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[Re-creation] Imperial fleet hangars

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Hello all. 

My entry is from Star Wars - The Old Republic video game. I have spent endless hours with this game and I thought it would be a good choice for my scene.

The scene shows a Sith Assassin player with his Companion in the Imperial Fleet hangars in front of a Mark VI Sith starfighter. I really like the design of this ship and now I got a good excuse to try to build one in Lego :tongue:.






It was a bit challenging as the wings have to be strong enough to hold the whole ship, albeit with a slim design, specially the connections from the main body to the wings. The upper wings may be opened or closed dynamically, controlled by a small technic mechanism behind.

Additional pictures:







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The lower wins are fixed with technic lift arms to the main body and I wanted them to be as slim as possible, but keeping the texture of the ship in the game. The upper wins move freely with the thumb using the lift arms in between the engines. By default the wings are down and the lift arms up. You can push down the thumb to move the lift arms down and the wings will move up simultaneously.  

For the photos accuracy I had to put two black pins to keep the wings open with the lift arms down. In theory, those ships down the wings when landed but this isn't the case in the game, at least in those hangars. The landing pad wasn't that easy neither as it has diagonal lines I had to replicate with lego pieces.

However, I couldn't find any cockpit piece that fits with the Mark VI ship, so I had to use a compromise. I took a piece from the Final Duel set (75093).

BTW, that T65 X-Wing is just great and more accurate than the upcoming X-Wing set! 

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