the first real train builds!

First some 'battery management'. The set needs a staggering amount of ten AAA batteries! 


Four for the controller and another six for the receiver / motor controller.

I did only have for when I started and the shops were already closed so you'd better prepare and get good deals on AAA batteries before you start your PU (Powered Up) adventures.

You need to pair the Bluetooth devices first. The controller and receiver probably have some initialization periode where they are able to pair to each other. We will see how that works if we will power on more than one controller or receiver in the future :) Maybe they rely on the signal strength though and will only pair to the closest devices that just booted up, just speculation, we will need to see when PU parts become more readily available and further experiment with it.


As Sariel showed, powering of is easy:


The receiver will apparently (from the video by Sariel) also power down after one presses the controller momentous switch for +5 seconds.

Hope the troubleshooting guide will appear there around July 1rst, for now it does not exist (

Here are all the PU parts together:


From top to bottom:
- the receiver / battery box / motor controller combination
- the remote control for two motor channels
- the PU version of the train motor

Now we should have started building the loop with the 'dead-end' behind the switch. The set comes with 16 straight and 16 curved tracks, and a (left hand side) turn out. Interesting to see that they included quite some straight track compared to older sets, but also that they did not include an extra curved track to make the 'dead' section behind the turn out in line with former LEGO guidelines that suggested us to always add a curved piece right after the diverted section of turn outs and never directly connect a straight section.

B.t.w. booklets 3 and 4 show a yellow / orange tile on the turnout so you can remember that train will react to what side of the controller, but they included a green tile and correctly show you to add that green tile to the controller for 60198. Maybe they should have included a sticker that looked like 60198 for that tile as well but they didn't.

You then are instructed to build the (unsafe) railroad crossing, more or less just like the one from the winter village station. There is also a rail stopper for the end of the dead section.

Here are the parts for both builds:


This is the rail stopper:


The crossing is plain but effective:


They could have added barriers for even more playability but I guess in freight shunt yards like this, have a crossing without barriers is most common.

Bag five contains the first part of the engine.


The baseplate is 6 x 28 which is very common for recent trains (see: BrickLink).


The inside of the train is very colorful. I know from designers that they typically do this for sets targeting a younger age, I don't mind it since the outside is still very acceptable. You see already quite some typical Train parts, so the LEGO Train story just continues with this set.  

The engine is very much symmetric as you can see, I value this very much since for children it helps them to better understand concepts like symmetry (I'm a beta teacher after all).28742279008_e79ee17eb4_b.jpg

Here is the half way built engine, I actually made a mistake with the yellow 1 x 4 panels, they should have been facing towards the inside of the train. 41715228845_09c249e02b_b.jpg%22 

The head is more or less a fusion between typical US and EU trains. We all know of course that the leaked initial images very much looked like typical EU engines, I think this way the train appeals to a wider audience (remember Jamie Berards recents comments on trains). Since the nose is SNOTted, it would be very doable to modify it without a lot of problems to suit one's taste maybe even better.

The tile on the front will be fitted with a 'cargo' instead of the typical Train ('Northern') logo (<-O->). That was the end of booklet 3. 

Booklet 4/6: The rest of the Locomotive

Booklet 4 lets you start with bag 6. You need to add the buffers and the motor as well. 

Here you see the parts from bag 6:


Yellow bogie plates this time. The green train windows are not unique but after all most parts would also be reusable for MOC's etc.

Here you see the finished bogies, one with the new UP motor, the other entirely brick-built:


The buffers for the locomotive are of the snowplow variety. 

After finishing bag 6 we have this:


The cockpits are easily accessible and the battery bay is very spacious: we don't have an IR receiver anymore of course :)


There are two train parts in bag 7 that I have never seen before: the new pantographs!


They look really neat I think.

Here is the finished train with the controller next to it:


You can see that the vertical part of the panels are now facing the inside. The 1 x 3 panels on top make a the entire engine very sturdy while it is still very easy to remove the entire middle section, just remove the four panels and one can lift the entire thing. It looks very much like a real cargo engine after all I think (although it appears a fusion between a continental and US train as we already discussed earlier). The roof section acts like a lever (comparable to what we have seen in e.g. the yellow and red cargo locomotives) for the battery box.

Booklet 5/6: Crooked trees and a female operated rail crane

Bag 8 contains the crook with the rail car and lumber.


Not spectacular, but they did a nice job. I like the dark tan 1 x 6 fences. 


Looks like the crook is up to no good!

Here the finished lumber rail car. The lumber fits very well and won't fall off that easy. Apparently this car is also the crooks ideal place he can observe from.


Bag 9 contains the base for the rail crane.

We have seen quite some rail cranes already (1972, 1975, 1977, 1980, 2006 and 2015 (I might have forgotten one or two), I already owned one (set 7814) when I was 2,5 years old, but I think (arguably) that only set 4552 from the 9V era tops this one.


These are the parts, another (6 x 24) train base, the typical train railings again. The female crane operator has the same uniform as the train driver.

Here you can see the finished base:


The stabilizers are fully retractible as you can see and have a sturdiness to it as needed for performing heavy lifts common in railroad situations. This is also true for the bogies, very compact, really appropriate for a genuine real crane I think.

This is what the crane base looks like after being but on it's bogies:



Bag 10 contains the crane itself:


I like the large round turntable. Also those technic parts. A good starter for engaging youngsters in Technics.

This is what the finished crane looks like:


M(r)s operator is now totally ready for every conceivable heavy lifting duty.

B.t.w. those 'stamps' that you see connected to the hook are also used as joysticks for the operator. Behind the 'container' doors on either side are 2 x 2 tiles that will get a human machine interface / operator panel (stickers).

Booklet 6/6: Rail yard control tower and container rail car.

The final booklet contains the instructions for a duo container rail car and the yard control tower.

First up is bag 11 that contains the rail car, containers and even a snow scooter.


All the parts for the train car and the containers. No very special parts but nice color variations.

First we build the rail car itself. A very straight-forward open rail car with a somewhat heavy duty base.

Then the bank container that also doubles as a safe. Wondering why the crook only has binoculars, maybe he wants to steal the combination? I guess no explosives this time :). The container has a hook so the rail crane can easily lift it. The 'money pallet' will fit in just like with the truck. The second container comes with a pallet that can fit a snow mobile. The back of booklet 4 already promoted the arctic explorer sets so I guess they wanted to link the set also to the arctic theme enthusiasts!


The snow mobile next to the car and both containers.

The last bag! Number 12 contains the following:


There is one peculiar item that was new to me:


It fits a cross axle to the side and can fit a 20482 part to both other sides.


Although the signal tower might not be that realistic, it adds extra playability and is quite fun. We can always MOD it of course work more like the real deal. Initially I though, did they finally reintroduce the yellow helmet again to a train set after about 40 years, but alas, although the female hairpiece of the operator also looks very neat.

The back of the tower has a knob so you can signal the train engine driver that he can start / stop shunting in the rail yard.

So that was it for building. Here are most of the left-overs:


There is also an extra small chain piece (from the lumber car).

This is what the entire set looks like from a 'helicopter' vantage point:


The Minifigures:

Here is the line up of the minifigs:


Having some diversity in the LEGO train world isn't that bad I would say. I like the uniforms, a lot of details in their prints. All torsos also have a printed back:


Apart from the 1 x 4 train cockpit, 1 x 2 money tiles and these torsos all other artwork is done using stickers.

Stickers, love them or hate them?!

I think without the stickers the train would not look that great at all, but we have them so we can upgrade the looks of our set by applying them.

Here they are:


The artwork was done quite well, I like the metallics in the bank logo's. Nothing too complicated but nevertheless making the set much more appealing. The sticker paper does then to curl better put it somewhere safe till you are ready to apply the stickers. I obviously have a lot of experience applying stickers, my wife always ask me to help out on e.g. her technic sets for applying them, so do my cousins and nieces. But that does not mean that I never fail at applying the stickers just perfectly. Fortunately I know a trick and used that trick to apply the stickers on set 60198 as well.

The solution: adding some drops of (mild) dishwashing soap to some water: 


You then moisturize your finger and apply the solution to the place where the sticker(s) need to be applied.

The thin film soapy water prevents the sticker from immediately sticking to the ABS. You can then readjust the sticker till you are satisfied, squeeze a little to make the sticker stay in place and just let it dry.

Applying the stickers makes all the difference don't you think?


I just wanted to finish off with a last view from the yard tower:


What a job, a great view... and:

Even your own coffee maker:


I just love that they added this detail!


Playability: 10/10
Design: 7/10
Price: 6/10
Parts: 8/10
Minifigures: 9/10
Overall: 7/10

Wrap-up and some final notes:

Hope you like the review, I did not have my photography tent / spots up and running at the moment so sorry about the differences in colors / shading, hope it wasn't too disturbing in the end.
At my flickr page you can see more pictures I took while building the set. Now I just need some AAA batteries to start the engine! 

And remember: don't forget to fill in your opinions on the set:

The quality of the video could be better but at least you get the idea I hope.

One more thing: I have started a Powered Up review that includes a tear-down here. Hope many more will contribute to that! I'll do that in a separate topic since it is of course not only about set 60198.

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Nice review. Thanks for doing it, though I really wished you had your usual set up. :tongue: 

In addition, can I know what is your take on the new functions vs power functions? Is it intended to replace the old system? Will it be able to integrate well with the former system? 

On the sideline, 10 batteries is damn a lot... 

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Well I guess we might be able to bridge the two systems, at least indirectly, but indeed this seems to be the end of Power Functions. Although it is still speculation, it is odd that no new Technic set includes Power Functions at this point. Apart from that one can see that the internals of Powered Up and Boost are very much alike, so that might also be a strong indicator of LEGO moving towards PU altogether.

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I would love to add this to my set but expensive. The review is great nice break down and nice small video

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Great review! There's a dedicated topic on Technic subforum discussing Powered Up (or Power Functions 2.0) system. I find new system a bit odd, without any advantages viewing this as a Technic builder. How was your overall experience using PF2 comparing with 9V and PF systems?

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great review! :sweet: i have no doubt that this is an interesting set with lots of playability and building fun. the design is great too. unfortunately, this is what you get with every cargo train: a locomotive, and a couple of different coaches. what I would like to see is a cargo train with three or four coaches of the same type, and not these open flatbeds but coaches to transport coal or something...

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Well I really Infrared is old, I still remember the numerous stunts my pupils/students needed to pull of with the Mindstorms RCX when the firmware was lost... again... Of course from an electronics perspective IR is easier, I had working proof of concepts controlling my trains using no more than an Arduino UNO and an IR led, but... I nowadays use Bluetooth Low Energy for a lot of applications, if you get the hang of it it is quite easy to use. Although sometimes I lose bytes in translation, uh receiving, presumably the good old 'two army problem' you know. I think if LEGO would open up the firmware it would be doable for us. The version of the CC2640 they use is BLE 4.2 I think, but they could easily move to CC2640R(2F) that is fully Bluetooth 5 compliant (the 4.2 modules are mostly Bluetooth 5 compliant but the range isn't). If it would be Bluetooth 5 you can control from about 100 meters away! But giving us the firmware would really help so I really hope they will so we can do something about large layouts.

@snefroe: back when they changes from 12V gray to 9V we missed all the remote control options (we still do don't we? I make my own arm signals but I still miss them). But in the 9V era we still had that blue hopper and other train-related sets. Now that LEGO thinks no one likes trains anymore we don't get any additional sets. That is a major problem for the kids, I mean most of us have a fairly good income and buy tons of ABS anyways (and compensate sometimes with Lugbulk parts), but for the kids. When especially my cousins come by they like the cars but like the trains even more. I don't think a lot of parents can afford giving their kids 200€ presents with their birthday / 'Sinterklaas' / Christmas.

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That's a very nice review, especially given the time frame. Thanks for getting this only so quickly.
One note though.....please...please...please film horizontally next time :tongue:

It's a very nice set. I can see why you prefer this one over the passenger train :wink: 

I'm still on the fence about the new "Power functions". I wonder what TLG has in store for Technic.

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6 minutes ago, Jim said:

I'm still on the fence about the new "Power functions". I wonder what TLG has in store for Technic.

I'm really hoping Lego will carry over most of the PF motors to this new PU system. Along with expanding and maybe adding a small motor. (Aka a "S" motor).

great review @JopieK:sweet:


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Just now, LegoMonorailFan said:

I'm really hoping Lego will carry over most of the PF motors to this new PU system. Along with expanding and maybe adding a small motor. (Aka a "S" motor).

And S motor would be very cool! That would instantly nullify all other criticism :wink:

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18 minutes ago, Jim said:

And S motor would be very cool! That would instantly nullify all other criticism :wink:

Definitely! :sweet:

You know it's funny, if this new system ends up stinking, we could call it "pee-yew". :grin:

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Most excellent review @JopieK thanks for taking the time to write it out so well. 

This will be my introduction to LEGO trains so I am really stoked to get this set, this review makes me want it all the more, can't wait. 

I couldn't quite make out the sets footprint dimensions off the back of the box picture, does someone happen to know what they are? Also when is this supposed to be available to US customers?

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So, I like:

  • The train, 
  • The selection of carriages
  • The forklift
  • The continuation of the branding of the cargo train so it fits with other cargo sets
  • The continuation of the logging theme, logging truck, logging tractor, etc


So I don't like

  • Only a left hand point, as a child that would annoy me than I cannot make a bypass loop
  • I'm not sure we needed a crook and money truck, but hey, I can live with this.

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On 6/7/2018 at 5:18 PM, JopieK said:

Well I guess we might be able to bridge the two systems, at least indirectly, but indeed this seems to be the end of Power Functions. Although it is still speculation, it is odd that no new Technic set includes Power Functions at this point. Apart from that one can see that the internals of Powered Up and Boost are very much alike, so that might also be a strong indicator of LEGO moving towards PU altogether.

That kind of worries me if TLG intend to make Power Functions obsolete at some point in time. I am very skeptical of the new Powered Up Functions. 

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Great review @JopieK - thanks for putting that together so quickly along with the powered up tear down in the other thread.


The main thing I was curious about was how multiple trains would be controlled. Interesting to see that there appear to be 5 color coded receiver/controller pairing options that you can set from the receiver. I wonder - can you also do it the other way round from the controller? i.e. leave the receiver on one pairing color and change the controller to another - potentially allowing you to control multiple receivers with the same controller.


Also interested to see the app that accompanies Powered Up but I guess we will have to wait for the full launch in August for that.


In terms of Power Functions vs Powered Up - I will reserve judgement until we see the full set of Powered Up motors and connection options. 2 connections per receiver seems very limited - but hopefully they will resolve this somehow with splitter cables or something. Also really hoping there is some kind of Powered Up/Power Functions adapter cable.

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Thank you for sharing this very thorough review JopieK.  I have not been following LEGO's newer releases, so I was very excited to see this make Eurobricks' front page.  Wow, a new Bluetooth RC; I'm an old 9V guy so this is like magic for me. The lights are esp. neat as you shared in your video.  This train reminds me of a combination of the 2003 9V Cargo Train (4512) and the 2006 RC Cargo Train Deluxe (7898) with aspects like the crane wagon and gold.

4512-1.1125850914.1.thumb2.jpg   7898-1.1181869058.thumb2.jpg

Reading your review and looking at pictures of this set as you have shared makes me want to dust off a few of my old locos and set up track again.  Looks like this is a great little train packed with lots of fun extras for added play value.  It's nice to see LEGO still offering trains with new functions/systems that might appeal to our technologically advanced whippensnappers.  Great review!  

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I'm very curios to know more details on the PU functions/ setup process. Are the colored led's just a pairing tool or do they act as headlights for the locomotive as well? How may locomotives can be controlled by a single remote? The current PF remote can control up to 8, just wondering if this has been expanded?

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Great review, very thorough, I like the fact that you gave a good overview of all of the parts in the bags. I am most curious about PU and multiple motors on the same battery box (or multiple battery boxes to one controller). I wouldn't be surprised if the app allowed for some of that. Could you give more of a shakedown of the controller performance? For example, does it cut out when you move the controller more than 3m away? (as per the earlier video)

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I really enjoyed this review, you took the time and photos needed to check some details, well done.
Would love to get one, but this has a price a little high for me, with this ugly loco... will wait for a good promotion to get it

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Excellent review! Thank you. And I agree with you that design wise it not that stunning but it does have a huge amount of playability. And that's what they are going for obviously.

I must say that it does not look too bad overall, however I will probably only get the passenger train (and multiples of it :tongue:) as they are more to my liking. You don't happen to have a review coming for that on as well?

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Very nice and comprehensive review, JopieK! :wub:

I have a lot of (if not all) of the last cargo trains and I always look forward to new ones. What I don't like with this years release is the - in my eyes  not fitting color scheme. Not, that TLC is particularly looking to match the colors of the waggons of recent releases, but this year it really hurts my eyes while TLC used almost the whole color palette: I quite dislike the white bricks on the bottom of the enigne (why didn't they use just green, yellow and dbg?), the crane waggon is yellow, blue and lbg, one container comes in red, the snow mobile of course in orange and light blue, the logs are naturally brown. YIKES! :sick:

Of course I understand that it's a kids toy (*dammit!*) and TLC wants to give us the aspect of living in a wonderful colored city, still in my ideal AFOL world I would have liked to see a more matching color sheme for engine and carriages. That's almost tooting the same horn like Snefroe did. Too bad we don't get real trains any more. Although... *cough* CREATOR EXPERT??? *cough* :grin:

One little question I have about bag one: It looks like there are two green 1x2 plates. On the finished palette with the gold and notes it lookes like you used four or even six of those plates. What is right?

Finally I think it's a good set (besides the color issue) with fantastic play value.

Still nothing beats my all time favourite 60098 train set: 60098-1.jpg?201505261128

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