Valiant Phoenix offloading in King's Harbour

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Today in King's Harbour the newest of the Crahaish neh Triuri ships, the Valiant Phoenix, is offloading a shipment of rolls of high quality parchment.


From this dockside view we can see that the offload isn't going so smoothly.


"Gaah!" cries crewman MacFee, "I don't have it! Hold on!"


"Blunderbuss #@$%@!" grumbles crewman Ferguson, who is glad that he had spent the last year training for the caber toss in the Truachesh Games.


"Idjits," crewman Poll groused.


Amelia Rosen, the woman responsible for the financial records of the Valiant Phoenix, winces at her crewmates' public display of unprofessionalism. If they drop that roll in the harbor, the cost will come out of the crew share.


Bo'sun Hofer is a bit annoyed that he has to stand as security for the offload today. If he had known this he wouldn't be wearing his Sunday best. He did so intending to call upon a certain wealthy Corrie widow.


Andrew duFreign, craftsman of fine journals and logbooks, is the recipient of the parchment rolls. He stands before his warehouse, hoping none of his order gets damaged.


Andrew keeps a selection of his finished products in the warehouse on the chance that a visiting captain would like to make a quick purchase. The warehouse is floored in cork to minimize potential water damage.


If you're interested, here's a seagull's eye view of the warehouse.
Here we can see First Mate Garston in his finest, making a personal delivery of a ceremonial sword to the Governor. He is being escorted by these fine Corrie soldiers. They have their arms at the ready because, while it is ceremonial, the sword is a weapon that will be in close proximity to the Governor. Better safe than sorry.


Here we can finally see Captain Ambrose MacMathain. He seems to be in private conference with someone who looks a bit familiar. I believe they are discussing the next port of call for the Valiant Phoenix.


Another look at the Valiant Phoenix, particularly the abstract sculpture that represents her name.



I hope you've enjoyed my little story. If you wish to examine the build in more detail, check the links below.

Pics on Flickr:
VP 10
VP 11
VP 12
VP 13
VP 14
VP 15
VP 16
VP 17
VP 18
VP 19

.lxf file on Brickshelf (public soon):
Valiant Phoenix

CCC please!

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A nice schooner... about class 2 or 3 with a high maneuver score according to the swiftness of the design.


I love the idea of the precious parchment load... right in line with this kind of ship, as it was for tea carrier.

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