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[COR] Leaving Poorvintia

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Location: Poorvintia (Carno)

Type: Freebuild

A scream and a thud startled the secretary of records in Poorvintia.

28726882748_950afb4661_z.jpgEscape from poorvintia by North White, on Flickr

2 figures burst into the room of records "Who are you? What do you want!" the secretary cowered.

28726883268_cd5e834416_z.jpgEscape from poorvintia by North White, on Flickr

With a whack he fell to the floor.

28726882518_4e28515f13_z.jpgEscape from poorvintia by North White, on Flickr

"Sister, was that really necessary? The man was cowering." Asked Captain Luca Gray

"I would have thought that you would support an act of malevolence against a Carnivore." Said his sister, Maria Gray

"We came here for information. Nothing more nothing less." replied Captain Gray

"And information we shall take at all costs." his sister replied

They began gathering up the papers.

Soon, the WTC Icarus Returning had left Poorvintia. The two watched the settlement disappear over the horizon. 

41880729404_e816f694af_z.jpgEscape from poorvintia by North White, on Flickr

"Loti Junks facing Carnivorian warships. Who do you suppose attacked first?" Asked Maria

"A question for the ages, but that is not our business. Our business is to make sure they do not claim the entire region for their own." replied Luca

"Another task for the WTC." Said Maria.


Thanks for viewing my story build introducing some new characters (even though I already have a ton.) C&C appreciated as always, and I can't wait to further this story. 

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Just for once, I have something to say :

A nice built, especially the furnitures (the mandalorian helmet :tongue:). Good story with the now well known WTC diplomacy :pir-laugh:.

I add that the Icarus returning v 2.0 is really well upgraded ! More ships/built like this ! :thumbup:

Edited by Professor Thaum

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