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Willem Guilder had been in King’s Harbour just two months ago at Corrington’s “Great Ball of Terra Nova.” Now he had returned to talk to his old friend and political colleague, Román Fontonajo. In Fontonajo’s retirement, he had built a lovely house on Cocovia and settled down to enjoy a quieter life, away from politics. Guilder hated that he must ask Román to disturb his peaceful life and return to the political arena, but hoped that Román would embrace the opportunity.

Guilder was greeted at the door by Román’s wife, Clarissa, and she led him into the study of their house in King’s Harbour.

“Román,” Clarissa Fontonajo shouted through the house. “It’s Admius Legistrad, Master Guilder.” Román went down the stairs. “You should feel free to call him Willem, my dear,” he said. Turning to Guilder, “Welcome, old friend. Come in. Mind if I prepare something to drink for us?” asked Román, and he started walking toward the kitchen.

“Yes, please, call me Willem,” said Guilder to Clarissa. “No need for formalities. And thank you, Román; a drink sounds good about now.” Guilder followed Román into the kitchen.

“Juice? Wine? A tea? Or just some water?” Román asked.

“Tea would be wonderful.” Guilder rubbed his leg above his peg leg. “I’m getting more used to this, but it serves as a constant reminder of the war to me. Tea always reminds me of the rewards of exploration and trade.”

“Tea ... Have you ever traded it at larger scale?” Román asked while he started boiling some water.

“I haven’t,” Guilder said with a bit of a sigh. “Cotton and indigo, plenty. I must redouble my efforts regarding the indigo we found on Ferro Azure. But with so many varieties of plants on every island we go to, there must be some plant out there with leaves perfect for a new type of tea” he continued wistfully.

“I guess we haven’t found it yet, either ... But you are quite right about the sheer quantity of newly discovered islands. When two years ago all we could think about is colonizing and claiming the next island, and then the next after that, today we struggle to properly colonize all those we already own. I feel our collaborative efforts have become rather lackluster. But who am I to blame? I guess that’s not much of my business, anymore. Today I hardly do more than brewing tea. And look, the water is boiling. Which one? I will take my favorite Nellisan Herb Mix -- always feels like home to me.”

“I will take the same, thank you. Perhaps I can share your feeling of ‘home’.” Guilder paused briefly, then continued. “And even in your retirement, if that’s the proper thing to call it, our collective efforts will always be your business. You are one of the major architects of colonial Eslandola. You are dearly missed in the council, I assure you, but I think I understand why you stepped away. You and your lovely Clarissa are blessed with a large family and each other; I am a man married to my work by happenstance as much as choice.”

“And the Sweet Bardo Peach for Clarissa. Now come, let’s head to my study and have a seat.” Román said, as they walked towards the next room where Clarissa was already sitting and waiting. “And you are right -- marriage is a blessing to me. Just last night we talked about the nothing I would be without Clarissa. And I’d even claim that our colonies would not be what they are, if it wasn’t for her. But I guess you are not here to talk about the love we have found in life, have you?”

“No, I have not. You know me well.” Guilder settled into a chair and propped up his pegleg. “I have come to ask a favor -- a favor that will pull you back into political affairs for a bit, but not for too long.”

“A bit and not too long ... it doesn’t really sound like you know what this favor will be exactly, do you?”

Guilder laughed. “This is exactly why I am asking this favor of you. You are much better at the language of diplomacy than I am.”

Román thought for a second before he replied: “I have always felt more like a selfish tactician, with my own hidden agenda ...”

“But isn’t that exactly what Willem just said?” Clarissa interjected with a broad smile on her face.

Guilder laughed again with a broad grin. “Clarissa, you understand the game well!” Guilder composed himself, then faced her husband again. “Román, I’ll get straight to the point. War is hard, and sometimes keeping the peace is just as hard or harder. We’ve allowed ourselves to relax too much in the aftermath of the war. Oleon is actively courting Mardier and has sent a delegation to Terraversa as well. There are military rumblings from Oleon, and though I discount them for the most part, they remind us that we have work to do. Terraversa, newly independent, is a young nation finding its way. We both fought against Mardier, and now we need to solidify our relationship going forward. We need to make a gesture to Terraversa, and to all the nations of the Brick Seas, to show our recognition ... and support ... of Terraversa’s independence. So, we need someone to go to Kings Port and carry that word to Archduke Oldis. That someone must show everyone how important this is to us. I could think of no one better than you.”

“Terraversa ... I’ve always had mixed feelings about their location. The less attractive Terraversa becomes as a halt on a ship’s journey between the worlds, the more likely every single ship is to stop at our most beloved Eslandolan town on the eastern coast of Nellisa. Which is, of course, in my favor more than in anyone else’s. So I assume I wouldn’t benefit much from acknowledging Terraversan independence, would I?” After a quick pause Román continued. “But surely we are not here to discuss the impacts of national politics on my very personal wellbeing. And I surely see some reason behind pursuing an alliance with Oldis. Which brings me to the core of my question: Who are we actually trying to become friends with?”

“There is no doubt that Nova Terreli and Nellisa have surpassed Kings Port and Terraversa in importance on the trade routes. But Terraversa is still a strategic location. In the hands of an ally, it can assure that trade continues to flow freely to Nellisa. Furthermore, I can imagine that cooperation between Terraversa and Neliisa could increase trade revenues for both. But in the hands of a foe, it can restrict trade. If Oleon’s RNTC were to gain favor, they might implement taxes selectively to influence trade away from Nova Terreli. And if Mardier were to regain control, we might find ourselves in an undeclared war at sea again. Guilder shifted in his chair as he watched Román turn things over in his head, but continued before Román could speak. “And you have identified the key issue, easily the most delicate: who are we trying to become friends with. Terraversa is a two-sided coin. Oldis is Archduke, but L’Olius essentially controls the navy and is quite popular among the citizenry. We must find a way to be friends with both.”

“And so the unborn may do his first grand favor to our nation ...,” Fontonajo mumbled after some seconds of thought.

“What was that?” asked Guilder.

“Or her,” Clarissa answered in Román's stead. “We are going to be grandparents soon, you know?” She had a dreamy smile on her face.

“Oh! I had no idea. Congratulations! Which of your children is expecting?”

“Joaquin,” said Román. “With his wonderful fiancee, Poca from Berreli. You get my point?”

“I’m not sure,” replied Guilder, puzzling it over. “Other than that keeping the peace is bigger than one island or one nation, or one people, and there is more to it than personal considerations ...”

“I guess L’Olius might be more open to the arguments of someone who has crossed the boundaries of races, just like his ancestors did, don’t you think?”

“Ah! Of course! I forgot about L’Olius’s Atwi heritage. I can see you’re already developing a plan. Tell me more.”

“We should definitely go together. That is: Joaquin, Poca, their baby, Clarissa, and myself. And split up in Terraversa, so that Joaquin can talk to L’Olius -- they are both brave men, seafarer and adventurers, after all -- while Clarissa and myself talk to Oldis. There is no way around winning both, and for now they surely do want the same thing: preserve Terraversan independence. We can aid them in this regard, we are the strong ally here -- and we can negotiate from our position of strength. So our goal is an official military alliance?”

“An excellent approach to L’Olius! Your sense of family has always been a strength of yours. ... As for our goal -- goals, actually -- I wish a simple, straight-forward answer was possible. We want to limit any influence Oleon might gain in their talks, at a minimum maintaining the status quo militarily and in trade. We also want to do what we can to make sure Mardier doesn’t return. So how to achieve these goals? Personally, I favor a military defensive pact, and there are others who favor this as well. Of course, any treaty we negotiate will have to be ratified by the council, and there will be opposition -- some fear being drawn into another conflict. You know how the council can be. But I believe there is enough support to approve a defensive pact, and I think that is the surest way to prevent Mardier’s return. There is also support for a trade agreement of some sort, and while what form that would take is less clear, it would probably be easier to get approved. So you have great latitude on where to take things. While I obviously hope for more, even if we just come out of this with improved relations with Oldis and L’Olius, that will be something. Certainly see where they want to take the conversation and take our cues from that.”

“And surely we will officially acknowledge them as an independent nation of their own?”

“Yes, I have here a statement approved jointly by the Colonial Council and the Continental Council, signed by King Fernando! I was worried it might be difficult to get Fernando’s signature, but once it was explained to him that it would be like throwing night caps at Oleon’s King Philip, he was all for it.”

“I hope it has your signature as well? And best those of all Council Members? Fernando’s name may not mean too much to successful revolutionaries, such as Oldis or L’Olius, who have triumphantly unbound from the chains of traditional Continental nations -- while I am rather sure your word or Román’s will,” Clarissa stated.

“It does, indeed, Clarissa. I have signed, as have all the members of the council. But the king’s signature is significant. It shows no ambiguity in our stance on their independence. And a king recognizing the rights of such revolutionaries sends a powerful signal to the noble houses of Mardier and Oleon.”

“Yet still we have a tough task ahead of ourselves,” Román said. “Oldis is said to be a relentless negotiation counterpart. Shouldn’t we be bringing some gift?”

“Do you have something in mind?”

“I have heard tigers make for wonderful pets.”

“Seriously?” replied Guilder, a bit startled. “I must admit that hadn’t occurred to me.”

“If it were you I’d make sure to get you one, because I know you could handle the beast. I guess it might work for L’Olius as well. But Oldis? Not so sure, the tiger might decide to just eat him, and that would be it for our negotiations. What about some fine clothes instead? And maybe Maestro will contribute some apple cider?”

Guilder let out a hearty laugh. “I could handle him only because he would take one taste of my pegleg and deem me inedible!” Guilder slapped his leg for emphasis, then worked to return himself to a serious manner. “I’m certain we can get some of Maestro’s fine cider, and I will trust your judgment on what gifts to take. If you need me to acquire anything, just say the word.” Guilder leaned forward a bit, in a slightly softer voice. “If you have a lead on a tiger, that may indeed be a fine gift for L’Olius. It is, however, quite important to make sure Oldis does not feel upstaged by anything we present to L’Olius.”

“A good point. But it applies both ways. We will always have to give Oldis more than L’Olius to make sure we acknowledge his rule, but only so much more that L’Olius does not feel upstaged. What a nice word, Willem.”

“Or we just bring entirely different and unique gifts to both of them ...,” Clarissa suggested.

“I would not think we should give Oldis more, but rather the gifts to each must speak to what each values. Clarissa makes a good point that the gift or gifts to each of them should be unique. To that line of thinking, a tiger would speak to L’Olius’s military role, where fine clothes would speak to Oldis’s taste for the finer things. Or perhaps a fine Eslandian stallion for Oldis? An animal for each, but each representing different qualities and values.”

“One of many hard things, certainly. But we will find a solution. Do you see any other obstacles in our way?”

“Just communication at this point. We need to send word ahead to let them know you are coming. And simply assembling an appropriate squadron to carry you on your mission. Logistics ... and time. We mustn’t dally, but send you and your family on your way as soon as possible. Oleon has quite the head start on us.” Guilder gave him a sly grin, then said, “I take it this means you accept this mission?”

“This seems like a very intense and difficult diplomatic mission...,” Román voiced his thoughts.

“Willem,” Clarissa interupted, “even with all the admiration I have for my husband and his success in both trade and politics, isn’t what you are asking for more of a task for a Colonial Grand Ambassador of Eslandola? Who may appoint local ambassadors ...”

“... like his son?” Román asked her, innocent as a lamb, to which Clarissa responded with a soft smile: “Yes, for example. Or just anyone else.”

“Román, my apologies. I sometimes get so focused on an end result, I forget about some of the necessary tasks to get there.” Guilder reached into his coat pocket and produced a sealed letter. “As you know, that position has been vacant for some time, a casualty of the political upheaval. And the council believes it is high time that was addressed.” Guilder handed the letter to Román. “The Continental Council confers on you title of Grand Ambassador of Eslandola, with all its incumbent powers ... if you accept.”

Román looked straight at Guilder: “Powers ... I consider an ambassador more a man of words than a man of power ... But that might be for philosophers to discuss. We are here in this world, where I gladly accept the trust the council has in me. I will make sure not to disappoint you.” Román took pause and circled the room several times, in deep thought, before he continued. “Now there is one more thing that lies heavy on my heart. As you know, I have effectively taken all responsibilities of governing Nellisa. And almost all inhabitants of our colonies know that I am de facto the Governor of Nellisa. But you and I know that there has never been an official acknowledgement from our council to clarify this uncertainty for good. I would be ... very pleased if you could look into this and bring distinctness, once and for all. It would surely make the lives of all Nellisans a bit less burdened.”

“You’re right. I must admit, I had forgotten that it was never made official; such is the strength of your governorship that Fontonajo and Nellisa are thought of as one! Such appointments are simpler when the trade company controls the island. I will bring that up with the council and see that it is taken care of.”

“That sounds good, Willem. The urgency for the mission must be even higher than I thought, given the little resistance you showed towards my proposals ... I guess I might ask for a palace in every Eslandolan town and you would consider actually making it possible! But both you and I are more than simple bargain-hunters on the fish market. So let’s call it an agreement, be satisfied with the result and keep all the rest in mind for our future meetings. You will stay for dinner?”

“My dear Román, you did not ask for anything out of place ... although I must admit that I’m relieved we have reached the end of your list,” Guilder replied with a grin. “And you assess the situation correctly: we’ve been napping diplomatically and let Oleon take the lead, which we must now correct. But I feel better already knowing you are on board for this venture. … And I would love to stay for dinner.”

* * *

After dinner, Guilder made his way down to the docks, where Captain Ambrose MacMathain of the Eslandolan ship Valiant Phoenix was waiting.


“Captain MacMathain, I hope I have not held up your departure.”

“Not at all, sir,” said the captain. “My men are having quite the time offloading our cargo.”


“Yes, I see that,” replied Guilder, eyeing the scene pensively.

“But have no fear, sir, my crew and I are up to whatever task you have for us.”

“I’m sure you are, captain.” Guilder then handed MacMathain a sealed diplomatic pouch. “Deliver this to Archduke Oldis’s court in Kings Port. We are notifying the Terraversans that we are sending an ambassador next month.”


“I will watch over this letter personally, Admius Legistrad.” The captain hesitated, fearing he should not pry in official matters, but worked up his courage. “Who is our ambassador to Terraversa?”

“Román Fontonajo, our former and first Admius Legistrad, has agreed to step out of retirement to represent Eslandola as Grand Ambassador on this mission. He is to officially announce what we should have said to Terraversa and the Brick Seas months ago. He will be sailing to Nova Terreli this month to prepare for his trip.”

“Do you need me to do anything for the ambassador?” asked the captain.

“No, other arrangements are being made for him,” replied Guilder. “Just deliver this letter to Kings Port.”

“I will see it done,” replied the captain.

And with that, Guilder was off. Captain MacMathain clutched the diplomatic pouch tight. Not being a man of politics, he wondered to himself what the announcement would be. But for Román Fontonajo to come out of retirement, it must be important.


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@Capt Wolf

As the Valiant Phoenix was about to slip its moorings a man jumped onboard, immediately putting his hands up and asking to speak to the captain. He was dressed in a rough grey hoded cloak, but underneath finer cloth was evident. Upon entering the cabin, he addressed the captain.

"My name is Tristano Bucci, and I hope you will forgive me rushing on board!" He panted for a moment, listening to the captain presenting himself, before continuing with a bow: "My... contacts tell me you are heading for Terraversa, and it is imperative that I should go there too. I have urgent... matters, and you will be rewarded most handsomely for your assistance..."

"What is your business on Terraversa?" Captain MacMathain asked. "I cannot just embark anyone?"

"I am afraid it is highly confidential. Matters of the utmost importance to the future of Terraversa..." he said. "I am afraid I cannot tell you more."

MacMathain was confused. What should he do? There was no time to ask for advice, as the Phoenix was already on its way out of the lagoon, passing under the guns of the batteries.

  • A revered guest?
    A man of noble manners, in fine clothes, and in a big hurry? And a handsome reward? Certainly a servant of Terraversa. He shall be treated as a guest.
    Show Bucci dining with the captain and his officers in the great cabin of the Phoenix.
  • Suspicious...
    We will bring this man to Terraversa, but only to turn him over to the authorities. Surely, with such a story, he must be a spy! Show the cabin in which he is being held, and how it is watched.
  • Begone, stow-away!
    We are on an official mission for Eslandola - and can tolerate no stow aways! Call in the nearest fishing boat and disembark the stranger - he will take the next ship to Terraversa.
    Show the man being taken off in a local small craft.


Back in King's Harbour, Fontonajo pondered over the gifts. This was a decision that could be either of great importance, or very little significance, depending on the Terraversan emphasis on the value of gifts.

  • Show the gifts Fontonajo decides upon and describe from whence he sources them. (Depending on the gift, a value will be charged to the adventure treasury).


Two builds are required to continue. The Phoenix will arrive in King's Port next round.

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@Bregir, for the first part of the response:

Begone stowaway!

"My name is Tristano Bucci, and I hope you will forgive me rushing on board!" He panted for a moment, listening to the captain presenting himself, before continuing with a bow: "My... contacts tell me you are heading for Terraversa, and it is imperative that I should go there too. I have urgent... matters, and you will be rewarded most handsomely for your assistance..."

"What is your business on Terraversa?" Captain MacMathain asked. "I cannot just embark anyone?"

"I am afraid it is highly confidential. Matters of the utmost importance to the future of Terraversa..." he said. "I am afraid I cannot tell you more."

On deck of the Valiant Phoenix:

"I'm sorry, Mr. Bucci, but you have told me nothing that mitigates the two very real problems you present me with," Ambrose countered, "The first is that you illegally boarded my vessel, which makes you a stowaway. Do you know what maritime law permits me to do in such situations?"

The captain paused for a moment to let that idea sink into his stowaway. The cloaked man visibly blanched to a very unhealthy pale yellow, but his stance became tensed for quick movement.

"The second is your knowledge of our destination, which makes you a potential threat to Eslandola's national security," Ambrose continued, "You find yourself in a bit of luck, because this is a Crahaish neh Triuri ship, and as such I am not permitted to simply dump you in the sea for being a potential threat. If you were to become an active threat to my ship and crew, however, Mr. Hofer here will have no compunction in killing you."

The tension went out of Mr. Bucci then as he asked, "What is to become of me, and my mission?"

Captain MacMathain replied, "You are to be arrested . . ."

"I have the shackles and key right here sir," Bo'sun Hofer interjected.

". . . and you will be transferred to a trustworthy Eslandola vessel, to then be conveyed into the custody of Master Willem Guilder," the captain continued, noting his stowaway's reaction, "You know the name, good. The fate of you and your mission will be in his hands."

Captain MacMathain waited for some kind of response from his stowaway. When he didn't get one, Ambrose began the orders to his crew, "Let the sails go slack, we need to dump speed for a transfer. Ferguson, get the semaphore flags. I'll need you to do the signaling. Garston, hold us as steady as you can, and find us someone who can handle our prisoner."

"I think I have one already, sir," the first mate replied, "A large merchanter flying Eslandola and Triuri colors. I think . . . yes, it's the Quirky Irky, sir."

"Captain McKenzie's ship, he should do just fine," Ambrose responded, then continued his orders, "Ferguson, use the purple flags, and the Triuri code so the other ships won't know what we're about. Tell them we have an important prisoner to be taken to Guilder. Do you know the signal for 'national security'?"

"Aye, sir," Ferguson replied.

"Be quick about it then," the captain continued his orders, "Poll and MacFee, man the starboard guns. Make sure no one thinks to interfere. Amelia, I'll need you to draft a letter. Bring your pen, fresh parchment, and an envelope readied with a wax seal."

"I have them here, sir," she responded in short order, "But . . ."


Before Amelia could complete her thought, Ferguson interrupted with, "They've signaled back. They're dropping the rowboat now, the white one."

"That'll be the first mate, Padrig Taffish," Ambrose surmised.

"And two rowers," Ferguson added.

"That could be a problem. He has an extreme dislike of stowaways," the captain told his prisoner, "I guess that I'll have to impress upon him the need for great care this time."

"Aye," Hofer added with a laugh, "He nearly killed a stowaway last winter."

"No need to frighten the man any further," Amelia scolded the bo'sun. To Ambrose she continued her earlier thought, "Captain, if the letter is intended for the Admius Legistrad, it should be written in your hand."

"Quite right," the captain replied, taking the pen and parchment. He carefully puts pen to parchment, but quickly looks up to ask his prisoner, "How do you spell your name? I wish to make sure I have it correct here."

Mr. Bucci grimly replies, "T. R. I. S. T. A. N. O. . . . B. U. C. C. I."

"Thank you," Ambrose says, maintaining his polite tone as he finishes his letter.


The white rowboat pulls alongside, and Ferguson tosses a line so that they can keep the little vessel there. With only a few feet difference between the edge of the rowboat and the deck of the Valiant Phoenix, Ferguson simply lifts First Mate Padrig Taffish over the railing, and directs him to the stern of the ship.

"A stowaway is it, Ambrose?" Padrig asked with a predatory look at the grey cloaked man, and then with a gleeful smile to the captain, "And what's this about 'national security'?"

"I have a letter, and an important prisoner, to be taken to the Admius Legistrad," Ambrose tells him, waving the parchment so that the first mate cannot see what is written, "I'm asking for great care, and most definitely not your usual. It would be best if you limit the number of people that would be able to identify this man."

Mr. Bucci nods his appreciation for that consideration.


Captain MacMathain quickly slips the parchment into the envelope waiting in Amelia's hand, impresses the seal with his oversized signet ring, and signs it. Ambrose hands her the pen, which she puts away, and he passes the envelope to Mr. Taffish.

"Alright," Padrig says as he stuffs the envelope in a pocket, "If this man's a prisoner, I'll need him in shackles. You do have shackles, right?"

"Right here," Hofer says, tossing him the shackles with the key.

Padrig turns and catches them with the agility of a born seaman, and in a deft move nearly too fast to see, he has Mr. Bucci's wrists locked tight.

As the first mate ushers the prisoner towards the rowboat, Ambrose calls out, "If you're going to be the one to take him to Guilder, you may want to do something about your hair ahead of time."

The crew of the Valiant Phoenix chuckle at the suggestion, and Padrig rushes Mr. Bucci into his boat with more force than necessary.

A string of curses could be heard across the water as the white rowboat headed back to the Quirky Irky.


"What is everyone still standing around for?" Ambrose called out to his crew, "Back to stations! We have a mission to complete!"


Later, at a manor house outside King's Harbour:

So much of Willem Guilder's time these days had been taken up by the Colonial Council, especially since his ascension to Admius Legistrad. Today in his study, however, he is getting back to business as Director of the MCTC with an Investors' Meeting for an upcoming project.

"These are our projections for the next two quarters," Guilder claimed confidently as he passed across to his guests a spreadsheet ledger, with a detailed graph at the bottom.

Suddenly in rushes the young Corrish page, Juno, gasping out, "Sir, Admius . . . uh . . .Legis . . . huh . . . strad. Someone . . . huh . . . needs . . ."

"Juno," Guilder said in a firm, but calm tone, "Take a few breaths, and then tell me what the issue is."

Juno gladly did as instructed, then continued, "There's a man at the stable entrance with a prisoner. One of the guards with the swords sent me. He's keeping them waiting there. The man with the prisoner said to say . . . uh . . . national security."

Those two words sharpened Guilder's focus. Addressing his guests, "If you will excuse me, gentlemen, lady. Matters of State must take precedence."

Guilder is quick to put his right arm around the page, and guide him out of the study. Once the study door closes they stop, and the Admius Legistrad glanced about unsure which direction he is supposed to go. "This house is so new to me. I have yet to completely explore . . ." Guilder leads into his question.

"To the left, sir," Juno replies gleefully, "Past the ballroom, down the little stairs at the end of the wood floor, an' you'll be in the hall that leads right to it."

"Thank you, lad," he tells the page, "Now head to the kitchen, and tell them to prepare some refreshments for my guests in the study."

It didn't take Guilder long to realize why this manor house had been available for him to rent. Faux alcoves with wood paneling, vaguely threatening gas lamps on the walls, and in the hallway of his destination, a series of gaudy rugs that fail to hide the seam where two different stone foundations meet.

Well before he could make out who it was that had interrupted his meeting, Guilder heard, "Off with the cloak. You're lucky I let you keep it on this long." The Truachesh accent was easy to recognize, but it wasn't until he could see the man's face that Guilder knew the speaker to be Padrig Taffish, the first mate of the Quirky Irky.


"By your leave, Admius Legistrad, sir," Padrig said with as much flourish as he could muster, "I have for you a prisoner, and missive, from Captain MacMathain of the Valiant Phoenix."


A quick glance and nod to the guardsman in the corner, Alrick Bohmer he noted, and his rapier was lowered for Guilder to retrieve the envelope. The note inside read:

Most Honored Willem Guilder, Admius Legistrad of Eslandola,

To you I have sent a most interesting prisoner, a man calling himself Tristano Bucci. This man illegally boarded my vessel, and sought me out to claim an urgent need to be transported to our destined port.

His knowledge of such represents a serious leak of intelligence somewhere. I can assure you the leak did not come from my crew. I trust that you, Sir, will be able to learn the whole truth of the matter.

Your faithful servant,
Ambrose MacMathain, Captain of the Valiant Phoenix


"Well isn't this a pickle," Guilder sighed, "Mr. Bucci, is it?"

"Forgive me, sir," said Mr. Bucci, "But it is of the utmost importance that I get to Terraversa. You will be rewarded for your assistance." 

"I am not concerned with any reward," replied Guilder, "But I am concerned with the security of my ship. I'm sure you can understand my need for caution." 

"And my mission is of the utmost importance to the future of Terraversa. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more."

"As I said, this is a pickle." Guilder tapped his cane while he looked over his guest. "Mr. Taffish, please unshackle Mr. Bucci. I do not consider him a prisoner. In fact I would like to make him an offer."

Padrig gave Guilder a questioning look, but compiled. Stepping back up towards the door he queried, "By your leave, Admius Legistrad, I should be getting back to my ship." With Guilder's wave of assent, he left the way he came.

Mr. Bucci rubbed his wrists now that he was unbound, and stooped to retrieve his cloak.

"I apologize for the harsh treatment of my ship's captain, but he knows his duties well and takes them seriously. He could not take any passengers on this trip. But I hope you find my actions here agreeable enough to share with me the whole truth," Guilder told the man without a hint of rancor, "You can be assured that I want nothing untoward to happen to our Terraversan friends. Convince me that your words are true, and that your mission is in the best interests of Terraversa, and I will arrange transport for you myself on another ship. Or hurry off to find passage on your own, as you are free to go. What happens next is up to you."

Guilder looks over to Alrick and tells him, "You may put your blade away, Mr. Bohmer. I'm safe enough. In fact, have your relief take over for the rest of the shift, but keep to yourself what has transpired here."

Alrick nodded, and was just about to fulfill his orders when Guilder said, "About your uniform . . ."

Alrick hesitated in panic at those words. He knew he wasn't attired in his proper uniform. In that frozen moment he thought about how that came to be.

The heavy drinking last eve which had him clutching the wrong hat as he returned to his quarters, that in turn caused him to sleep through morning call. Alrick's rush to dress, having woken an hour late, found him in the wrong tunic and trousers, and without his chain and pendant. 

He had hoped that his cape could obscure his mistake, but that idea was well and truly dashed. The only thing he was glad about was that he remembered his fencing gloves, as the palm sheathing his rapier suddenly began to sweat.

" . . . I'll send a message to the haberdashers Laurell & Coffee," a smiling Guilder continued, "So they'll be ready to outfit you with a new one tomorrow, on my account."


(OOC) Any future story events involving Tristano Bucci will likely be handled by @Capt Wolf.

Edited by gedren_y

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"Halt!", shouted the corporal, and his company stopped behind him, looking rather puzzled at the sight of the well dressed nobleman in front of them. "Who are you and why do you lurk in front of Her Majesty's Royal Garrison in King's Harbour?", the corporal asked.

"Gentleness is a virtue, don't you agree?", the nobleman replied, with only the slightest Eslandolan accent, unnoticable to most.

"A virtue indeed - and again I ask! Who are you?! Name yourself!"

"Let's safe ourselves the time and you just lead me directly to your captain, will you?"

"I cannot let all kinds of strangers enter our garrisons for no good reason. What do you want?!"

"Has he always been like this?", the Eslandolan adressed the rest of the group, who couldn't help but grin broadly.

"What! Do! You! WANT?!"

"Now with your obvious and most inherent way of giving orders in such natural fashion, I cannot help but notice that you yourself must indeed be the chief commander of this most glorious fortress. I would like to buy a tiger. And a black panther."

The man stared at him, his jaws wide open, stammering for words: "A... how do you?... who?... I... what? ..."

"Take a deep breath. And another. And one more. You feel better now?"

"ONE! LAST! TIME! NAME YOURSELF, SPY!", the corporal shouted.

"Hmm, I think I might just leave and see Jonathan.", the Eslandolan replied, absolutely unperturped.

"Who is that stupid Jonathan of yours, now?!"

"I hope you haven't heard this, have you?", the nobleman adressed the rest of the group. "You wouldn't call Jonathan Cooke a stupid man, would you? I surely wouldn't.", he said, smiling.

"Who... how! ... You bastard! ... PUT HIM IN CHAINS!"

"I know a funny story, young man. You want to hear it?", the Eslandolan said, still with no worries on his face, this time with a much stronger accent.

Before the corporal could reply, an elderly man, who stood behind his corporal, stepped slightly forward, with a big grin on his face: "Leave our poor corporal already, please, signor Fontonajo. I guess our corporal has had enough for the day. Signor Román Fontonajo, will you follow me to Captain Breek, our commander? He will surely like to discuss tigers and panthers with you.", as he opened the door to the garrison.

"What gave me away, if I may ask?"

"I saw you at the ball, mylord. Simple as that."

"No need to call me a lord. Román will do. And this is Estinho, one of my most loyal marines.

"Nice to meet you. I am Gordon."


And so they entered the garrison, with the young corporal standing motionless outside, still trying to figure out what had just happened.

Slightly later Román Fontonajo met the garrison commander, captain Breek, who had stood on a balcony unnoticed and had watched the whole scene, with a huge smile on his face. Apparently the young corporal was the nephew of some important general from the old world. Fontonajo and the commander agreed upon a good deal: A tiger and a black panther, hidden in wooden crates, and brought directly to Fontonajo's ship. 

When Fontonajo left, Gordon and Estinho made sure transportation was arranged properly. Good thing the Corries had already shipped some of the great cats from Cascadia and Celestia to King's Harbour. This should make things easier in Terraversa.

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Great builds @Elostirion and @gedren_y. @Capt Wolf, I might have stretched you a bit thin by having you do 3 for your other AMCRA :pir-grin:.

@Elostirion, are you joining this adventure? You weren't included on the amcra form, so I'm not sure if this is a one off build. 

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I am. Román Fontonajo is my sigfig, and I wrote the intropost text in collaboration with Capt Wolf. The whole thing is the general ESL A-MRCA, so expect multiple people to jump in from time to time.

@Capt Wolf is in charge of all the paperwork, though. My name does not have to be on any list, as this is not my personal A-MRCA in any way. Just helping my nation out a bit. :-) 

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Elos has the right of it. As long as all in game resources committed are from the same entity, it does not matter who builds for the adventure. The minimum number of builds is generally set by the number of entities supplying resources (troops or ships). (Under some circumstances, build requirements may deviate from this norm.)

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Eslandola's mission to Terraversa

@Capt Wolf, @gedren_y, @Elostirion

The Valiant Phoenix arrived in King's Port without incident. Slightly surprised (and worried) to see the Olean vessels docked there, captain MacMathain headed for a quay on the opposite side of the port, after exchanging signals with the port authorities. As they docked, a man hailed them. "I seek a signore Bucci - he was to embark on the first vessel to leave King's Harbour for Terraversa..."

"He is not onboard? You refused to offer him passage?!..." the man said with a deeply furrowed brow and angered intonation. "May Prometheus spare you despite your insolence..." he almost spat out between his teeth before disappearing into the crowds. Most foreboding...

More troubling for the truly Eslandolan aboard, though, was a harbour fee of 20 dbs. (Deducted from adventure treasury)

A few days later, a response for the letter arrived. Terraversa would allow the establishment of a permanent embassy if Eslandola would build it.

  • A permanent mission
    Eslandola must establish a permanent mission to Terraversa at once to give mutual good relations the best possible starting point.
    Build (and license) the embassy, and show preparations for the arrival of the first ambassador. It must be a medium or large property.
  • Did we say "ambassador"? We actually meant... envoy.
    It is too early, and too risky, to settle permanently. Let us rather rent a suitable room.
    Build a vignette showing a rented room or office.

In King's Harbour, both the big cats had been loaded upon the La Comete (300 dbs deducted from adventure treasury), and the ambassador had embarked. Signore Bucci had opted to find passage on his own, and the expedition had too many things to consider to worry more about him.

The ship set sail for Terraversa, and despite some troubles with the felines (the panther almost escaped its cage at one point) the island was sighted on the expected day. As the ship docked in Kings Port, someone in a dark hooded cloak covering his face made inquiries about a "Signore Bucci", but disappeared as the harbour master arrived to charge docking fees of 30 dbs. (To be deducted from adventure treasury)

  • Let us gauge the political situation first...
    This is a complicated situation, and we cannot risk a misstep from the beginning, rushing into anything!
    Send your agents into Kings Port to gain some insights into the political situation and show how information is obtained in the city.
  • There is no time to lose!
    With Oleon already in contact with the Terraversan's, now is not the time for caution!
    Show the Eslandian mission before the noble council (including Oldis) of Terraversa. What does ESL offer, and what do you ask for in return?

Two builds required to continue.

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The unsettling events at the Kings Port docks made Captain Ambrose MacMathain intent on completing his proscribed mission, but to do so he would need someone to guide him through the Terraversan corridors of power. That someone would have be a fellow captain of a Crahaish neh Triuri ship, Missa Drewsa. It wouldn't be hard to find her, as Ambrose had spied the distinctive coloring of the Consort's Duty as the Valiant Phoenix sailed into port.

So Ambrose left the commercial business of the ship to his capable crew, diplomatic pouch in hand, and jogged the considerable distance to the other Crahaish neh Triuri ship. Of course Captain Drewsa was there, but not alone. Dearji the Windsong, Wandering Acolyte of the Crahaish neh Triuri, was at that moment finishing a protective blessing on the Consort's Duty. Captain MacMathain had no qualms about confiding in these two about his mission. Missa readily agreed to help, as it would alleviate some of her current boredom. Dearji decided to accompany them because, in her words, "Events with such import as this should be properly witnessed."

It wasn't hard to secure transport to the Terraversa Royal Palace, as there were many a carriage and coachman available for short-term hire. In less than an hour the trio were making their way into the center of Terraversan governance, thanks in no small part to Missa's recent ventures, and the contacts she has made since.

As soon as Missa identified the Administrative Reception desk next to the entrance to the Great Hall, Ambrose rushed forward thinking his delivery had been anticipated (because of that mess with Tristano Bucci).,  


Squire Trelawney, Archduke Oldis' administrative assistant, had not been expecting any messengers, diplomatic or otherwise. It wasn't until Missa jogged up behind Ambrose, and breathlessly vouched for him, that he began to actually listen to the disheveled man. Dearji followed at a more leisurely pace, barely holding in her mirth at the situation.



Hidden in the greenery outside, someone watches these events unfold. The thin glass makes it quite easy for that someone to follow the conversation inside.


Eventually Squire Trelawney sees that what is in front of him is a very genuine Eslandolan diplomatic pouch. He babbles a few apologies for his rudeness, and inquires to whom a reply be sent if needed.

"To myself, Captain Ambrose MacMathain of the Valiant Phoenix, moored at dock 43," the now exasperated captain replied.

The officious Trelawney scrawls a note to himself. Then he says in a dismissive tone, "If you'll excuse me," before rushing off to the Archduke, clutching the pouch.

As the trio begin to leave the way they came Ambrose remarks to Missa, "The Grand Ambassador will be needing a place for his Embassy. You wouldn't happen to know of any suitable properties that might be available, would you?"

"Not off the top of my head," she says with a sly look, "But give me till this evening, and I'll have a list of prime candidates."

As the two captains discuss matters of practicality, they don't notice Dearji the Windsong giggling as she trails behind.


Captain Drewsa had her list compiled, and delivered, just after lunch that same day. It would be another three days before Archduke Oldis' very carefully worded response was delivered to Captain MacMathain. It would be an even longer wait until he could report this all to the Grand Ambassador.

Eventually the day did come that Román Fontonajo's ship made port, but this time Ambrose chose not to rush himself. Because of this he was treated to the sight of a man angrily slinking into the shadow of a nearby warehouse, the same man who had inquired about Mr. Bucci at his own arrival.

Captain MacMathain presented himself to the guard at the gangplank, and was quickly ushered to Román Fontonajo's cabin.

"You have news to report, Captain?" the former Admius Legistrad asked, getting quickly to business.

"I do, Grand Ambassador," Ambrose replied, savoring the man's response to the new title before passing him the Archduke's letter, "He gets a little flowery, but you, sir, are officially empowered to establish a permanent Eslandola Embassy in Kings Port."

"I will need . . ." the Grand Ambassador began.

"A list of available properties," Ambrose finished for him, handing over Missa's list.

With a glance at the spidery lettering, Román Fontonajo remarks, "This looks quite unlike a man's handwriting."

"That's because it isn't," Ambrose tells him with a slight chuckle, "My fellow Crahaish neh Triuri captain, Missa Drewsa compiled the list. Her experience here has been invaluable."

"If that is all, Captain," the Grand Ambassador returns to formality, "then I'll let you return to the duties of your own ship. Fair winds, Captain MacMathain."

At those parting words, Ambrose left the cabin feeling as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. With the burden of a diplomatic courier lifted, his course back to the Valiant Phoenix seemed all the more brighter.


@Elostirion and @Capt Wolf will now be taking over the continuing narrative of our AMRCA response.

Edited by gedren_y

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Meanwhile the craftsmen were busy creating the Eslandolan embassy...

30126931588_18f528fc94_c.jpg 42186509990_3b13b989bb_c.jpg


Grand Ambassador Román Fontonajo had decided it was best to acquire a house with some history - Terraversan history - and make it the permanent embassy Eslandola needed.

On the northeastern outskirts of Kings Port, elevated on a minor hillplateau, stand a couple of older mansions. They call it "Old Port", despite it being almost a mile away from shore, but it was where the first wealthy merchants had settled during the founding days more than a hundred years ago. The large cellars had served as storage for years, until warehouses at the actual port were acquired, and the mansion became a place solely for living. Fontonajo had acquired one of these, the Bolchiano Mansion.

When the Mardierian Civil War began in 595 AE and Terraversa started to fight for their independence, tradelord Marceo Bolchiano, the fourth owner of the house, made the mansion a secret refuge for rebels who were fighting against Mardier, and who were prosecuted by the Mardierian royal forces. Bolchiano himself had long started transferring all his valuable goods to the Terraversan war coffers - in 613 AE he was betrayed, and his house taken by the King's Guard of Mardier in violent force, leading to Bolchiano's death. With his last dying breath he had defied arrest by his foes. Only hours after his courage and loyalty had become known all over Terraversa and bound the rebellion.

Mardierian General Tiro Pereta had led the King's Guard's assault and then claimed possession of the mansion. He had put all the rebels, who were hiding in the vast basement, under arrest. Two elite soldiers of the King's Guard were guarding the basement day and night. Pereta had always had the reputation of being a cold-hearted, even brutal commander. However it was widow Bolchiano who talked to Pereta from the cell she had been put in, and warmed his frozen heart, and opened his mind, until Pereta finally decided that it was about time for Terraversa to become independent. With his own hands he erased his two personal guards in 615 AE, entered the basement, opened the cell doors and freed all rebels. He met with Terraversan leader Oldis a few days later and joined the ranks of the rebellion.

When in March 617 the Mardierian King's Guard entered Terraversa for the very last time, in an attempt to regain control of the island, Tito Pereta rode alongside Oldis and the other generals, fighting their former lords. Widow Bolchiano who had since stayed in the mansion alone, seeing the King's Guard reach "Old Port", climbed to the roof of the mansion's belltower and put a huge Terraversan flag on top of the mansion, and started ringing the bell like crazy. By the time the King's Guard arrived and shot her dead, all other mansions in "Old Port" had hoisted their Terraversan flags and set up for their last stand. After all, the King's Guard of Mardier was repelled, and Terraversa had become an independent nation.

That was the history of the Bolchiano Mansion that Román Fontonajo had come to know, and the reason why he decided to buy it. General Tiro Pereta had returned to the mansion after the war, but had never felt at home. For him it was time to move where he belonged: To the barracks, where he would train the Terraversan armies.

Fontonajo had hired a group of craftsmen to refurbish the mansion: Fettle the facade, and paint it in proper Eslandolan colours. The gardeners would come soon after, to remove the heavy undergrowth, and make it a representational Eslandolan embassy. And potentially the future home of his son Joaquin and his wife. Surely the interior would have to be upgraded as well for them to live there with their child. All that, however, would be based on the outcome of the conversations in the following months.


Painting the front door in Eslandolan green, and the walls in white


Fettling the facade, and painting the window grids in yellow


General Tiro Pereta standing between the dormer windows to say goodbye


Top half: Done. Bottom half: Still worn down.



Final Remarks:

Edited by Elostirion

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Finally the appointed hour arrived for Román Fontonajo, Eslandola's Grand Ambassador, to appear before the noble council and Archduke Oldis in the Great Hall.


"Archduke, and all members of the noble council, thank you for hearing me today. Our nations fought the same foe more than a year ago, and while my nation won territory and a victory for the rule of law at sea, Terraversa won something far more valuable: its independence. This deserves our attention and respect, and as such I bring an official proclamation from Eslandola..."  Román pulled a scroll from under his cloak... "recognizing Terraversa as an independent nation. It is signed by all members of our Colonial Council, as well as members of our Continental Council, and King Fernando-Augusto VII."

There were murmurs among the members of the noble council. Archduke Oldis rose and asked to see the document. "The king has indeed signed it." The other nobles peered over at the signature.

"And we have acquired property here to establish a permanent embassy, to show that our recognition of Terraversa's independence is not fleeting." After a pause for effect, Román continued. "Additionally, sir, I bring a special gift for you: a tiger -- feared beast of the jungle, not to be reckoned with lightly -- as a unique way to recognize your accomplishments." Just then a ruckus could be heard from beyond the doorway. "You'll forgive me if we don't bring the beast into the great hall; it is caged, but still difficult to handle."

"You do me ... and Terraversa ... a great honor, Mr. Ambassador," replied the archduke. The other nobles nodded in agreement. "But I, er, Terraversa cannot be bought with exotic gifts. And in my experience even gifts are not free. What is it Eslandola wants?"

"We want to make sure that the fruits of our shared victory are not wasted. As Grand Ambassador, I am empowered to negotiate treaties, although any treaty would need to be ratified by our colonial council. Members of our council have expressed interest in a trade treaty, perhaps to find a way to make our port taxes work together to both our benefit. Some members of the council have spoken for a mutual defense pact, to ensure that we both retain the spoils of our military victories. But rather than come into your great hall and tell you what we want, I prefer to ask you 'What do you want?' and begin a conversation that takes us down a path we are both happy with." Again there were murmurs among the nobles."So, what is it that Terraversa wishes to discuss with Eslandola? How can we help each other?"



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@Elostirion, @Capt Wolf, @gedren_y

The nobles of the court seemed somewhat taken aback. This was unexpected - Eslandola had come to them, and now they asked what Terraversa wanted to discuss with them? The archduke raised a hand and the murmuring stopped.

"Grand Ambassador Fontonajo" he said, "Terraversa did indeed fight for independence for years, and your short row with Mardier's forces did indeed give us the respite needed to throw the yoke of King Alphonse's occupation from our lands. Although your motives may have been somewhat selfish, it is something that we shall never forget - you did us a great service."

He bowed before the grand ambassador before looking around at his peers and continuing:

"Terraversa much appreciates your recognition of our independence. It aids us in fulfilling our prime objective - to live as our own masters, in peace and prosperity, free from foreign intervention."

"Our people tire from war, and we will do whatever in our power to keep Terraversa neutral in the conflicts of the Brick Seas. We must rebuild what war tore down, and must heal, were it left wounds."

"However, to achieve peace, one must prepare for war. Hence, we shall seek to expand trade. We shall rebuild our fleets, and reinforce our armies. And more importantly, we shall seek friends amongst those who are willing to help protect Terraversa as a free haven in the Brick Seas."

How will the Grand Ambassador proceed?

  • We have heard what they have to say
    Terraversa's wishes are, well... clear... to us. We must press our issue, lest Oleon or others beat us to it. What does Eslandola offer? A trade agreement? A guarantee of Independence? A defensive alliance? Shipments of weapons? Builders?

    Make your initial offer to Terraversa, based on what you have heard.
  • The slight matter of the Panther
    Tell Oldis and the Council that you will retreat to consider his words. We must proceed to Westface to hand over our gift to L'Olius. Perchance the encounter will be the key to establishing relations with Terraversa?

    Show the Grand Ambassador appearing before l'Olius in Westface, handing over their gift.

One build required to continue. Only one of the choices can be made this turn.

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On 9/24/2018 at 12:58 PM, Bregir said:

How will the Grand Ambassador proceed?

  • We have heard what they have to say
    Terraversa's wishes are, well... clear... to us. We must press our issue, lest Oleon or others beat us to it. What does Eslandola offer? A trade agreement? A guarantee of Independence? A defensive alliance? Shipments of weapons? Builders?

    Make your initial offer to Terraversa, based on what you have heard.

Román Fontonajo, Eslandola’s Grand Ambassador, reviewed the treaty proposal he was to present to Terraversa’s noble council. He wanted to make sure everything was in order, but he had been staring at the paper too long. As fortune would have it, there was a knock at the office door, and Román’s wife Clarissa entered the room.


“Dear, I hope I’m not interrupting, but I thought you might like some tea.”

Román got up from his desk and happily took the cup and saucer. “Thank you so much, Clarissa. Your timing is impeccable. I needed a break.”

“You worry too much,” she said. “Clear your head. Soon we’ll be done here and we can return home.”

Román took a sip of tea and savored its aroma. “And while we are here, you have done a wonderful job of making this new embassy feel like home.”


Clarissa looked around the room. “Well, when we leave, and Joaquin takes over as ambassador, it will be his home, his family’s home. Home to our grandchild.”

“You have kept the perspective I struggle with at times,” said Román.

“Only because you are so focused on your work, dear,” replied Clarissa. “And I struggle with things, too.”

“What have you struggled with lately?” he asked.


“Well, this window for one thing. It needs drapes, but I can’t find anything appropriate.”

Román laughed a soft laugh at his wife’s humor. She knew how to put him at ease.

“I’ll leave you to your work. I trust you won’t be much longer?”


“Not at all, dear,” replied Román. “You have given me exactly what I needed. Your support always energizes me.”  And with that, Clarissa left the room.


Román gazed out the window. He thought about his son Joaquin assuming the job of ambassador here when the treaty was finished. And of course Joaquin still had his meeting with L’Olius to arrange. But those things will come in due time, he thought.

Returning to his desk, Román reviewed the document one more time. In it, Eslandola reaffirms its recognition of Terraversa’s independence. Eslandola requests in return that Terraversa recognize Eslandola’s right to all of Isla de Victoria. Furthermore, Eslandola proposes a trade agreement wherein, as far as port taxes, harbor fees, customs duties, etc., are concerned, each nation treats the other’s ships the same as they treat their own. As such, Eslandola would not be subject to any harbor fees and customs duties when calling in Kings Port or Westface; and Terraversa would not be subject to the ship-level harbor fees in Nova Terreli and Montario, and would only be subject to the cargo tax that even Eslandolan ships pay. The only other Eslandolan port that charges any taxes is Trador; Terraversan ships would not be charged any taxes, fees, duties, etc., at any other Eslandolan ports as long as Eslandolan ships are not charged any at Terraversan ports.

Yes, thought Román, this is a fair offer, and one that can pass our own council. This is the offer I will present to Terraversa’s noble council.

And so, he did.


The full build:


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Nice little build, Capt!  Those frogs on the clock are great (the whole clock is, really), and your ornate doorway is excellent as always! :thumbup:  And love that cup and saucer, of course! :grin: :laugh:

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Yes, nice build again. That style always looks great even if we have seen it a few times before. My favorite part is the clock which makes a nice centerpiece. Where is the cup & saucer from, by the way?

Nice job with the story too, even if such formal affairs tend to be a little on the dry side...

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Thank you so much for doing this one, Capt. :-) 

And such a wonderful job. The MOC is marvellous. And you nailed the relationship of the two. I am deeply impressed. Just wow.

I hope I will be able to help again next turn.

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On 1/8/2019 at 6:32 AM, Garmadon said:

Nice little build, Capt!  Those frogs on the clock are great (the whole clock is, really), and your ornate doorway is excellent as always! :thumbup:  And love that cup and saucer, of course! :grin: :laugh:

Thanks! Unfortunately, the clock's pendulum is nearly invisible. There's a black paddle, but it disappears in the shadows.

On 1/8/2019 at 8:53 AM, Captain Dee said:

Yes, nice build again. That style always looks great even if we have seen it a few times before. My favorite part is the clock which makes a nice centerpiece. Where is the cup & saucer from, by the way?

Nice job with the story too, even if such formal affairs tend to be a little on the dry side...

Thanks. We were having trouble deciding how to do a build for this part of the story without repeating the noble council MOC. And the cup and saucer is from one of the collectible Harry Potter minifigs.

5 hours ago, Elostirion said:

Thank you so much for doing this one, Capt. :-) 

And such a wonderful job. The MOC is marvellous. And you nailed the relationship of the two. I am deeply impressed. Just wow.

I hope I will be able to help again next turn.

Thanks! And your job creating characters that are so well fleshed out made the writing easy; I was just following what you had created. Kudos to you! :thumbup:

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Just now, Capt Wolf said:

Thanks. We were having trouble deciding how to do a build for this part of the story without repeating the noble council MOC. And the cup and saucer is from one of the collectible Harry Potter minifigs.

Yeah, that question was asked and answered elsewhere, too. :laugh: One of the downsides of having a narrow-minded focus as a builder is the fact that I miss out on some neat stuff that only comes in Hairy Pottery and Star Warts and Lego Bamtan and so on. (I did buy a couple Bamtan CMFs that were actually quite good outside the genre, after initially believing it was all rubbish. Might wish I had with the Hairy Pottery CMFs too. Oh well.)

I just wish TLG would release a big parts pack of food & drink, plates & utensils etc. And include that cup & saucer!

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@Elostirion, @Capt Wolf, @gedren_y

Later that week, a sealed envelope was returned to Roman. In his office, he opened it, and found the document signed by Oldis, and stamped with the official seal of Terraversa. The deal had been accepted and will take effect once it is ratified by the Colonial Council of ESL. The accompanying letter did not seem entirely enthusiastic, and did point out a preference of Terraversa to see Isla de Victoria independent, as well as a preference for true free trade. However, it was clear that the recognition of independence was most welcome.

Last, Oldis had included a note of worry. That external influences might be threatening the future of Terraversa. Apparently, there were rumours of a loyalist uprising, but very little was known so far.

What was next for the grand ambassador?

  • Deliver the Document to Bardo 
    • For the trade deal to take effect, we must deliver it to Bardo for ratification by the Colonial Council.
    • 1 build required. Send one of your ships to Bardo. This will weaken your expedition accordingly, but activate the treaty for the coming MRCA.
  • Protect your interests
    • We have managed to secure a treaty with Terraversa. Anything that threatens the current order in Terraversa threatens our interests. We must find out what is happening before we can act.
    • 1 build required showing some covert activity to uncover the truth.
  • Now is the time to return
    • Thank the Terraversans for their time and return both ships to Bardo.
    • 1 build required. This will end the adventure, activate the treaty, and make the ships available from Bardo for the tMRCA turn.

2 options can be taken (only one if the adventure is ended).

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On 1/10/2019 at 3:53 AM, Captain Dee said:

 just wish TLG would release a big parts pack of food & drink

Well, there is this. But I know you mean a bit more.

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Sorry to be going off topic, but...

3 hours ago, Drunknok said:

Well, there is this. But I know you mean a bit more.

Do what?! How have I missed this? Approximately when was it released? Still available? It's not quite what I'm looking for, but it's a start.

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1 hour ago, Captain Dee said:

Approximately when was it released? Still available? It's not quite what I'm looking for, but it's a start.

I think it came out early 2018 and is still available - together with quite a few other similar sets. Check out this one that came out just 2019.

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On ‎2‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 2:01 AM, Bregir said:

Deliver the Document to Bardo 

  • For the trade deal to take effect, we must deliver it to Bardo for ratification by the Colonial Council.
  • 1 build required. Send one of your ships to Bardo.

If we choose this course among our options, do we have to wait until the AMRCA is run to bring it up in the council, or should we start debating ratification now?

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