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Northeast of the town of King's Harbour the Crahaish neh Triuri have built upon a grassy knoll a petitioner's shrine. Here the Triuri faithful can beseech the Goddess herself for all manner of things.


Wandering Acolyte Isobel the Hearthfriend has come to ask the Triuri to protect a young sailor whom she had recently bedded as he has sailed off into dangerous waters.


Here is the wealthy widow Geraldine LaFluer, and her pampered son, Julian. They are on their way to another one of the courtly balls being held in King's Harbour these days. Julian hadn't wanted to go, so Geraldine bribed him with a shiny new short sword.

Earlier in the day Julian had been playing in the street, battling an imaginary opponent with a wooden sword, when he bumped into Isobel. She praised him for his courage, and blessed his wooden sword. Now that he has a real blade he has insisted that "the Triuri lady" bless it too.


Here you can see the focus of the shrine. Petitioners grasp one of the bolts of cloth hanging from the holy relic as they kneel in silent prayer. The three colors represent the three aspects of the Triuri, (from lightest to darkest) Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Which color a petitioner grasps depends on that aspect which presides over what is being asked for. Isobel's petition, when she gets to make it, will be made to the Maiden.


Some petitioners leave offerings as well. Here are a goblet of strawberry wine, some custardy dessert dish, and a carved representation of the Consort.

(full image)

Here's another look at the shrine, from the west, so that you can see the rest of the pretty, pretty wildflowers that are encouraged to grow here.


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