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You can't create any parts in LDD.  If they don't have the specific base plate you want you'll just have to use a bunch of regular plates and pretend it's a baseplate.

Many are in there already. Just search for their part numbers.

32x32 part# 3811

16x8 part# 3865

Etc, etc

The easiest way to find parts in LDD for me is to search and find them on Bricklink and then search for their part numbers in LDD. The LDD part naming convention isn't intuitive nor always in line with the official Lego names. 

Good luck!

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Also, try running LDD in "extended" mode, this has many more parts available than the standard mode.

(When you start LDD, a screen appears that shows recently opened models, it has three tabs at the top: LDD, Lego Mindstorms, and LDD Extended)

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