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[Re-creation] - Hammer Station is mine!

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I have been silently lurking around here since my first "adult" Lego purchase in 2012, ever since, I slowly gained some sets iconic for me which finally allowed me to build my own creations, although the pieces I own are still very limited. I found out about this contest 2 days ago, so this attempt is very much just for fun.

For my re-creation I initially chose the entire area of main gun of Hammer station flashpoint from Star Wars: The Old republic as I just love the idea of station being able to basically throw entire asteroids and use them as bombs. But as said above, my limited brick supply wouldn't really cut it. So I chose to recreate my second favourite part of this Mission, which is fight against DN-314 Tunneler.


First the screenshot ( Courtesy of youtube user SaintAvalon , I am not currently subrscribed to the game, and I'm not sure if I can enter this flashpoint without it )

42565637191_d049b784bb_b.jpgscreenshot by Stanleyro, on Flickr

And here is the quick build itself :laugh:

42565637781_1359178fa5_b.jpgIMG_0277 by Stanleyro, on Flickr

As you can clearly see, I had to take some artistic liberties and cut down some features of the Tunneler to fit with bricks at disposal 

Some other shots

41843347594_2d58095368_b.jpgIMG_0274 by Stanleyro, on Flickr

28692078438_b79314f491_b.jpgIMG_0276 by Stanleyro, on Flickr


Hopefully I can find out about the any contest a bit sooner next time :laugh: 

Good luck to all participants 

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Although you're working with limited parts, I think you've done a fantastic job re-creating this scene!

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